What Knee Replacements Have Been Recalled?

What Knee Replacements Have Been Recalled?

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What Knee Replacements Have Been Recalled?

If you had knee replacement surgery no later than 2004, you might have received a faulty device implanted on your knee. Scary, right?

In August 2021, giant medical device company Exactech recalled approximately 147,732 knee replacements.

And when a company recalls knee replacements of other medical devices of this magnitude, it means there's a huge problem to worry about. The saddest thing about these recalls is that some involved devices are already implanted in people's bodies. Yes, you read that right!

Many of these people trusted the medical device company to manufacture safe and effective knee replacement devices, but clearly, that wasn't the case. For many people, getting a knee replacement marks the end of various problems, such as constant pain caused by knee problems. But for those who had Exactech knee replacement, this could be the beginning of yet another painful journey.

The most painful part of it is that this time round, the pain and discomfort won't be due to an underlying medical condition or injury. Rather, it would derive from the consequences of negligence by Exactech. So if you had knee surgery anywhere between 2004 and now, you may need to speak with a competent product liability attorney from Morgan and Morgan.

Our attorneys have helped our clients file claims or lawsuits against some of the biggest companies in the US. When it comes to fighting for your rights, the size of the defense does not matter. All you need to do is contact us for a free, no-obligation case evaluation.

That said, here's everything you need to know about Exactech knee replacement recalls.

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  • What Exactech Knee Replacement Devices Have Been Recalled?

    So far, two Exactech knee replacements have been recalled. They include:

    • OPTETRAK Comprehensive Knee System
    • TRULIANT Knee System

    So what exactly is wrong with these two Exactech knee replacement devices?

    These two knee implants are usually packaged in sealed containers to prevent exposure to oxygen. However, when the plastic components in these devices get exposed to oxygen, it leads to a process known as oxidation.

    When oxidation occurs, it damages the quality of the knee replacement device, making it wear out earlier than expected. In addition, in some cases, oxidation may damage the components of the knee replacement device, causing it to malfunction when installed into the knee.

    Long story short, if you received knee replacement surgery anywhere from 2004, your knee might not be off the hook yet. Wondering why you're still experiencing knee pain many months or years after the surgery? This could be a result of the faulty knee replacement from Exactech.

    Upon realizing the error caused by negligence, Exactech offered to refund individuals who received this surgery. But what's the use of a refund for a product that's already sitting in a patient's body, not functioning as it should? Your answer is as good as ours.

    The only reason Exactech is offering to refund such individuals is that they know there's even a bigger storm coming. They know that they acted negligently when they failed to prevent these components from getting exposed to oxygen. As a result, thousands of people walked out of surgery rooms thinking their knee problems had been treated, only to come across the shocking news that the knee replacements were defective in the first place.

    The worst part of it all is that these faulty components are still sitting in the knees of many innocent people. These people keep wondering why they're still experiencing the same problems they had before the knee replacement surgery or even worse. These people invested heavily in their medical processes, hoping to find a lasting solution to their knee problems.

    But that wasn't the case - Exactech only had one job; to manufacture safe knee replacements and ensure they're safe during and after surgery. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. As a result, they need to be held responsible for their negligence.

  • How Do I Know If My Exactech Knee Replacement Has Been Recalled?

    As mentioned earlier, individuals who received knee replacement since 2004 are the prime target of this recall. So if you believe you're a victim of faulty knee replacement based on this timeline, talk to your doctor or the medical facility that conducted the surgery; they might be able to let you know if you should have anything to worry about.

    Depending on the kind of device you received and your knee's response to the surgery, you may not even need to contact the medical professional or facility that oversaw the surgery. Instead, you'll likely experience common symptoms as with other victims of this faulty knee replacement.

    Most victims of Exactech knee replacement have complained of symptoms such as:

    • Constant, unexplained knee pain
    • New or worsening swelling in the knee
    • Lack of ability to bear body weight
    • Grinding noise around the knee when walking
    • Instability

    If you experience any of these symptoms, contact your doctor immediately. It could be due to a faulty Exactech knee replacement device.

    The other way you may be able to find out if you have any reason to worry is when your doctor contacts you about the recall. If you receive a call from your doctor's office about a possible knee replacement recall, chances are you're one of the many victims of Exactech's faulty knee replacement devices.

  • What Should I Do If I Received a Defective Exactech Knee Replacement?

    If you received a defective knee replacement from Exactech, the first thing you need to do is contact your doctor. Your doctor will examine your symptoms and provide the required treatment or recommendation for treatment.

    Unfortunately, in most cases, individuals who have received defective knee replacement may need revision surgeries. This might not be the kind of news you're looking forward to, but when it comes to matters concerning your health, revision surgery could be the only way to end your pain and suffering.

