What Makes A Case: Workers' Comp


Workers’ Compensation cases can be tricky. After you’re hurt on the job, it can be difficult to know whether your case qualifies for Workers’ Compensation or not. It can be even more difficult to successfully apply for it; most claims get denied. We’re here to help. Here is everything you need to know about what makes a successful Workers’ Compensation case, including the next steps you should take to get the compensation you deserve.

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0:00 workers compensation is Insurance 0:02 designed to cover expenses incurred by 0:04 work-related injuries like medical costs 0:06 time away or loss of future income 0:09 there's two categories of Damages 0:11 covered by workers comp the first 0:13 injuries sustained from the work itself 0:15 such as pulled muscles damaged backs or 0:17 repetitive motion injuries like carpal 0:19 tunnel the second is workplace accidents 0:21 like slipping on wet floors or falling 0:23 from ladders projectiles falling or 0:25 dropped items exposure to hazardous 0:27 materials or motor vehicle accidents 0:29 while on the job 0:31 so how easy is getting coverage well 0:33 insurance companies typically want to 0:35 offer the least coverage possible they 0:37 even use their own specially chosen 0:39 doctors to determine coverage and that 0:41 could lead to some pretty fishy stuff a 0:43 workers compensation attorney can review 0:45 the doctor's assessment and fight for 0:47 the most ample coverage claim denied 0:49 they can keep fighting for compensation 0:51 and to secure employment once fully 0:53 recovered so call a good attorney who 0:55 will always have your back can we get an 0:58 ice pack on aisle 5.