How to Handle Slipping on Ice?

Slip and fall accidents on ice. It’s happened to everyone who lives in or has vacationed in a state where it snows. But no matter how much experience you have, a slip and fall can still catch you off guard. How do you know when it could be someone else’s fault that you fell, however? You might not realize it in the immediate moments following your fall, but you could potentially have a personal injury claim on your hands and knowing what to do in this situation can protect your rights to file.

Why Are Slip and Fall Injuries So Serious? 

If you slip and fall on ice this could be a serious injury that could follow you for many years to come. You need to know what to do if you slip and fall on ice so that you can get support for your injuries and next steps. Contacting a lawyer is one of the best steps to follow when you're looking for what to do if you slip on ice because you may be eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit to recover compensation. 

Slip and fall injuries on ice are one of the most common occurrences in the winter. Walking outside and slipping on a patch of ice could leave you devastatingly injured with medical bills that could follow you for years to come. In reading this article you will learn more about what to do if you slip on ice. If you were unable to regain your balance and slipped and fell to suffer serious injuries, you need to bring your medical records and any other evidence to the office of an experienced personal injury lawyer to discuss your next steps. You could be eligible to file a civil lawsuit against the person responsible for causing this injury and this might be your only way to recover the compensation that you need. 

Understanding Injuries

Most people underestimate the potential impact of a slip and fall. Slipping and falling on any surface is dangerous but slipping and falling on ice is especially problematic. You could break or fracture your arm or even strike your head on the concrete or asphalt. You might not even realize the full extent of your injuries if you are looking for what to do after a slip and fall. 

You might knock yourself out or your body might be shielding itself from the more serious injuries in the form of shock. This is why it is strongly recommended that you call for medical help if you feel any pain after a fall. You may not understand the full scope of your injuries until you've been diagnosed and get a treatment plan from a physician. 

Common injuries from a slip and fall on ice include back injuries, spinal cord injuries, fractures, bruises, and traumatic brain injuries. Particularly when these injuries are severe or when you have more than one at a time, you're looking at possible lost wages, medical bills and emotional cost of pain and suffering. These injuries can change your life. If your slip and fall was caused as a result of negligence you could be eligible to recover compensation but you will only be able to clarify this when you contact an attorney as soon as possible after the incident and speak with them about your abilities to move forward and the proper timeline. You deserve to have the support of an attorney who has been there before and someone who can walk you through this process and prepare you for what to expect especially if the property owner attempts to deny liability or minimize the impact of your claim. 

Action Steps: What to Do if You Slip and Fall on Ice? 

It's common to feel embarrassed after you slip and fall on ice but remember it's not your fault. Many people slip and fall and sustain serious injuries and slipping and falling on ice presents additional challenges because you could slip faster or fall harder. You may want to pretend that you are okay in the moment especially if there are other people watching you but downplaying the possibility of injuries can be problematic. It is critical to do the following things in the event that you slip and fall on ice;

  • Get medical attention as soon as possible and have your body checked out by a physician to ensure that you have not suffered any external or internal injuries.
  • Communicate with any witnesses who might have seen you fall as well as those who might have seen the conditions that caused you to fall in the first place. 
  • Report the dangerous condition and the incident itself to the business owner. You may need to rely on witnesses to assist you with this but contacting the police is also recommended so that you can file a police report about the incident. 

In the heat of the moment, it can be difficult to remember to grab evidence but this is especially important as it could become an important component of your lawsuit later. Most people don't know what to do if they slip and fall on ice but taking photos is critical for documenting the scene immediately after it happens. You'll also want to keep any clothing or shoes that you were wearing at the time of the accident because it might become evidence later. 

After you have been screened by your physician and gotten a treatment plan for your injuries, you'll also want to contact an attorney to discuss your legal rights. A dedicated slip and fall lawyer can help explain the applicable laws associated with this situation and determine whether or not you have grounds for a case. It is very important to remain calm and organized in the immediate aftermath of a slip and fall injury. Snow and ice should be cleared relatively quickly after a storm has occurred. Pedestrians should do everything they can to minimize the possibility of slipping and falling on ice by exercising a greater degree of caution but this does not prevent any and all injuries from happening. Whether you're using handrails, taking shorter steps and wearing appropriate footwear, this does not account for a business owner who fails to remove dangerous hazards.

Property Owner Precautions

Property owners can and should take precautions to protect themselves from premises liability lawsuits or injuries that occur on their property. It is critical to watch the weather and to understand the importance of acting immediately after a storm. Purchasing salt, a shovel and other items before a snowstorm means the business owner can take quick action before someone slips and falls. In the event that the business owner is not able or willing to shovel snow on their own, they can also hire a contractor to handle this situation for them. 

Piling snow in a safe area, inspecting the property and putting safety cones and signs near slippery areas are all examples of warning the public about the possibility of additional slip and falls. Local and state laws might also apply that require the business owner to maintain clear premises. This is not always easy to do but does require immediate action to be taken. If you need the support of an experienced and dedicated lawyer after a slip and fall injury, you need to be prepared to communicate with an attorney right away. It can be overwhelming to find yourself in this position and to realize how long your injuries are likely to affect you for, but at the same time you cannot afford to wait to get help. You need to have an attorney who understands the statute of limitations and who is willing to spring into action quickly to protect your best interests. Property owners can be held accountable for failing to maintain safe premises or notifying people about risks on the property. 

Imagine that the owner of a business knows their tile floors are slippery and that people are most at risk of falling during the morning hours when everyone is arriving at work and tracking snow in. In addition to the risk of falling on ice outside the property, there’s the possibility of slipping and falling on water inside. Both of these issues have the potential to cause injury and could even lead to a lawsuit. Knowing your rights and the circumstances of the fall is important. If you’re an employee, for example, and had previously filed complaints about ice outside or broken floorboards inside, this could also contribute to your lawsuit against the property owner or manager. 

When they fail to do this, however, you could wind up being the one paying the price in the form of critical injuries. This is why you need to consult with an attorney who has handled cases like this before so that you can pursue a civil lawsuit to pay for your injuries. It is likely that you may have medical bills that could last for many years and this might be your only opportunity to get the support that you need.       

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