    The worst thing about revision surgery is that it is usually even more complicated than the initial surgery. This is because, as the name suggests, revision surgery is done to correct a defective condition.

    Another thing about revision surgeries is that they usually have a higher risk of developing further complications. So if your doctor recommends surgery to get rid of the defective product, you likely won't have a smooth experience in the hospital, but in the end, it could be completely worth it. After all, it's better to have nothing in your knee than something that only worsens your problem.

    It's also important to prepare for the surgery both mentally and physically. The truth is, you won't be able to move around for quite a while.

    This could mean not being able to go to work. It could even mean missing important business opportunities if you're self-employed. In addition, if you had other plans, such as traveling with your family, you may want to put that on hold as well.

    According to statistics, revision surgeries, particularly those targeting faulty knee replacements, could require anywhere between 6 to 12 months to heal.

    This means that your life could come to a standstill for about a year while companies like Exactech continue making millions in profits from the sales of many of their medical devices.

    Speaking of Exactech, there's a high possibility that the company might contact you to offer compensation for out-of-pocket expenses caused by their defective devices. However, as mentioned earlier, this is just one of the many tactics such companies use to trick victims of their negligence into accepting unfair compensation.

    Instead, consider speaking with a competent product liability attorney, particularly from Morgan and Morgan.

  • How Morgan and Morgan Product Liability Attorneys Can Help?

    When it comes to product liability cases, you don't want to hire just any attorney or law firm you come across. This is because these cases are complex; you need a mix of experience, aggressiveness, and powerful legal resources to file such a claim or lawsuit against the other company.

    These three qualities define Morgan and Morgan when it comes to personal injury litigation.


    Founded in Florida in 1988, Morgan and Morgan has been the go-to personal injury law firm for clients from all over the United States. We've successfully filed a lawsuit against some of the biggest companies and corporations in the country, including the likes of T-Mobile, Walmart, Delta Airlines, etc.

    This kind of experience gives our clients much-needed confidence when they work with us. They know that they can trust us to fight for their rights. Most importantly, they know that we're not using their case as an experiment to gain some experience. Rather, we already have the experience to win such claims or lawsuits.

    Another benefit of working with Morgan and Morgan is that because we are experienced in handling product liability cases, we don't get excited just by any settlement the other party offers. Instead, we believe in fighting for our clients' rights, ensuring they receive the compensation they need and deserve.

    Aggressive Litigation

    One thing you need to know about some of these big companies is that they always think that they can muscle their way out of these lawsuits. This is because they have the financial power and resources to hire some of the best defense attorneys to represent them in and out of court.

    Sadly, many injury victims give up their pursuit for compensation when they realize they'll face these multi-billion companies in court. But that's not something you should be concerned about when you work with a Morgan and Morgan product liability attorney.

    This is because our attorneys are known for their aggressiveness when fighting for their client's rights. They know that some of these companies or corporations bully innocent injury victims, hoping to frustrate their pursuit of justice.

    Our attorneys have courtroom experience; they're not like other attorneys who would rather abandon a case than fight in court. In fact, our attorneys are required to aggressively pursue a certain number of cases in court every year. So if you're worried about hiring an attorney who'll put your case on the back burner for fear of facing a powerful and well-equipped defense team, that's not us.

    Legal Resources

    Then there's the issue of legal resources. When you want to pursue a claim against a company as big as Exactech, you need to hire a law firm with powerful legal resources. As explained earlier, these companies make millions of dollars annually - they can afford some of the best defense attorneys to fight for them in and out of court.

    For this reason, you need a law firm that can surpass their legal muscle. That's where Morgan and Morgan comes in.

    We are the largest personal injury law firm in the United States. But you shouldn't take our word for it - instead, our record speaks for itself. We've helped our clients recover more than $20 billion as compensation for their injuries, an achievement other law firms can only dream of.

    Our law firm consists of a team of over 800 personal injury attorneys experienced in different practice areas under personal injury law. This means you'll get the benefit of having multiple skilled attorneys working on your case at the same time.

    For instance, let's say you have a product liability case against Exactech or any other knee replacement manufacturer and then later discover that the medical professional that conducted the surgery was also negligent in one way or another. In that case, you might be able to file a product liability and medical malpractice claim. Rather than having two different law firms handle this case, Morgan and Morgan gives you access to competent attorneys under one roof.

    The best part of it all is that you don't need to pay anything to speak with our legal representatives. We offer free, no-obligation case evaluation. And if you have a valid case, we'll create the right legal strategy to pursue your claim.

    Remember, you won't owe us anything unless we win. So basically, you have nothing to lose but so much to gain.

    Did you or your loved one receive a faulty knee replacement surgery? Tell us about your case by filling out our free case evaluation form.

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