Dec 29, 2023

Is Your Enterprise’s MSSP Safe?

Is Your Enterprise’s MSSP Safe - data breach - cybersecurity

A business’s cybersecurity provider could actually be its weakest point of vulnerability.

If you or your business is relying on a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) to safeguard your digital assets, then it might be time to reevaluate your security—and fast. 

Recent investigations have uncovered alarming vulnerabilities in widely-used MSSP systems, potentially putting your enterprise at significant risk. 

What Are Some Potential Security Risks My MSSP Could Have?

A recent in-depth investigation revealed critical vulnerabilities in the infrastructure of widely-used MSSPs, which pose severe risks to enterprises connected to it. Such risks can include:

Outdated Operating Systems

Some MSSPs run on Windows 2012 R2, an unsupported and unsecured operating system, which can expose a network to various potential security breaches.


Lack of Encryption on Key Ports

Surprisingly, four ports commonly associated with Trojans were found unencrypted in popular MSSPs. This negligence allows easy interception and exploitation of sensitive enterprise data.


Risky Appliance Deployment

A recent MSSP deployment model is installed precariously between the business’s firewall and the internet. This placement, especially on a bi-directional port, intensifies security vulnerability, affecting not only the MSSP but also its client networks.


Which Managed Security Service Providers Are Considered to Be Vulnerable to Threats?

Some of the most popular MSSPs that have been reported to have some aforementioned security risks include:

  • Webroot
  • Cisco
  • 3Cloud
  • IBM Managed Security Services
  • Accenture Security Services
  • Kaspersky Cybersecurity Services
  • Arctic Fox

If your enterprise is connected to one of these MSSPs, you could be at risk. Protect your enterprise's assets and reputation now. Contact Morgan & Morgan for a comprehensive security analysis and learn about your legal options.


Morgan & Morgan Can Help

With over 35 years of experience, Morgan & Morgan’s legal experts in cybersecurity litigation understand the gravity of this situation. Our team is ready to assist your enterprise in assessing any risks to your security and formulating a response strategy. We offer legal counsel on potential class action lawsuits against the MSSP and innovative strategies to mitigate future cybersecurity risks.

If you think your cybersecurity is at risk, don’t wait to get answers. Contact us today to take action.