Workplace Safety: Slips, Trips, and Falls

Workplace Safety: Slips, Trips, and Falls

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Workplace Safety: Slips, Trips, and Falls

In an age when working from home is increasingly common and popular, fewer and fewer people are working at a building owned or rented by their employer. But while more people are at home, millions still work at the workplace regularly. And those millions are potentially at risk of injuries while on the job.

When it comes to workplace safety, slips, trips, and falls are some of the most common dangers in the workplace. A wet floor or a loose rug can be all it takes for an employee to suffer a major injury while at work.

If you have been injured while at the workplace due to a slip, trip, or fall, you deserve compensation for the injury. Your employer should make it easy for you to receive that compensation. But not all do. Rather than risk getting stiffed, consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as you get injured.

There is no better place to find an experienced personal injury lawyer than at Morgan & Morgan. Our attorneys understand the laws surrounding workplace safety. Slips, trips, and falls lawyers are ready to consult 24 hours a day. Contact us immediately to schedule a free case evaluation.

Tips for Workplace Safety: Slips, Trips, and Falls

Workplace safety is a job for everyone. Your employer is responsible for ensuring that your workplace is safe, but you should also take care when performing your job. While you can sue your employer or file a claim if you are injured, it is better if you never get injured in the first place.

When you are at work, you should take steps to avoid injuries and to help improve workplace safety. Slips, trips, and falls may be avoided if you follow these tips.

Report Any Safety Violations to Your Superior

One of the main reasons that people get hurt is that nobody takes the initiative to act when a safety violation is present. You can protect yourself and others by reporting any dangers that you are aware of. Common dangers are:

  • Wet floors
  • Loose or damaged floor tiles
  • Protruding corners of a rug
  • Areas with poor lighting, particularly stairwells

If you see anything that you think would result in somebody getting hurt, report it to a superior immediately. And when you report the danger, make sure to document that fact. That will protect you if the danger isn’t corrected in a reasonable amount of time.

Similarly, if you witness a coworker doing something unsafe, you should also advise a superior. While this may seem like you are betraying your coworker, you are also protecting them and possibly others.

Avoid Crowds

Crowded hallways and stairwells are a recipe for trips and falls. If there are areas of your workplace where people congregate, you should look for alternate routes to avoid those areas.

Crowds, and the injuries they cause, are most common at the end of the day and near lunch. Workers are usually anxious to get out of the building and will crowd elevators, stairs, and exit lobbies. This can easily result in someone getting shoved or tripping over another person’s feet.

Never Run

When the end of the work day comes around, you likely want to get out the door as quickly as possible. While that is perfectly reasonable, it can also lead to reckless behavior. Some workers will run toward the door or parking lot.

No matter how much of a hurry you are in, you should never run at work. It doesn’t matter whether you want to get home as quickly as possible or you are late for a meeting. Running is dangerous in any setting, particularly when there are dozens or hundreds of other people in the building.

Take Advantage of Flexible Scheduling

The easiest way to avoid getting injured at the workplace is to not be at the workplace. If your employer offers flexible scheduling, take advantage of it to spend as many days outside the office as you can. You are less likely to be injured in your home than you are in the office, as you are more familiar with your home.

Wear Shoes With a Good Grip at Work

Many workplaces have a dress code. But even if your work dictates what shoes you should wear, you can still choose shoes that are safe. Nearly every type of formal shoe is available with a good grip. And you should avoid wearing heels since they can break and cause you to fall.

You may need to discuss your options with your boss, but your workplace can’t mandate that you wear unsafe clothing. Choose something that you are comfortable wearing and that won’t easily slip, especially on tiled floors.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • What to Do if You Slip, Fall, or Trip at Your Workplace?

    Do not take it lightly if you suffer an injury at work due to a slip or fall. A fall injury can range from a minor bruise to a long-lasting back injury.

