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Children are entitled to feel happy, healthy, and safe at school. Increasingly, however, the student experience is marked by significant suffering — both physical and mental. Students often fear violence, bullying, and much more. Unfortunately, those with the power to address these issues neglect to do so, leaving many students to suffer alone. As a parent, you may feel helpless in the face of such neglect. But with a school district lawyer on your side, you can send a powerful message while also recovering the damages and justice you deserve.

Examples of School District Cases

Many school district cases involve negligence on the part of school board officials or school administrators. Regularly, these and other parties fail to properly supervise students and the school district employees tasked with serving them. In a toxic school environment, students may fall victim to many forms of suffering. Legal action is appropriate under the following circumstances:

  • Failure to properly address ongoing bullying issues linked to depression and suicide
  • Failure of school officials to properly supervise teachers or other employees charged with sexual assault
  • Lack of security protocol to protect students from violence or other sources of physical harm

These and other school-based incidents may prompt physical suffering. More often, however, they lead to considerable emotional duress. Not only do impacted students regularly develop depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues but parents may suffer considerably as they witness their children’s distress firsthand.

Choosing the Right Lawyer to Sue School Districts

Today’s school districts are aware of the risk of legal action. In fact, many possess formidable representation. However, don’t let this discourage you from pursuing legal action. With the right lawyer in your corner, you can hold school districts accountable for their failure to protect your children and their peers.

Ideally, your lawyer should have considerable experience fighting problematic school districts and other public entities. While elements of these cases may resemble private-sector personal injury, the many differences between these types of legal matters are worth considering. The more familiar your attorney is with this side of the system, the better.

Why Morgan & Morgan?

Since school districts tend to have daunting legal representation on their side, when it comes to holding these districts accountable, size matters. All law firms are not the same. Morgan & Morgan has more than 500 attorneys nationwide fighting for the rights of victims. With over $5 billion recovered on behalf of over 100,000 clients, we have the proven track record it takes to provide you the representation you deserve. We have successfully taken legal action against school boards and districts in cases involving bullying, sexual assault, and more.

Our attorneys understand what you’re going through and want to be by your side through these trying times. Every client is treated like family, and their cases are handled personally.

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