Insurance Disputes

Why was my insurance claim denied?

Insurance companies are businesses that aim to make money, and they may use tricky or manipulative language in their policies to avoid payouts in any way possible.

Companies may make the following assertions to deny your claim:

  • Your loss isn’t included in the policy.
  • The damages don’t total the amount you’re claiming, or they don’t meet the deductible.
  • The insurance company’s “independent adjuster” determines that your losses aren't covered.
  • In medical cases, you used an out-of-network provider.
  • You waited too long to file a claim.

Occasionally, simple clerical errors result in denied claims. But if your insurance company continues to deny payment, you may be entitled to file a dispute. In this case, move quickly — insurance companies often place time limits on denied claims. Carefully document your case, and get in touch with a Morgan & Morgan attorney today for your free consultation.