How Do I File a Claim With Allianz Travel Insurance

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How Do I File a Claim With Allianz Travel Insurance

To file a claim with Allianz Travel Insurance, head to their website and click on the File A Claim option on the menu. Fill in the required information, and then click Submit. You can also file by mail at:

Allianz Global Assistance
Attn: Travel Claims Dept.
P.O. Box 72031
Richmond, VA 23255-2031

Alternatively, if you prefer filing by phone, call Allianz Travel at 1-888-497-6992.

However, there is no guarantee that the travel insurance giant will approve your claim. In fact, in the past, the company has been the subject of numerous lawsuits due to unfair claims denials. Therefore, you may need an insurance dispute attorney if you filed a claim with Allianz and were unfairly denied the benefits you are entitled to.

At Morgan and Morgan, our insurance dispute attorneys can fight for you just as long as you have a valid claim. To get started, you will need to fill out our free case evaluation form. Then, a member of our intake team will review your claim and get in touch to discuss the way forward.

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Get answers to commonly asked questions about our legal services and learn how we may assist you with your case.

  • What Should I Include in My Claim?

    A typical Allianz Travel insurance claim should include the following sections:

    Summary of What Happened

    Provide as much information as you can about the incident regarding your claim. Examples of the kind of information you will need to provide in this section include the following:

    • The persons involved, including those insured by the insurance provider
    • The details of the incident (what happened)
    • When the incident occurred (remember to include the specific dates and times)
    • Location of the incident
    • The losses you incurred due to the incident

    The Amount You Intend to Claim

    You should also include the amount you want to be reimbursed based on your losses. Examples include the following:

    • Non-refundable trip expenses
    • Medical bills
    • Stolen, lost, or damaged baggage
    • Costs such as meals, accommodation, and toiletries incurred during covered delays

    Evidence of Your Claim

    For the claim to be approved, Allianz Travel requires that you provide proof of the same. Examples of acceptable evidence include:

    • Receipts
    • Photos
    • Doctor's notes
    • Official reports from government organizations or other relevant agencies
    • News articles
    • Notices of severe weather or travel delays
  • What Are Some Reasons for Allianz Travel Insurance Claims Denial?

    Just because you are covered does not necessarily mean that Allianz will approve your claim. The insurance giant might reject your claim for valid or unfair reasons. Per their website, the company will reject your claim:

    If You Exaggerate Your Losses

    Insurance companies generally will not compensate you if you exaggerate your losses. However, it is also worth mentioning that some insurance companies deny claims for unfair reasons. Others accuse claimants of exaggerating their losses when that is not the case.

    Keep in mind that Allianz and many other insurance companies usually have claims adjusters to evaluate the value of your claim. But one thing they will not tell you is that claims adjusters serve the insurance company's best interests, not yours. For this reason, it is not uncommon to encounter biased reports from adjusters. They do this to prevent insurance companies from settling a claim's actual value.

    If You Fail to Check Your Plan Limits

    The insurance policy you purchase from Allianz will have a particular limit. Thus, Allianz will not cover losses that exceed the limit outlined in that specific plan. However, this does not necessarily mean that you cannot recover more than the coverage limit, which is not something the company will tell you.

    Rather, they will likely dismiss your claim because it exceeds the covered limit. Contact an insurance dispute attorney immediately if that is what you are dealing with. The attorney will review the unique circumstances of your case and determine whether you may be able to recover more damages.

    If You Fail to Provide Proof of Your Loss

    When you file a claim, you should have sufficient evidence to back it up. Allianz is quite clear on this issue; they will not accept your claim if you do not have proof of the losses you sustained.

    Understandably, you may not know what evidence counts and what does not. At such a time, you should not expect the insurance company to cooperate and help you gather all the evidence you need to prove your claim. This is because the stronger your evidence, the higher the chances of getting compensation for your losses.

    But here's the problem; insurance companies do not like settling claims. On the contrary, they make money by denying claims and maximizing their clients' premiums.

    For this reason, you may need to look elsewhere to find the right evidence to support your claim. That is where an insurance dispute lawyer comes in. After assessing your case, the attorney can help gather crucial evidence to prove your losses. They will then file a claim on your behalf and present evidence, leaving the insurance company with no choice but to compensate you.

