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Getting injured at work is stressful enough without having to deal with employers and insurance companies denying your claims. And when they do challenge your claim, you need an attorney by your side to get you what you need.

Louisiana’s workers’ compensation laws have their own specifics — for example, our state has a strict statute of limitation about filing a workers’ compensation lawsuit within one year from the date of injury. Fortunately, the Morgan & Morgan attorney are well-versed in the ins and outs of the law. To find out how we can help with your claim, please fill out a free case review form today.

Filing a Claim

The vast majority of Louisiana workers have workers’ compensation benefits available to them. According to the Louisiana Department of Labor, an employer must report the injury to their insurance within 10 days of becoming aware of it. You then have the right to a doctor in the specialty field for your injury.

Was Your Claim Denied?

During this process, you have the right to an attorney. Insurance companies use many different reasons to deny workers’ comp claims. Some examples include:

  • Claiming a victim’s fall was caused by their own negligence.
  • Unjustly giving the employee a negative performance review.
  • Falsely claiming that an employee’s injury has already healed.
  • Firing an injured employee who has been cleared for work by a doctor.

You are able to file an appeal to attempt to receive medical benefits or weekly/monthly indemnity benefits, but in order to build an effective, accurate, and convincing case, you’ll need an experienced attorney to help craft it. Morgan & Morgan can help.

Dealing with a complicated workers’ compensation claim? Morgan & Morgan wants to hear from you. Fill out our free case review form to learn more about your options.

Disclaimer: Cases may be referred to and handled by another law firm as referral counsel.

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