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Flood Damage Insurance Claims

Fighting for You After a Flood

Floods are an age-old problem.  And, “100-year” floods are happening more and more.  

If your home or business has been damaged by flood waters, our dedicated intake team and flood attorneys can help.  

Over the last 30 years, we have helped tens of thousands of policyholders in insurance claims, recovering 100’s of millions of dollars for policyholders.  

Retaining us is easy.  And, we are only paid if we make a recovery for you. If you have flood damage, don't wait. Get a free case evaluation today 

Our intake professionals and flood attorneys have helped thousands of policyholders with the questions they have after a flood.  In so many ways, our intake professionals and attorneys are just like you.  They have homes, families, jobs and bills, and many have suffered through the same disasters you are now living through.  But, they not only have the empathy needed to walk alongside you through the disaster, they also have the dedication, devotion and experience to help you reach the other side.    

Whether your home or business has only a few inches of water or many feet of water, flood insurance is there to help…if you know how to navigate the flood of paper work and questions that are inevitably thrown at you.  The National Flood Insurance Program can be complicated and flood claims are subject to very stringent time requirements.  Missing these specific deadlines can result in your flood claim being denied.  Don’t be victimized twice.  

Before a Flood

It is always helpful when our clients have taken cell phone photographs and videos of their home before a flood.  The before-and-after images provide us with a stark contrast which are very compelling evidence we can use when presenting your claim.  

Also, take cell photographs of the make, model and serial numbers of all your appliances and electronics.  

Take cell photographs of the Declarations Sheet of your insurance policies, and the insurance carrier’s phone number on your polices.  After a flood, you may not be able to find those documents, or they may be damaged.  Having cell phone photographs will help if you ever need to file a claim later.  

After a Flood

Report your claim immediately to your insurance agent or insurance carrier.  If you need help determining who your flood insurance carrier is, you can call FEMA assistance at 877-336-2627, or you can call us to help with getting your claim started.  

If there has been an official Presidential Disaster Declaration, you should also apply for FEMA disaster assistance in addition to filing the flood insurance claim.  

Document Your Damage, Receipts, Invoices and Letters

Make sure to photograph your damage.  The more photographs and videos you have of your flood damage the better we are able to present your claim.  

Take photographs of the make and model of all your damaged appliances and electronics.  

Don’t worry about taking too many photos or videos.  The more the better.

But, don’t stop there.  You should also photograph all your receipts, invoices and all letters you send or receive.  This allows you to be able to have those receipts, invoices and letters handy at all times, and also allows you to email or text them to us to keep your file updated in real-time.  You should also keep all your receipts, invoices and letters.  

Time is of the essence with flood damage claims. If you have damage, contact us today for your free case evaluation.


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