Potential Link Between Talcum Powder and Ovarian Cancer | Attorney Mike Morgan


Morgan & Morgan is reviewing claims on behalf of women who developed ovarian cancer or mesothelioma after using talc powder or other talc products.

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0:00 the most common names for it are Johnson 0:01 and Johnson's baby powder you may have 0:03 heard of shower to shower or baby magic 0:06 baby powder you know we use them on our 0:08 children adult women use them a lot for 0:10 personal hygiene and one of the reasons 0:12 is it's not just by coincidence it's not 0:14 they just started you know using it at 0:17 one point but there was a concerted 0:19 effort by these manufacturers to go out 0:21 and to attract women to their product 0:24 but what's bad here what makes this such 0:27 a kind of egregious Act isn't going back 0:30 at least 40 years the manufacturers of 0:32 these baby powders started to understand 0:35 and know that there was a huge risk of 0:37 ovarian cancer associated with this baby 0:41 powder and with the talc in itself in 0:43 fact they increased risk is thought to 0:45 be as much as 40 percent higher for 0:48 women to contract ovarian cancer if they 0:50 use baby powder on a regular basis than 0:53 women that don't 40% that is an 0:55 astronomically high number we're talking 0:58 about epidemiology and studying the 1:01 increased rate of potential cancers so 1:03 what do they do when they start 1:04 realizing this and they start having 1:06 into Condon sales they start a huge 1:09 marketing campaign towards latina in 1:11 African American women and they decide 1:14 that this would be a population that 1:16 they could take advantage of and their 1:18 marketing efforts proved to be fruitful 1:20 and their sales went back up and guess 1:21 what happened women started contracting 1:23 ovarian cancer at a very high rate in 1:25 comparison with women that weren't using 1:27 these products if you put a warning on 1:29 this thing that says hey go ahead and 1:32 use this but you have a 40% higher risk 1:34 of getting ovarian cancer I think you're 1:37 gonna see a big decline in sales and 1:39 they know that and for that reason they 1:41 have fought it tooth and nail and they 1:43 are still trying these cases despite 1:45 don't landmark verdicts that continue to 1:47 come out on this all soon