Mar 8, 2024

Is TurboTax Free? What You Should know.

Man filling US tax form. tax form us business income office hand fill concept

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently challenged Intuit’s “free” filing claims for TurboTax as deceptive.

Who isn’t attracted to something advertised as “free?“ Particularly when it’s something of value that consumers need annually to meet their respective obligations to file tax returns. Intuit – the company that advertises and markets TurboTax – promotes “free” filing, but according to a complaint filed by the FTC, Intuit has engaged in deceptive practices surrounding so-called “free” filing services. Despite TurboTax ads hammering home that “free” message, the lawsuit alleges that most tax filers can’t use the company’s “free” service, which is available only for a subset of taxpayers with what Intuit calls “simple” returns. 

As a consumer, have you been duped into a “free“ offer for a product or service and then later presented with a charge or bill? If so, the lawyers at Morgan & Morgan are available to talk to you and discuss whether redress is available. 

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