Mar 25, 2024

Two Dead in New Orleans Hard Rock Cafe Construction Collapse

Building Collapse

At least two workers died in a partial collapse of a New Orleans Hard Rock Hotel under construction at the intersection of Canal and North Rampart streets, reported. The Oct. 12 accident also injured nearly three dozen other employees. Rescue crews as of Oct. 13 had removed the body of one of the deceased and were working to extricate a second as well as locate one missing person. Responders could ascend only seven flights of the 18-story structure safely. They were working to secure a crane that was damaged in the accident, and it was feared the building might collapse further. All of the wounded workers were reported to be in stable condition. There were no reports of pedestrians or motorists injured in the incident.

New Orleans Fire Department Superintendent Tim McConnell told reporters that there was a strong possibility of further collapse. He described the damage to the building as that of an earthquake. Emergency crews closed off several city blocks surrounding the highly trafficked area. The under-construction hotel was slated to have 350 rooms right outside the city’s bustling French Quarter. Investigators were still unsure what caused the collapse.

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