    Receive Medical Attention

    The first thing you should do is get your injury evaluated. If there are onsite medical personnel, let them look you over immediately. If not, call 911 and get evaluated by EMTs. Either way, you should follow up with your physician as soon as possible just to be certain that nothing got overlooked.

    Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

    Once you have received immediate medical attention, the next thing you want to do is contact a personal injury attorney at Morgan and Morgan. Our attorneys are familiar with workplace law and can guide you through the steps you will need to follow to get full compensation for your injuries.

    When you contact us, we will first schedule a free case evaluation and consultation. This will let us determine how you should best proceed in your injury claim and roughly how much money you are entitled to.

    Report Your Injury to Your Employer

    After you speak with us, report your injury to your employer. Most businesses have complex policies regarding workplace injuries. Typically, you can’t get reimbursement unless you report the injury quickly and use the proper in-house procedures.

    Initially, reporting your injury should be easy. You will inform your direct superior that you were injured, and they will advise you about any other steps you need to take. The only thing you should be wary about is describing the extent of the injury or exactly how it happened. Let your attorney be involved in that part of the process.

    Receiving Your Settlement

    The next steps will usually take a few weeks. Your lawyer will assist you in filling out any paperwork, and then your employer will file your paperwork with its insurance company. If everything goes as it should, the insurance company will approve your claim and pay for all of your medical bills.

    However, this isn’t a sure thing, which is why you retained an attorney at the start of this process. Sometimes the insurance company will try to deny your claim or will refuse to pay certain bills that arose from the injury. When this happens, your attorney will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

    If we can negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company, you should expect to receive compensation within a few months. However, if we can’t, then we will have to go to trial to get your compensation. That will often delay your payments by months or even years.

  • Can I Receive Compensation for Lost Wages if I Was Injured at the Workplace?

    Yes, you can file a claim against workers’ compensation insurance if you lost wages due to a workplace injury. Your Morgan & Morgan attorney will help you file the paperwork so that you get the money quickly and effortlessly.

  • Can I Be Fired if I Am Injured on the Job?

    Typically, your workplace is not permitted to fire you if you were injured on the job. They may hire a replacement worker, but once you can perform your duties again, they are required to provide you with the same job or one with similar pay and duties. If your employer attempts to fire you, they are violating your rights.

  • Can My Attorney Help if Medical Bills Are Piling Up?

    If you are facing medical bills, we can write a letter of intent and send it to your creditors. This informs them that you are pursuing legal action to get compensation for your bills and will pay them as soon as you receive the money. Typically, your creditors will stop sending you bills while you pursue your options.

  • Is My Employer Responsible if I Slip and Fall in the Parking Lot?

    Typically, your employer is only responsible for injuries that you suffer while you are working. Generally, if you are in the parking lot, you either haven’t clocked into work for the day or have already clocked out for the day.

    With that being said, your employer is required to maintain safe premises. If you were injured because your employer didn’t remove ice from the parking lot or failed to properly light the lot, they might still be responsible for your injuries. Your attorney will examine the details of your case and determine who is liable.

  • Can My Employer Fire Me for Hiring an Attorney?

    You have the right to be represented by an attorney when there is potential for your rights to be violated. If your employer fires you for hiring an attorney, tell your lawyer immediately.

    You should tell your lawyer even if your employer only threatens to fire you. Your attorney can use that behavior if your case goes to trial and may result in additional punitive damages.

  • A Lawyer for Workplace Safety (Slips, Trips, and Falls)

    Every employer is required to create a safe working environment for their employees. This means that your workplace should be free of hazards that could result in slips, trips, or falls. If it isn’t safe and you have been injured in a workplace accident, you can collect compensation from your employer for expenses from that injury.

    Filing a claim against your employer can be tricky. You want to keep your job but also be fairly compensated to cover your medical bills. The attorneys at Morgan and Morgan know how to straddle that line and get you what you need without angering your employer.

    If you have been injured in a trip, slip, or fall accident, contact us right away to get a free case evaluation and learn more about your options.

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