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Sexual Assault Lawyers in St. Louis

Sexual Assault Lawyers in St. Louis

There may be two different types of cases associated with incidents of sexual assault in St. Louis. The first is a criminal case that may be pursued on behalf of the state or the regional authorities for the other person breaking sexual assault laws in St. Louis and in Missouri. 

While this may give you some sense of justice if the perpetrator is ultimately convicted, it is unlikely that you will be able to recover the full range of compensation you're owed to help treat your injuries, both physical and emotional. The other type of case is to file a personal injury lawsuit against the perpetrator or other guilty parties. Finding a St. Louis sexual assault lawyer might be the only way for you to get your compensation and pay for your medical bills. You should always seek a St. Louis sexual assault lawyer who has the appropriate experience and a strong track record of speaking out on behalf of victims. 

Living through what you did is a harrowing and unfortunate experience. It can be a regular reminder when you have to continue to attend medical treatments and pay medical bills associated with your sexual assault. Missouri personal injury law protects those people who have been harmed in accidents related to intentional harm, negligence, and reckless actions by allowing victims to pursue compensation. Finding sexual assault lawyers in St. Louis could be an important first step for you to recover the compensation you need to seek justice and to move on with your life. If you're struggling with the injuries associated with a sexual assault in St. Louis, know that you are not alone and that you do not deserve to suffer for a lifetime.

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Get answers to commonly asked questions about our legal services and learn how we may assist you with your case.

  • Why Do I Really Need a Sexual Assault Lawyer?

    Sexual assault lawyers in St. Louis can help with many different aspects of your personal injury claim, including:

    • Evaluating all of the facts, evidence, and circumstances associated with your assault.
    • Determining whose actions ultimately played a role in allowing this assault to happen.
    • Locating critical details, such as video footage, police reports, medical records and evidence for your claim.
    • Hiring specialists and experts to assess the fair value of a personal injury claim.
    • Communicating with any insurance carriers or defense lawyers to maximize your financial compensation.

    Pursuing this case on your own may be too much for you to think about, but St. Louis sexual assault lawyers can help to hold these negligent or reckless parties responsible to the fullest extent allowed. 

    You've already been through enough as a victim of sexual assault and you don't need to worry about getting all the legal details in your case just right. As an accident victim, you already have plenty to work through and it can also be very hard to think about this situation over and over. If you're being contacted by detectives and other people about the case, you need to be able to do what's required for your own healing rather than having to talk about this situation all the time.

    Let the lawyers at Morgan and Morgan handle filing your legal claim in civil court. The injuries from sexual assault can be painful and keep you from going to work or functioning as you did prior to the attack, but they are also an ongoing reminder of what you had to live through. Victims should not have to worry about how they'll pay their medical bills and get the treatment they need to make recovery possible. That's where Morgan and Morgan lawyers come in to help with these difficult aspects of sexual assault civil claims in St. Louis.  

  • How to Recognize the Commonality of Sexual Assault?

    No one intends or expects to become a victim of sexual assault, but statistics show that it is very likely to happen. One in six females across the United States has been a victim of attempted rape or rape during her lifetime, and an American has suffered a sexual assault every 68 seconds. Unfortunately, the criminal justice system falls short as far as making sure these people are put behind bars—out of every 1,000 perpetrators, only 25 or so will end up serving time in prison. 2019 data for St. Louis shows that our metropolitan area is no exception. There were 265 rapes for every 100,000 residents during that year, and there are thousands of registered sex offenders living in the St. Louis area. One of the most challenging aspects of these cases is that many cases of sexual assault and rapes go unreported, meaning that these numbers are likely very low.

    When sexual assault happens, it is often difficult for a victim to continue talking about it. They may want to help support the police in pursuing criminal charges against the perpetrator, but there are so many different emotions and physical injuries often surrounding sexual assault that this can be extremely challenging. In some cases, a victim may simply want to close this chapter of their life and move forward because of the trauma they have experienced. Being able to pay for their medical bills is just one more stressor and frustrating situation associated with a situation they never wanted to be in. This is the perspective that we approach sexual assault cases in St Louis with, working as hard as possible to make sure that the victim gets justice.

  • What are Considered Damages in a St. Louis Sexual Assault Case?

    Meeting with St. Louis sexual assault lawyers as soon as possible after the incident has happened may initially feel overwhelming, but our sexual assault lawyers in St. Louis will sit down with you to explain your legal rights and how to recover compensation. You may be entitled to many different types of damages that are all factored into your compensation award. The other side may present a settlement offer to you that factors in some or all of this compensation, and you need to have a lawyer on your side who will not allow you to accept a settlement amount that is far lower than what the severity of your injuries and accident's impact on your life has had. Many factors will influence your compensation award, including:

    • The nature and severity of your physical injuries.
    • Whether or not you have sustained emotional trauma.
    • Whether or not you have any permanent physical disabilities.
    • The cost of your psychological counseling, lost wages for missed time at work, and medical treatment.
    • The nature of the defendant's actions.

    At Morgan & Morgan, our experienced sexual assault lawyers in St. Louis recognize that specialists and experts often must be brought into these cases to help tell the story of how the incident happened and to help you recover maximum compensation. Know that it is not your fault when you find yourself in this situation as there are many complex aspects associated with damage recovery in personal injury cases. Knowing that you are not alone and that you have a dedicated and qualified attorney to support you and each aspect of your claim can help to reduce your overall stress and help you feel more comfortable in your decision to move forward with the pursuit of compensation. 

    When you're not sure about your rights, are concerned about being overstepped or ignored by other people involved in the case, or are simply traumatized by the entire experience you lived through, the support of experienced and qualified sexual assault lawyers in St. Louis can play a significant role in helping you to recover the compensation that you deserve. Contact Morgan & Morgan today for a free case evaluation to learn more about how we can assist you.

    We approach each case with care, compassion, and confidentiality. We realize that you may not want to relive this horrific event on a regular basis, so we work to ensure that our communication with you is focused on important updates in the case. We believe that you should not have to suffer any further after living through a sexual assault, and we leverage our resources and legal experience to make sure that your rights are protected from the beginning of your case all the way until it is closed. You can count on us to help guide you through the legal process and support you each step of the way. 

    We care a lot about each one of our clients and work to understand their perspective and concerns at the outset of a case. We recognize that each person reacts to a sexual assault in a different way and we meet you where you're at so that we can handle fighting for justice for you. 

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