Types Of Shoulder Injuries From Falling

Types Of Shoulder Injuries From Falling

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Types Of Shoulder Injuries From Falling

If you get involved in a serious trip or slip and fall accident, you may have a variety of types of shoulder injuries from falling. Speaking with a qualified attorney may be the only way for you to verify the compensation available for the types of shoulder injuries from falling. Falling is devastating, and many people underestimate its potential impact on your overall health. Shoulder injuries can be significant and long lasting and may also be very expensive to treat. Finding a knowledgeable personal injury attorney can greatly increase your chances of recovering compensation so that you can heal from these injuries and move on with your life. Slip and falls happen frequently and the National Council on Aging reports that 2.8 million fall injuries are seen every single year in ERs. Many of these are shoulder injuries because the shoulder is a common place to brace as you fall. Another common type of injury includes ankle or wrist injuries as you fall down and lose control of these limbs or attempt to brace yourself to prevent more serious injuries. You are much more likely to sustain a fall injury if you have balance issues, play a sport or if your job boosts your risk of falling. However, slip and fall accidents can and do happen anywhere, including in public places, or locations of business where a property owner or manager fails to remove a dangerous hazard that puts you at risk. 

In these circumstances, you may be eligible to pursue compensation with the help of a personal injury lawyer, and you may need to because your medical bills can be so high. Whether now or at any point in the future that you just sustained shoulder injuries from falling, it is very important to get an accurate diagnosis and use this information to move forward with a personal injury claim. It can be very difficult to attempt to recover from shoulder injuries from falling, but getting the support of a qualified attorney will help you understand your legal rights.

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  • What Are Types Of Shoulder Injuries From Falling?

    There are two major types of shoulder injuries from falling that affects most people who slip or trip and fall. The first of these is shoulder dislocation. This is one of the most painful and serious shoulder injuries you could get from slipping and falling. This happens when the ball of your upper arm bone comes out of your shoulder socket, and this kind of dislocation requires a tremendous amount of force. Usually this happens when you fall on your hands, which is a natural instinct for most people when they believe they are beginning to fall. 

    You can also sustain a shoulder injury type of injury from falling by falling directly on your shoulder. There are a few symptoms you may notice if you experience a dislocated shoulder. You will usually notice that your shoulder doesn't look quite right, and this is usually because the upper arm bone has been knocked out of place. Severe pain is the other common symptom for shoulder injuries when someone slips and falls, and you may also experience limited or no mobility in your arm. Many people also report common symptoms of bruising and swelling with a dislocated shoulder. You need to get medical attention from a doctor as soon as possible if you have been seriously hurt in a slip and fall injury. This may be your only opportunity to recover compensation and you need to act quickly to protect your legal rights and make sure that you have documented your serious injuries.

    No one wants to be seriously hurt in a slip and fall injury that leads to shoulder pain or shoulder dislocation, but you may have extensive medical bills and may also have to miss time at work. Furthermore, if your job required physical labor such as lifting, your employer may have to alter your work accommodations to make sure you can continue to work safely. The second common type of shoulder injury from falling is a rotator cuff tear. Four muscles and tendons work together to form your rotator cuff. Their primary purpose is to ensure that the bone of your arm sits firmly in the socket of your shoulder. However, this can easily be torn and overstretched in a fall.

    Repetitive shoulder movements can also cause rotator cuff wear, and this can therefore increase your overall risks of a rotator cuff from a fall. There are numerous symptoms connected to the rotator cuff type of injury from falling. Usually this causes an aching and dull pain in your shoulder which could make it hard to do routine tasks or to sleep. Rotator cuff tears can also make it very challenging to lift your arms especially if you're trying to lift your arm over your head. Trying to reach your arm behind your back may also be extremely painful. It is essential to get a doctor's insight as soon as possible after you have been seriously hurt with a shoulder injury from falling. This is because you may need immediate medical treatment to attempt to recover from this accident and you deserve to have an experienced and qualified lawyer to help you with this process. The sooner you can document your serious shoulder injuries the easier it will be for your attorney to help you to prepare a comprehensive case for your next steps. Remember that you are not alone when you move forward with the process of trying to get recovery and compensation for your shoulder injury.

  • When Is Someone Else Responsible For My Shoulder Injury?

    Sometimes a slip and fall or trip and fall incident is truly an accident. But there are other times when it may be the fault of a person who should have removed a hazard or obstacle, and in failing to do so, left you suffering the consequences. When evaluating the different types of shoulder injuries from falling, you may realize that you got hurt because of a wet surface, torn carpeting, broken floorboards, poor lighting or other indications on the property itself. In these situations, you need the support of a knowledgeable and dedicated attorney who can review the circumstances of the accident and can tell you more about the complications you may face in recovery. One of the most important things to remember is that you are not alone when you find yourself dealing with significant problems, such as a shoulder injury from falling. 

    Most people don't realize that they may be seriously impacted and may not be able to go back to work and may not realize that they need the support of a knowledgeable attorney to help them recover compensation in these circumstances. Do not wait to get support as failing to file a slip and fall personal injury claim within the statute of limitations could block you from getting the compensation that you need. Know that you are not alone when you are looking to recover compensation and that many people, such as a physical therapist and a personal injury lawyer may be able to assist you with preparing a compelling claim.

  • How to Choose a Lawyer for a Shoulder Injury?

    If you can show that someone else contributed to or completely caused your injuries, that may become the basis of your personal injury claim. If your physician has recently diagnosed you with a shoulder injury or any other medical condition from the accident, you need to take it seriously and contact an attorney. You may be unable to pay for all of the medical bills and future treatments for your shoulder injury, and you should also not have to pay for these injuries if it was caused by someone else. If you can show them an obstacle or hazard should have contained a warning sign or you should have been removed from the premises, you may be able to recover compensation to help pay for any of your damages, including lost wages. Every slip-and-fall case has its own unique factors, and this is why it is so important to retain attorneys who have extensive experience in slip and fall injuries.

    When looking for a slip and fall shoulder injury lawyer, consider the following: 

    • How long have they been in practice?
    • Can they point to other shoulder injury cases?
    • What kinds of results have they achieved for previous clients? 
    • Does the lawyer you'll be working with serve as your primary point of contact throughout the case?
    • How many of their cases go to trial versus settle outside of court? 
    • What are the lawyer's concerns, if any, about your case? 

    Online research may reveal a shortlist of lawyers with the right experience and knowledge to help you with your claim. You can also meet with the legal team in an initial consultation to discuss the specifics of your case as well as how the lawyer sees your case unfolding. You should always feel confident in your selection of legal representation, so come prepared with notes, evidence, and questions for your intended lawyer so that you can feel good about your final decision. 

    Ultimately, if you hurt your shoulder because you fell on a dangerous condition on someone else's property, you need a lawyer who can help you with each aspect of your claim. The dedicated lawyers at Morgan and Morgan are here to help. 

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