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The Week in Recalls: June 28, 2024

The Week in Recalls: June 24, 2024

The following product recalls have been announced this week—make sure you’re in the know.


Snapchill Canned Coffee

Snapchill LLC is recalling all canned coffee products out of concern the company’s current manufacturing process could lead to the growth and production of botulinum toxin, a deadly toxin.


Vitamix Ascent and Venturist Blenders

Vitamix is recalling its Ascent Series and Venturist Series eight-ounce and 20-ounce blending containers and blade bases, noting the containers can separate from the bases, exposing the blades and posing a laceration hazard to consumers. 


2014 Ford F-150

Ford is recalling more than 550,000 of the 2014 F-150 pickup trucks in the U.S. because the transmissions can unexpectedly downshift to first gear no matter how fast the trucks are going.


Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla is recalling its futuristic new Cybertruck pickup for the fourth time in the U.S. to fix problems with trim pieces that can come loose and front windshield wipers that can fail. The front windshield wiper motor controller can stop working because it’s getting too much electrical current. A wiper that fails can cut visibility, increasing the risk of a crash. 


Miniverse Make It Mini Sets

MGA Entertainment is recalling its Miniverse Make It Mini Sets with unused liquid resins due to a risk of skin, eye, and respiratory irritation and sensitization. The recalled Make It Mini sets contain resins that, when liquid, can cause skin, eye, and respiratory irritation or sensitization when inhaled, touched, or ingested by children or adults.


Totally Cool Ice Cream

Totally Cool Inc. has recalled 68 ice cream products across 13 brands because they have the potential to be contaminated with listeria. The recall includes Friendly’s and Hershey’s frozen products.


2020 – 2025 Porsche Taycan

Porsche is recalling certain 2020 to 2025 Taycan sports cars over a faulty front brake hose. The front hoses on these vehicles can crack over time and leak brake fluid.

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