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Civil authorities across the country have ordered many businesses to close to the public, both large and small, and it’s having enormous consequences for millions of Americans. 

Most business insurance policies include coverage for lost earnings due to government shutdowns. This coverage is typically called “Business Interruption” and “Civil Authority” coverage.

If you have a business interruption insurance policy and your insurance company is denying, delaying, or underpaying your claim, call us. Even if you think they are right, contact us to take a Second Look at your case, for free.

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I'm attorney Mike Morgan, and I want to tell you about an exciting new tool we launched for business owners just like you. Using our easy-to-use business interruption claims tool, you can quickly determine if you're eligible to bring a claim from the comfort of your home. Over the years, many business owners filed business interruption claims only to be told no. But for over 30 years, our firm has turned no into yes for thousands of clients. Visit and click on business interruption claims, or call us today. There's only one Morgan & Morgan.