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Accidental Death and Dismemberment

Buying an accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) policy is often an act of love. The person paying for it usually won’t be the one benefiting from it but rather their family or other beneficiaries. It’s a hedge against the worst-case scenario, a way to make sure those left behind, or those dealing with a serious injury, will survive financially. AD&D policies are often purchased as an addition to standard life insurance. They are sold as an opportunity to greatly increase both the value of the life insurance and the financial security the family or beneficiary stands to receive. But the conditions for AD&D policies are a lot more restrictive than regular life insurance. They are meant to cover only accidental deaths and dismemberment injuries.  

The narrower terms of coverage are what makes AD&D insurance so affordable, but they also give the insurance companies more ways to deny claims — even ones that seem to be completely justified. These companies are not in the habit of missing opportunities to decline payments.  Over the years, we have seen that insurance companies will try to apply extremely narrow definitions of the terms “accidental death” and “dismemberment injury,” and thereby limit how often and how much they payout. But courts have often sided with policyholders when it comes to arguing over these definitions, and the insurance companies don’t want to go to trial. Instead, they’ll try to intimidate and frustrate you and try to get you to walk away.  If your AD&D claim is being denied or delayed, don’t give up. That’s what the insurance company is hoping you’ll do. Contact our experienced attorneys at Morgan & Morgan Insurance Recovery Group for a free, no-obligation consultation where you’ll find out what your options are. 

AD&D Lawsuit Guide

Your Case Starts With ‘No’

Morgan & Morgan’s insurance recovery group attorneys have fought every tactic and technicality insurance companies employ to get out of paying claims. Our lawyers know all the dirty tricks and how to fight them. They’ll know if the insurance company is dealing with you straight or if they’re needlessly delaying. And most importantly, they can help you get the AD&D payout you’re owed.  The insurance company will be searching for a way to declare the death or injury as not covered under the terms of the policy. It may claim that the death was caused by a medical condition, or that the beneficiaries missed a filing deadline, or that a payment was missed. It will pore over the accident details and the entire paper trail of its relationship with the policyholder, just looking for an opening. And it will be looking to discourage you, to convince you that your case is hopeless, that you should just go away. It might ask for unnecessary paperwork, or avoid meetings or phone calls. It might shuffle you endlessly between different departments. All the while, it will be hoping you don’t call a lawyer — and especially not Morgan & Morgan. 

Don’t Give Up

If you’ve had an AD&D claim denied or delayed, it’s important that you call us right away. Very often, these policies have filing deadlines and paperwork requirements that can cause serious headaches or even a final claim denial if they’re missed. Getting us on board as soon as possible means less stress for you throughout the process and a much better chance of a successful outcome in your case. You don’t have to go it alone against a powerful insurance company to get the policy payout you are owed. And it will cost you nothing upfront, nothing throughout the process, and nothing at the end unless we win for you. In some states, the insurance company is obligated to pay our fees if we win, which means you may never have to pay at all. When we take on your case, we are committing ourselves and all the resources we have to fight for justice on your behalf and for your family. Contact us today to set up your free, no-obligation consultation and start fighting back. 

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