What Is the Salary of a FedEx Courier?

What Is the Salary of a FedEx Courier?

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What Is the Salary of a FedEx Courier?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average FedEx courier salary for 2020 was $56,520. How much a courier earns at FedEx depends on several factors. Drivers with years of experience typically earn more than less experienced couriers. The average FedEx courier salary breaks down to $22 an hour, with most drivers making between $17 and $32 per hour. FedEx pays couriers incentive bonuses and additional compensation as well.

Full-time workers at FedEx receive a wide variety of benefits that include health insurance and retirement savings plans. The company employs part-time couriers, as well as seasonal employees during the busiest times of the year. Unless you work as a courier supervisor, you can expect FedEx to compensate you by the hour. This means couriers that make hourly wages receive wage protections under federal and state employment laws.

If FedEx has violated a wage law, you have the right to file a claim to receive compensation for issues such as unpaid overtime and working off the clock. At Morgan & Morgan, we have represented hundreds of clients that have fought back against wage law violations. You have the right to receive the federally mandated minimum wage, time and a half for overtime, and full compensation for every hour worked while at FedEx.

Do not allow FedEx to cheat you out of deserved compensation. Schedule a free case evaluation with one of our employment law attorneys to determine how to proceed with your case.

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  • What Is the FedEx Courier Job Description?

    A FedEx courier picks up and delivers packages at homes and businesses located on a well-defined route. Couriers must manage their time well to ensure they meet scheduled pickup and drop-off times. In addition to time management skills, a FedEx courier maintains professional, yet cordial relationships with every customer on a route. Customer service includes answering questions about different shipping methods and handling complaints that deal directly with a courier’s job responsibilities.

  • Job Skills

    A FedEx courier must earn a high school diploma. However, FedEx considers at least some college to be a positive attribute, especially in markets where the labor market is tight. Couriers should be in good physical condition to lift heavy packages and walk to and from pickup and drop-off points. FedEx provides training for computer skills and the use of shipping labels.

    The most important skill to develop is the ability to drive in all types of conditions. Because FedEx trucks are comparatively light, you might be able to drive one with just a non-commercial driver’s license. However, you must have a clean driving record to earn a FedEx courier salary. FedEx runs driver training classes to help develop driving skills such as backing up a truck by using only the mirrors. You also have to operate a FedEx truck in bad weather conditions.

  • What Are the Challenges of Earning a FedEx Courier Salary?

    Driver fatigue can become an issue if you work overtime, which you can expect to do during the winter holiday season. The job is not mentally stimulating, as there is a lot of repetition involved in picking up and dropping off packages. Remaining focused behind the wheel of a FedEx truck is paramount for you to succeed as a courier.

    Remaining healthy is a daily challenge, as lifting heavy packages can cause a wide variety of injuries. If you do not follow the proper lifting procedure, you can generate serious pain in the hips and lower back. You also have to stay alert to avoid a slip and fall injury, which can cause fractures and brain trauma. Pay special attention to the conditions of the floors at businesses like hotels, restaurants, and convenience stores.

  • What Should I Do if FedEx Withheld My Wages?

    You work hard to earn a FedEx courier salary. The company has no right to withhold your wages for any reason. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires employers to pay workers everything they deserve in wages and other forms of compensation. The United States Department of Labor oversees the Wage and Hour Division (WHD), which is the agency responsible for enforcing the FLSA.

    Can I Sue FedEx for Underpaying Me?

    You have the right to sue FedEx for not paying you what you deserve. Before you file a civil lawsuit, you submit a wage claim with the WHD. The WHD conducts an investigation to determine if you have filed a legitimate claim. IF the WHD rules in your favor, the federal agency orders FedEx to pay you what the company owes you in compensation. The difference between what FedEx paid you originally and what you should have earned is referred to as back pay.

    If the WHD rules against your claim, you have the right to sue FedEx for wage theft. Working with an experienced employment attorney can help you recover lost wages.

  • How Do I File a Claim With the WHD?

    You need to speak up to get a wage claim investigated by the WHD. This requires you to know how to file a claim with the federal agency. You need to ensure that you file an accurate and fully completed wage claim with the WHD. Any missing or inaccurate information can lead to the federal agency dismissing your wage claim. 