    If You Take Too Long to File a Claim

    Allianz will likely reject your claim if you take too long to file. In most cases, you have only 90 days from the date of your loss to file a claim with the company. But so many different things can happen within those 90 days, preventing you from keeping up with this critical deadline.

    For example, suppose you got injured and were hospitalized for 90 days or even more. In that case, it may not be able to beat the filing deadline.

    That is where an attorney comes in.

    The filing deadline is one of the first things an experienced insurance dispute attorney looks at when you contact them for a case evaluation. If you have a valid claim but have not filed it yet, the attorney can help you navigate these complex processes and ensure that you beat the deadlines.

  • Can I Sue Allianz if They Deny My Claim?

    If Allianz denies your claim, the first thing you need to do is find out the reason for the denial. As discussed, some insurance providers deny claims for valid reasons, while others do it unfairly. Keep in mind that it is unlawful for insurance providers to deny valid claims. So if your claim is valid and you are covered, you can hold them accountable for the denial.

    Contact an experienced insurance dispute attorney to learn more about your options.

  • What Are Some Examples of Lawsuits Against Allianz?

    Early in 2021, Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed a lawsuit against the travel insurance company. The lawsuit alleged that the company had discriminatory policies that allowed them to deny insurance claims for Washingtonians who had to reschedule or cancel their flights due to mental health issues.

    According to the lawsuit, Allianz excluded “mental or nervous health disorders” and related complications from their policy. As a result, this policy effectively locked out individuals who could not proceed with their travel plans due to mental disorders from recovering compensation. The lawsuit further cited Washington laws prohibiting discrimination based on disability and the allegations that the company broke these laws.

    In 2022, a 29-page class action lawsuit was filed against the company for adding fees for services their clients neither knew about nor wanted.

  • How Can Morgan and Morgan Insurance Disputes Attorney Help?

    When you have an insurance dispute against powerful companies such as Allianz, it is important that you hire an even more powerful firm—Morgan and Morgan. Here is how we might be able to help in such a situation:

    Free Case Evaluation

    When you contact us for a free case evaluation, a member of our intake team will review your case. This process helps determine whether you have a valid claim against the other party. After the case evaluation, they will contact you to discuss how to proceed.

    Evidence Review and Collection

    If the case is valid, you will need evidence to prove the facts. As discussed earlier, Allianz will only accept your claim if you have solid evidence.

    At Morgan and Morgan, we have the resources required to collect valuable evidence to support your case. Just as long as your claim is valid, our attorneys can travel far and wide to collect every bit of evidence that will hold Allianz accountable for denying the claim.

    Damage Assessment

    To file a successful claim, you need to know the damages you may be entitled to. But you should not be too worried about that when you have Morgan and Morgan by your side. Our attorney will review the damages and losses you suffered and then calculate the settlement you may be entitled to.

    Creating a Legal Strategy

    If you have a valid claim against Allianz, chances are many other travelers have similar claims. For example, Allianz reportedly made millions of dollars by charging their clients additional fees for services they did not need or know about. This was the basis of the class action lawsuit filed against the multinational company in 2019.

    When you hire us to represent you, we will devise the best legal strategy to approach your case. For instance, if you suffered damages only unique to your case, we can help you file an individual claim or lawsuit. On the other hand, if many other travelers suffered similar damages, a class action lawsuit might be the best way to approach such a case. The bottom line is that a Morgan and Morgan attorney will always have your best interests at heart when devising a legal strategy to represent you.

    Filing a Claim or Lawsuit

    After gathering all the facts about the case, Morgan and Morgan insurance dispute lawyers will file a claim or lawsuit against the other party. Filing a claim presents an opportunity for both parties to negotiate a reasonable settlement. But if the insurance company is unwilling to cooperate, a lawsuit might be the best option.

  • I Cannot Afford an Attorney. What Should I Do?

    At Morgan and Morgan, we charge our clients a contingent fee, meaning they do not pay us unless we win. So whether it is a mass tort, class action, or a standard lawsuit, we can fight for you without any down payment.

    Allianz Travel has attorneys representing them, and so should you. Fill out our free case evaluation form to find out whether you have a valid case and how our insurance dispute attorneys might be able to help.

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