Justice for Paige: Their Morgan & Morgan Story


When Paige became suspicious of her former employer's policy for clocking in and out, she turned to us for help.

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So the company that I was working for prior to was committing time fraudulence for their workers. They were making us come into work and they were basically playing it off by saying if we came in and we clocked in before we started working, that we were going to be committing time fraudulence when they were making us work without clocking in first. Morgan & Morgan has been around in Orlando for a while, so I've always seen it growing up here. John Morgan and his commercials just seemed very direct and it seems like he was really ready to help. So right from the beginning with Morgan & Morgan, they were very diligent and they were getting my information from every direction possible and they were notifying me when everything was going on and they were very, very friendly and made me feel like I was a part of a family and that they were trying to resolve my issue because it mattered to them.  I was extremely excited when I heard that my verdict was going to be settled and that everyone who worked along with me was going to get their money back and that the company was going to get what they deserved. It felt great. It felt really nice, actually. I would 100% recommend Morgan & Morgan to a friend. I would honestly recommend coming to Morgan & Morgan just because of how fast they can get everything done and how reliable they are and how great their services are and how friendly and kind everyone is and cares about you and your case.