    You need to submit your legal name and contact information, which includes your primary email address. The WHD requires you to name the FedEx store or warehouse where you primarily work. Many FedEx couriers move around an area to help different stores and warehouses labor shortages. Describe the type of work you do to earn a FedEx courier salary, as well as how and when you received compensation from the company. The WHD also needs to know the name of your manager. The more information you send to the WHD, the more likely the federal agency approved your claim. Additional information comes in the form of pay stubs, timekeeping records, and bank account statements.

    WHD provides free and confidential services. Confidentiality is crucial to prevent FedEx from altering documents to cover up wage violations. FedEx cannot fire you because you filed a wage claim with the WHD.

  • How Does the WHD Investigate a Wage Claim?

    The WHD follows a series of steps when investigating a business for one or more violations of the FLSA. FedEx can expect an investigator from the WHD to meet with the manager of the FedEx store or warehouse where the courier primarily works. The conference requires FedEx to share timekeeping records and other documents the company has saved in the courier’s file.

    Interviews unfold at the location where the courier primarily worked. Because of the COVID-10 pandemic, an investigator from the WHD might conduct most, if not all interviews over the phone. FedEx still needs to provide the WHD with every requested record and document. After conducting a thorough investigation, the WHD issues a ruling on the claim filed by the FedEx courier.

  • How Do I Receive Back Wages?

    You have several ways to receive back wages for your FedEx courier salary. When issuing a favorable ruling, the WHD might decide to supervise the payment of back wages, especially if FedEx has racked up a considerable number of wage claims. The Secretary of Labor might file a lawsuit for back wages and an equal amount to cover liquidated damages, which is interest charged against FedEx for the entire amount of your back pay.

    Federal power also includes obtaining an injunction against FedEx to prevent future violations of the FLSA.
    The FLSA grants the WHD the legal power to punish FedEx for wage violations. FedEx might have to pay up to $1,000 for each unintentional violation of the FLSA. For intentional violations of the FLSA, FedEx might have to pay a fine of up to $10,000 for each violation.

    You have the right to file a civil lawsuit against FedEx to receive your full FedEx courier salary. Before you initiate a civil lawsuit against FedEx for wage violations, meet with one of our employment lawyers to devise the most effective litigation strategy.

  • How Should a FedEx Courier Handle a Workplace Injury?

    Another issue you might face when you earn a FedEx courier salary is getting hurt on the job. Since your workplace extends well beyond the four walls of a store or warehouse, you might qualify for workers’ compensation if you get hurt lifting a package at a business or suffering injuries resulting from a motor vehicle accident.

    FedEx funds workers’ compensation insurance to take care of employees that get hurt in the workplace. However, paying out workers’ compensation benefits can increase the premium that FedEx pays for coverage. The company might refuse to pay for a workplace injury, especially if the injury happened outside of a store or warehouse. This means you might have to enlist the help of one of our workers’ compensation attorneys to receive the workers’ comp insurance coverage you deserve.

    You can suffer workplace injuries at FedEx in several ways. You can slip and fall at a store or warehouse, as well as suffer one or more injuries because of the impact generated by a vehicle collision. Your injuries can be as mild as a sprained wrist and as serious as a spinal cord injury. Whatever the type of injury, you are entitled to receive financial protection under the workers’ compensation policy paid for by FedEx.

    Three Tips to Handle a Workplace Injury at FedEx

    The first tip involves documenting the accident and the injuries caused by the accident. You should take photos of the accident scene and complete a written report that your employer keeps onsite. In the age of security cameras, you might be able to acquire footage of the accident to bolster the evidence you submit with a workers’ compensation claim. The second tip is not to speak with the FedEx insurance company. This is a job for one of the workers’ comp lawyers at Morgan & Morgan. Make contacting one of our workers’ compensation attorneys the third tip you should follow when handling a workplace injury at FedEx.

  • Schedule a Free Case Evaluation

    You work hard to earn your FedEx courier salary. Do not let the company cheat you out of your hard-earned pay. Schedule a free case evaluation with one of the state-licensed lawyers at Morgan & Morgan. Our team of nationwide litigators includes employment, personal injury, and workers’ compensation attorneys.

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