Top 10 Things Not to Do with Fireworks

Top 10 Things Not to Do with Fireworks

The Fourth of July is right around the corner, and that means it’s almost time for fireworks!

We hope you have a blast, but we also want to make sure you stay safe this summer. So, if you plan to set the sky alight, here are 10 things you really shouldn’t do.


1. Shoot your friends with fireworks. Always remember, fireworks are dangerous (Tragically, 12 lives were lost in fireworks-related incidents in 2019 alone). So, don’t do anything like what these guys did.

2. Start with the grand finale. Even professionals mess up like the time pyrotechnicians at San Diego’s Big Bay Boom accidentally set off their entire supply at once. The show lasted an explosive 15 seconds.

3. Launch fireworks off your head. It’ll end just how you’d expect… not well.

4. Hold a lit firework. As a general rule, holding things that are on fire is not a good idea. That’s especially the case with fireworks, where mistakes like these are so common.

5. Attempt to re-light a malfunctioning firework. Super Bowl Champion Jason Pierre-Paul of the Tampa Bay Bucs, then a New York Giant, infamously lost his finger attempting to re-light a malfunctioning firework. Fortunately, the NFL star has bounced back.

6. Pick fireworks up off the ground. Pick up litter, not fireworks! In DeLand, a man lost part of his hand trying to do the latter.

7. Light your house on fire. Front row tickets to a fireworks display sound nice… if you know what you’re doing. The reality was anything but for a Brooklyn man who set his home ablaze attempting a pyrotechnics display.

8. Discard fireworks before soaking them. Following a Fourth of July celebration, a DeKalb man forgot the basics: soak spent and unused fireworks in water for a few hours before discarding them. His mistake landed him in some hot water when he nearly burned down his house.

9. Mix booze and fireworks. It’s a bad cocktail. Take it from a man who was critically injured doing just that. Drinking lowers inhibition and can lead to tragic outcomes.

10. Let children handle fireworks. Just don’t. You can let them watch, though!

If you do wind up in a jam this Fourth of July, Morgan & Morgan is here to help, so contact us for a free, no-risk case evaluation.

We hope you have a wonderful Independence Day!

By Karol