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How to Collect PIP Insurance in Burlington, Vermont - insurance papers

Burlington, VT PIP Insurance Lawyers

Although Vermont is an at-fault state, you can still purchase PIP insurance to protect yourself after a car accident. This kind of insurance helps cover lost wages, medical expenses, cost of care, funeral expenses, etc.  

The exact scope of coverage usually depends on the insurance provider's policies. It does not matter who is at fault for the accident when you have PIP coverage; this policy covers expenses arising from the accident up to a certain limit. 

When you have PIP coverage, your own insurance provider compensates you for certain losses from the accident. As a result, you do not need to prove that the other party was responsible for the accident. Similarly, you will still get compensation even if you were responsible for the accident.

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  • Who's Covered by PIP Insurance? 

    As mentioned before, the exact scope of coverage usually depends on the insurance provider's policies. Generally, PIP insurance covers:

    • the policyholder;
    • the policyholder's household residents related by marriage, blood, or adoption;
    • the policyholder's step or foster children; and
    • any non-family passengers and pedestrians involved in the accident. 
  • Making a PIP Insurance Claim in Burlington, Vermont

    Insurance companies have different requirements policyholders must follow when making a claim. For example, in some policies, drivers cannot file a claim after an accident involving a vehicle that was not listed on the declaration page of the auto insurance policy. 

    To collect PIP insurance in Burlington, you'll need to notify the insurance company about the accident. The insurance company will then compensate you for any accident-related medical expenses. The company will also settle your lost wages up to the pre-agreed limit. 

    Most people decide to purchase PIP insurance because it is usually easier to file a claim through this option. Without PIP coverage, when you get into an accident caused by another party's negligence, you will have to file a claim with their insurance company. This process is usually complicated and frustrating, given that the other party's insurance company will always prioritize profits over fair play. In other words, they will try to find any reason to downplay or dismiss your claim altogether if that's what they need to do to avoid writing you a check after the accident.

    However, although processing a PIP insurance claim should be much easier, insurance companies will always look for loopholes to avoid paying what they need to. It does not matter if you have been paying your monthly premiums on time - insurance companies are in business, and they will not want to spend a dollar unless they have to. If your insurer does not cooperate with you when you file your PIP insurance claim, you may need to speak with an experienced car accident attorney in Burlington, Vermont. 

  • Reasons PIP Insurance Claims Get Denied

    As mentioned before, insurance companies will always try to come up with reasons to deny your claim. This can be frustrating, especially because some people purchase PIP insurance not because they have to but because they do not want to deal with the stress of pursuing a claim they are entitled to, as is the case when you do not have PIP coverage. For example, Vermont does not require drivers to have PIP coverage, but some drivers still opt for this coverage to avoid frustrations after an accident. 

    Here are some common reasons insurance companies will deny a PIP insurance claim:

    The Vehicle Was Not Covered

    Most PIP insurance policies require their insured to file claims only for vehicles covered by this policy. So if the vehicle is not included in the policy, the insurer might not compensate you for your injuries or any damages to the vehicle. 

    The Injury Was Intentional

    Believe it or not, some insurance companies will try to blame you for the accident to avoid liability for the injuries. For instance, such companies could claim that the accident was intentional, effectively ruling out the possibility of recovering what you may be entitled to. 

    This can be frustrating and heartbreaking, especially when you know you didn't intentionally cause the accident. But that's not something you'd expect the insurer to be concerned about - if they find any reason not to pay you what you deserve, they'll cling to it. That's how insurance companies make their profits. 

    The Insured Committed a Felony

    The insurance company might also deny a PIP claim if the insured person committed a felony when they got injured in the car accident. If that's the case, you need to talk to an experienced car accident attorney if you believe your insurance provider is not playing fair.

    The Insured Was Involved in Organized Racing

    Most insurance companies won't compensate you if you get injured while participating in an organized racing activity. But as mentioned earlier, you shouldn't take the insurer's word as the truth. Some rogue insurance providers lie to avoid settling claims. If you believe you did not break the terms of the policy during the accident, talk to an experienced car accident attorney. 

    You Said Something That Jeopardized Your Claim

    When you get into a car accident and file a claim with your insurer, chances are they'll send a claims adjuster to evaluate the claim's value. Avoid saying things that could jeopardize your claim during the initial conversation with the insurance adjuster. 

