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Morgan & Morgan,

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A couple of years ago, I was driving a golf cart right next door to visit my aunt who lives close by and unfortunately, I was struck by an SUV. Pretty much T-boned. I had my little five-pound Yorkie on the golf cart with me and he was sent flying. Fortunately, God bless, he's not injured. The golf cart actually spun around four times and came to a stop. Defendant in one accident case readily admitted fault said, "Yes, I didn't see her. Yes, I hit her." So as a result of that, her insurance company assigned a medical insurance adjuster to my case. I met with this medical insurance adjuster and I was completely insulted. The insurance adjuster said, and I quote, "Well, we can probably give you $500 but if you in fact suffered documentable disc damage, then we may go as high as $2,000." And I'm a reasonable person. And I met with this medical insurance adjuster in the first place, not even really seeking damages, just thinking that I wanted to have my medical issues covered. As a result of the accident, I have had injections and I have had medical procedures and $2,000 would not even cover a once deltoid injection and I just explained to that adjuster. I was like, "Well, with all due respect, I expect for my medical needs to be taken care of." After discussing with friends, Morgan & Morgan [inaudible 00:01:29] recommended and the very next day, the very next day, there was an investigator at my house collecting the information. All litigation takes time, but I have to say that Morgan & Morgan must journey on the spot. It was life changing for me as a veteran. I am retired, I am disabled, so I live on a limited income, but that wasn't a concern because Morgan & Morgan really advocated for me. With the restitution that I received, I'm getting continuing medical care that I need to live with the damage that was done. I have been able to reclaim my health, so just having Morgan & Morgan as my advocate really set me on the path to healing. I'm very pleased with the outcome in resolution of my case. If you need representation, I can't speak highly enough about the representation that Morgan & Morgan provided for me. I couldn't be more pleased with the results.