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Ohio Insurance Attorney

You probably know that dealing with insurance companies is always challenging for most people. This is especially true when filing a claim. The most unfortunate thing is that even your insurance provider will give you a rough time processing certain claims.


Most of these companies are only nice when convincing you to sign up and when you pay your premiums on time. Try skipping a payment, and you will notice the true colors of some of these insurers you have been loyal to for years. Keep in mind that insurance is business like any other. The only difference is that they can sometimes be too greedy and unreasonable. These companies make profits by minimizing their claims and maximizing premiums and related fees. 


That said, not all insurance companies behave this way. Some may process your claim but not its actual value. When you find yourself in such a situation, you might be tempted to believe that something is better than nothing. But that should not be the case; if you are entitled to compensation, you should receive the actual value of your claim. You should not even beg for it if you are eligible. It is within your rights to file such a claim. Read on for more information.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • Who Is an Insurance Attorney?

    An insurance attorney is the kind of attorney who practices insurance law. Such an attorney can either represent insurance companies or a claimant. In this context, we will discuss insurance attorneys who fight for the rights of individuals who have filed genuine claims but have been unsuccessful in receiving the compensation they need and deserve.

  • What Tactics Do Insurance Companies Use to Frustrate the Claims Process?

    Some common tactics insurance companies use to frustrate the claims process include: 


    • Refusing to respond to a genuine claim submitted by the claimant
    • Offering a lowball settlement 
    • Failing to conduct thorough investigations into a claim filed by the policyholder or a third party, such as a victim of a car accident caused by the policyholder 
    • Denying a valid claim without any good reason
    • Downplaying the claimant's injuries
    • Shifting the blame to the claimant without a valid reason
    • Offering a quick settlement in exchange for a signed release statement 
    • Calling the claimant right after the accident to convince them to sign a settlement 
    • Delaying the settlement, hoping the claimant will give up the pursuit of compensation
    • Advising the claimant not to seek medical attention beyond a certain point because it will not be covered
    • Rewording the insurance policy to avoid liability


    If your insurance provider uses these tactics or anything similar, you can sue them for 'acting out of bad faith.'  

  • What Is a Release?

    In insurance terminology, a 'release' is a document that confirms that an agreement has been reached between the insurance provider and a claimant regarding a particular claim and that the claimant agrees to waive their right to seek further legal action against the insurer. 

  • Can You Change Your Mind After Signing a Release?

    No, you cannot change your mind after signing a release. And even if you do, you cannot sue the insurance company over the same accident or injury. This applies even if you later discover that you may be entitled to more than what you accepted from the insurance company. Keep in mind that the release is a legally-binding document. 

  • Do I Need an Insurance Attorney in Ohio?

    The answer to this question will depend on the circumstances of your case. For example, if the other party agrees to settle, you may not need an insurance lawyer. But this also depends on the settlement offer and whether it is reasonable. 


    If the settlement offer from the insurer does not reflect the actual value of your case, then you may need an attorney. 


    You may also need an insurance attorney if you suffered significant injuries. For example, suppose you got injured in the workplace and suffered life-changing injuries, meaning you can no longer work even sedentary jobs. In that case, you may be entitled to compensation for the rest of your life or a lump sum payment. Again, an experienced attorney can help negotiate a reasonable settlement with the insurance company on your behalf, factoring in your current and future financial needs. 


    Generally, hiring an attorney is a great idea, especially if the insurer uses any of the tactics we discussed earlier to frustrate the claims process. Since insurance attorneys are familiar with these tactics and how to beat them, you can count on them to fight for you or your loved one. 

  • How Do Insurance Attorneys Get Paid?

    Many insurance attorneys in Ohio and throughout the country provide their services on a contingency basis.,meaning you do not pay them any upfront fees when they take on your case. So what's the catch? Why would an attorney agree to take on a case without an initial payment?


    Here is how it works. 


    When you contact the attorney for a free case evaluation, they will determine whether you have a valid case against the other party. If you have a valid case, the attorney will take on the case under the condition that they deduct a small portion of the settlement if you win. Therefore, you will not need to pay any upfront fees.


    This system creates a win-win situation. If you win the case, you will recover the damages awarded. On the other hand, the attorney will receive a small portion of the settlement to cover their fees and legal expenses. 

  • What Kind of Claims Do Insurance Attorneys Handle?

    It all depends on the attorney's experience and preferences. While a general insurance attorney can help with any insurance claim, hiring someone who specializes in a specific area is even better. For instance, a car accident insurance attorney specializes in helping accident victims with their claims against their insurance providers or other parties. Other attorneys specialize only in disability insurance. It all depends on the area of personal injury law they specialize in. 