    For example, statements like 'I feel fine' could be all the adjuster needs to reduce the value of your claim or dismiss it altogether. Avoiding such statements does not mean that you've lied about how you feel. Instead, it means that you are careful about what you say to the insurance company because they do not always provide a fair playground in these situations.  

    When a claims adjuster contacts you about the accident, they will create the impression that they are concerned about you and want to process your claim immediately. This is usually a tactic to make you feel comfortable talking to them. So even if you feel okay at that particular moment, the adjuster will record this statement and use it later at a more convenient time.

    For example, if you suddenly start feeling pain in your lower back due to the accident, the claims adjuster could claim that it has nothing to do with the accident because you told them you felt fine earlier. But instead, they will try to come up with reasons to separate the accident from the pain. And if they succeed, they will not pay you what you may be entitled to as compensation after the accident. 

    It is also important to note that just as long as insurance companies have a reason to dispute your claim, they can always dare you to go to court if you are not happy with their offer. They do this knowing that you will most likely not have the time or resources to pursue the claim in court. In addition, they will either dismiss the claim entirely or find one reason to undervalue it. 

    The bottom line is that insurance providers will always serve their own interests. You deserve someone who will fight for you. That is what you get when you hire a car accident attorney. 

  • How Can a Car Insurance Attorney Help With My Claim?

    Since most insurance companies do not always play fair, you need someone who understands various tactics these companies use to dismiss or undervalue insurance claims. An experienced car insurance attorney will review your PIP insurance policy to determine the scope of coverage. So if your insurance company disputes your claim and yet you did not do anything to violate the terms of coverage, your attorney can help fight for your rights and interests. 

    An attorney can also help maximize your claim. The last thing you expect from an insurance company is truthful information about what you may be entitled to as compensation for your losses. 

    In most cases, when the insurer realizes that you qualify for compensation, they will try to only focus on the basics, hoping that you do not realize that you may be entitled to more. For instance, if you are entitled to additional compensation for lost wages, most insurers will not bring this up when settling your claim. Instead, they will want to close the case quickly to prevent you from hiring an attorney or learning more about your rights as the insured. The worst thing about these tactics is that you may not have a chance to negotiate a better settlement once you've signed the Release of Settlement agreement. 

    Dealing with insurance companies is frustrating most of the time. Such companies may seem so understanding and trustworthy in their commercials, but more than half of the time, they are not. When you file a claim after an accident, there is always the possibility that you will have a rough time recovering what is rightfully yours. If that is what you or a loved one is experiencing, you need to contact a seasoned car accident attorney.

    The attorney will take over the communication with the insurance company, protecting you from the different tactics these companies use to avoid compensating their clients. When you have an attorney handling your case, they will always communicate directly with the insurance provider on your behalf. And if you have to speak with the insurer or any other party involved, your attorney can prepare you well in advance. This helps build your confidence, knowing that you have the backing of a legal expert.

  • How Morgan & Morgan Can Help

    If you are a PIP insurance policyholder involved in a car accident in Burlington, Vermont, or the surrounding areas, Morgan & Morgan is always one phone call away. We can help fight for your rights and interests as you focus on recovering from the injuries caused by the accident. 

    There's no doubt that Burlington is home to numerous personal injury law firms specializing in car accidents and related cases. But why Morgan & Morgan?

    Firstly, we are the largest personal injury law firm in Burlington and the entire country. Our law firm consists of an army of over 1,000 attorneys ready to fight for your rights. 

    Secondly, we have been in the industry for more than 30 years. As a result, we know different tactics insurance companies use to avoid compensating eligible persons after an accident.

    When you mention the name 'Morgan & Morgan' to any insurance company in Vermont and the entire country, chances are they already know about us. They know that we do not play games when fighting for our client's rights.

    To put things into perspective, all our car insurance lawyers are trial-ready. This means they are never afraid to go to trial if that's what it takes to fight for your rights. And when the case goes to trial, the other party usually ends up paying more than the initial offer because of the additional legal costs. 

    At Morgan & Morgan, we do not settle for less than what our clients deserve. We are not one of those law firms that just want to settle cases and add them to the list of their success stories. Instead, we believe that true success has everything to do with restoring the smiles on our client's faces. This achievement is more important to us than anything else. 

    Suppose your insurance company won't cooperate after filing a PIP insurance claim. In that case, call us today at 802-557-6300 to schedule a consultation with one of our Burlington car insurance lawyers, or send us a message online for a free, confidential, no-obligation case evaluation.

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