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Airport Accident Lawyer

Can an Airport Accident Lawyer Help Me?

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Can an Airport Accident Lawyer Help Me?

With air travel picking up to the point that it approaches the volume of flights taking off and landing like before the pandemic, it is not surprising the number of airport accidents has picked up as well. You do not need to attend a seminar to understand what can go wrong at an airport. From an accident in the long-term parking lot to slipping and falling at a beverage station inside a food court, airports present an imminent danger around every bustling corner.

If you suffered injuries that resulted from an incident at an airport, you might have a strong enough case to file a civil lawsuit seeking monetary damages. The problem is which party do you sue? The possibilities include the government body managing the airport and the dozens of businesses selling products and services inside the airport. Because of the complexity of an airport accident case, you should hire one of the best airport accident lawyers to help you navigate the legal process.

One of the best airport accident lawyers can help you gather and organize the evidence you need to file a civil lawsuit. Because you must file a lawsuit before the expiration of the statute of limitations, a personal injury attorney acts with a sense of urgency to ensure you submit the proper paperwork before the deadline. If you decide not to file a civil lawsuit, your personal injury lawyer helps you submit a convincing insurance claim that compensates you for your financial losses.

The most important factor when hiring one of the best airport accident lawyers is experience. At Morgan & Morgan, our team of highly rated personal injury attorneys has helped clients recover more than $15 billion since we opened our doors in 1988. We have compiled an impressive record of winning airport accident cases by either settling out of court or filing a civil lawsuit. Learn more about how we can help you file a lawsuit that awards you monetary damages for the injuries you suffered at an airport.

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Airport Accident Lawyer FAQs

  • What Are the Most Common Types of Airport Accidents?

    When you meet with one of the personal injury attorneys from Morgan & Morgan, one of the first questions you can expect to answer concerns the cause of the airport accident. Knowing the type of accident helps our lawyer determine the best course of legal action.

    From our more than 30 years of experience litigating airport accident cases, we have come up with a list of the six most common types of airport accidents.

    Vehicle Collisions

    Airport parking lots remain highly active from before dawn to well after dusk. The sheer volume of vehicles is a recipe for car crashes. Add to the mix passengers in a hurry and you have the perfect storm for auto collisions at airports. A personal injury attorney has to decide whether the other driver was at fault or if the airport should assume the legal liability for causing a car accident.

    Food Courts

    Airport food courts bring hundreds of travelers together in a relatively small area. Food courts present many of the same dangers that standalone restaurants present. Slip and fall incidents are common inside food courts, as well as defective dining room furniture. The fault for a food court accident typically lies with the operator of the restaurant where the accident took place. However, the airport might have to accept some of the legal obligation for causing an accident that happened in a common area.


    An inadequately maintained escalator comes to a stop, which can cause serious injuries to those that ride it. Clothing that catches onto an escalator and getting a finger stuck in one of the openings along the revolving rail also can harm someone riding an escalator. The government agency managing the airport usually is responsible for maintaining the safe operation of escalators.

    Retail Stores

    Flight delays and other factors lead weary travelers into retail stores to shop for accessories and books to keep them company while they wait for their flights. Retail stores offer several ways for travelers and visitors to get hurt. Protruding shelves, slippery floors, and equipment such as a floor scrubber all can cause someone harm. The retail store where an accident occurs generally assumes legal liability

    Baggage Claim

    Another word for baggage claim is chaos. Travelers at the end of their journeys are anxious to leave an airport behind them. Some travelers need to make a connecting flight, which leads to running through the baggage claim area. In addition to overly aggressive travelers, a baggage claim machine operates on a heavy conveyor belt that can cause serious injuries like sprains and fractures to people that reach too far for their luggage.


    Hectic airport terminals with people constantly on the move present a danger for causing injuries. People running into each other or obstructions on the walkways can lead to injuries that require immediate medical care. Slippery floors and luggage placed in a high-traffic area also contribute to the suffering of injuries in airport terminals. Airport management is responsible for ensuring public safety throughout an airport terminal.

    Our team of airport accident lawyers also handles aviation accidents that involve an airline, not the airport itself.