  • Do I Need to Accept a Settlement Offer From an Insurance Company?

    Many people do not realize that a settlement offer is just that—an offer. Regardless of the amount of settlement, insurance companies will always try to find ways to minimize it. So when they send you an offer, chances are it does not reflect the actual value of your case.


    When you contact an attorney, they will review the offer and compare it with your injuries and damages. You may reject it and negotiate a better one if it does not match what you are entitled to. The attorney will help you with this process. 

  • Can I Still File a Claim Even if I Was Partly Responsible for the Accident?

    Yes, you can. In Ohio, plaintiffs can recover compensation based on their percentage of fault and just as long as they are less than 51% at fault for the accident. 


    Although insurance companies will want you to believe that you cannot recover any settlement if you were partly to blame for the accident, that is not always the case. The insurer will only tell you this because they want you to abandon your claim. Speak with an experienced insurance lawyer whenever unsure whether you can file a claim or lawsuit against the insurer. 

  • When Should I Hire a Lawyer?


    Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to wait until the insurance company starts playing games with your claims to realize the importance of hiring an attorney. Instead, getting an attorney right after the accident can significantly increase your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome. 


    Since insurance attorneys understand how insurance laws work in Ohio, they can provide the best legal advice before you file your claim. This helps you prepare for what's to come. In addition, it will be much more difficult for insurance companies to play games or even bully you into accepting a lowball offer or abandoning your claim if you fully understand your rights. 


    The sooner you contact an attorney, the better. Remember, insurance claims are time-sensitive. Therefore, speaking with an attorney immediately after the accident or as soon as reasonably possible gives the attorney enough time to build a strong case on your behalf. 

  • What Should I Look for in an Insurance Attorney in Ohio?

    When looking for an insurance attorney in Ohio, you will likely have many options to choose from. This state is home to thousands of attorneys and law affirms that offer legal representation for people like you who have been frustrated by insurance providers. However, with the availability of numerous law firms and attorneys, you will need to dig a little bit deeper to find the best. Here are some important factors to consider. 


    Experience Matters When Dealing With Insurance Companies

    As mentioned earlier, dealing with insurance companies is not always the easiest thing to do. These companies use different tactics to avoid liability when you file a claim. And when they cannot completely avoid liability, they will try to minimize your settlement. For this reason, you need an attorney with experience dealing with such scenarios. The right attorney understands these tactics and how to counter them, ensuring you receive the compensation you need and deserve. 


    Check Their Track Record to Find Out What to Expect 

    A competent insurance attorney will likely be proud of their achievements and willing to share them with potential clients. However, if the attorney does not have a track record showing their most recent results, chances are they have not won any case so far. 


    Hiring just any attorney you come across, especially if they do not have a solid track record of winning, is a huge gamble you do not want to take. A simple mistake, often made out of inexperience, is all it takes to jeopardize the entire claim.


    Find Out Whether They Have the Resources to Fight for You

    Insurance companies make billions of dollars in profits. This tells you one thing; they will not struggle to hire the best defense attorneys to represent them if they have to. Keep in mind that these attorneys working for insurance companies are also experienced in insurance law. They aim to help insurance companies minimize the settlements paid to claimants like you. If the insurance company knows how important it is to hire an attorney, so should you.


    And while at it, you should only consider an attorney with powerful legal resources. The insurance provider will not run out of resources to fight back against your claim because they can afford it. For this reason, you need to create an even playing field by hiring an attorney with powerful resources to keep fighting for you.


    Reputation Is Not Everything — It Is the Only Thing

    An attorney's reputation tells you what to expect when you hire them to represent you. Think about it—would you hire an attorney or law firm if you knew they had a terrible reputation? No, you would not. 


    When looking for an attorney or law firm to fight for you, consider what other clients say about their services. 


    • Are their clients happy with the attorney? 
    • Are the attorneys knowledgeable? 
    • Is the attorney qualified? 


    These are some questions you should consider when looking for such an attorney.

  • Let Morgan and Morgan Insurance Attorneys in Ohio Fight for You

    Some insurance companies profit by bullying defenseless claimants into giving up their claims, including settling for less or nothing. But, there's always a tougher guy in the room who can stand up against such bullies. That is what Morgan and Morgan represent. We can fight for you or your loved one if an insurance provider denies you a legitimate claim. 


    It is time to fight back with the right legal team on your side. Specifically, it is time to get your free case evaluation from the country's largest personal injury law firm. 

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