Veterans Legal Group

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I'm Stacy Clark, head of the Veterans Legal Group at Morgan & Morgan. At Morgan & Morgan, our VA accredited attorneys represent veterans nationwide. Our veterans practice focuses on disability compensation and survivor benefits. These brave men and women are our brothers, sisters, parents, children, and neighbors. They have sacrificed more than most for our country. And some have even paid the ultimate price. Here at Morgan & Morgan, we honor our veterans, both past and present, who gave so much to our country. We assist veterans who are disabled, possibly unable to work, and have either been denied compensation by the VA or are being under-compensated by the VA. We also offer assistance to a surviving spouse, or other family members of a deceased veteran, when the veteran's death was related to his or her military service. Over the years we've assisted thousands of veterans and recovered tens of millions of dollars in past-due disability compensation for veterans and their families. As attorneys, sometimes we receive cases that are outside of our practice areas. So if you don't handle VA disability cases, instead of rejecting that case, think about partnering with Morgan & Morgan. We apply the same unwavering dedication to all veterans cases, whether referred or our own. Our team of expert attorneys will use our talent, tenacity, and resources to get the best possible results for all veterans and their family members. We've had the privilege of obtaining VA victories that include increasing a veteran's monthly disability benefit from $0 a month to over $7000 a month; recovering more than $500,000 in past-due benefits owed to an individual veteran; and proving entitlement to over 25 years-worth of survivor benefits for a veteran's widow. I've been practicing disability law for 17 years and I believe our nation's veterans deserve the highest level of representation for the sacrifices they made while serving our country. Morgan & Morgan wants those who serve and have served to know that when they need our help, we have their back. And we'll fight for them as they have fought for us. By partnering with Morgan & Morgan, not only will you be working with a winning team, but your client will too. We look forward to working with you and to continue our goal of supporting, honoring, and fighting for our veterans.