  • How Do You Determine Liability for an Airport Accident?

    After determining the cause of an airport accident, our team of airport accident lawyers moves to the next step of the legal process. We have to determine which party should assume legal liability for causing the accident. The legally liable party is the party that committed one or more acts of negligence. Possible legally liable parties include the airport management team, a business operating on airport property, and the government agency that owns the airport. We also have to consider any company that conducts business with any of the businesses operating inside an airport. This includes vendors and equipment suppliers. 

    One important factor to consider is called comparative negligence, which applies to all airport accident cases. If the other party’s attorney can prove you should assume some blame for causing an accident, then the amount of money awarded for your claim is reduced. The premise of comparative negligence is that as an airport customer, you also assume responsibility to act reasonably while on airport property. For example, if a judge decides you should assume 10 percent of the fault for causing an airport accident and you received a favorable judgment of $100,000, then your compensation becomes $90,000.

  • How Should I Handle an Airport Accident?

    How you react to the injuries suffered because of an airport accident goes a long way in determining the success of an insurance claim and a civil lawsuit.

    Seek Medical Attention

    After an accident at an airport, the management team of the airport must complete a detailed accident report. One section of an accident report describes the injuries suffered by everyone involved in the accident. Even if you feel strong enough to remain at the scene of the accident, you still should visit with your physician to document every one of your injuries. Serious injuries require immediate treatment at the nearest emergency medical facility.

    Take Photos of the Accident Scene

    Although the report completed by the management team should include physical evidence, you also should collect and organize evidence for your personal injury attorney to examine. Photographs of the accident scene can tell a powerful story about what happened. If you take photos of evidence that indicates the cause of the accident, you build a much stronger case for your insurance company and the judge or jury hearing your case in a civil court.

    Speak With Witnesses

    Witnesses offer supporting information for the evidence you gather. Get the names and contact information for every witness and then hand the information over to your lawyer. Make sure to get both the work and personal contact information for each witness. Witnesses also include employees that were at the scene of the accident.

    Chronicle the Events

    Another item on the agenda during the first meeting with one of our airport accident lawyers involves going over your version of events before, during, and after an accident at an airport. Before the first meeting, take time to write down your account of what happened. Do not share the account with your insurance agency or anyone you know. The purpose of writing down your version of events is to ensure you keep your facts consistent when the time comes to explain what happened to a judge and an insurance company.

    Contact One of the Best Airport Accident Lawyers

    Retaining an experienced airport accident attorney can make the difference between you winning a favorable judgment and walking out of a courtroom with empty pockets. The sooner you contact one of the best airport accident lawyers, the sooner you will see a resolution of your case. Make sure to meet with a personal injury attorney who offers a free case evaluation.

  • How to Find the Best Airport Accident Lawyers?

    Whether you need help submitting an insurance claim or legal support to file a civil lawsuit, knowing how to find the best airport accident attorney can get you just compensation for your injuries. The days of referring to the Yellow Pages for legal counsel are long gone.


    Talk to trusted friends and family members to get a recommendation for an experienced personal injury lawyer. If you do not receive any recommendations from those closest to you, branch out and network with neighbors and professional colleagues. Asking a lawyer you know for a recommendation also can help you find one of the best airport accident lawyers.

    State Bar Association

    Your state bar association should run a website that includes a feature called “Find a Lawyer.” This feature allows you to input different factors, such as searching for attorneys that practice a certain type of law. For an airport accident case, you should search for personal injury attorneys. State bar association websites also present other types of information that include the disciplinary records of lawyers licensed to practice law in the state.

    Client Reviews

    Most attorneys include a Testimonials section on their websites. You can find another source of client feedback on review sites such as Yelp and Google. Online client reviews provide you with insight into the professional expertise and the personal characteristics of an airport accident lawyer. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) represents a trusted source for recommending legal counsel. Morgan & Morgan has received the highest reputation rating from the BBB.

    Schedule a free case evaluation today with one of the airport accident lawyers at Morgan & Morgan to learn why we rank as one of the top personal injury law firms in the United States.

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