Mar 27, 2024

Tallahassee to Implement Ban on Snow

Tallahassee to Implement Ban on Snow - Snowfall

Tallahassee seems to have issued a challenge to mother nature by approving a “Zero Snow” resolution, which calls for the “absolute ban” of snow in the capital region of Florida. The resolution, pioneered by a partnership between Leon County, Choose Tallahassee, and the city of Tallahassee, was presented in a meeting last month.

While the resolution seems like a joke, in reality, Tallahassee has only seen seven recorded instances of snow. The most recent snowfall was in 1989 – in which the city got a whopping 1 inch of snow. Officials created the ban to glamorize the city’s weather and living conditions and attract residents from other states. They hope that many will flock to the city to create businesses and buy homes.

More specifically, the city of Tallahassee hopes to attract a specific demographic to its town – seniors. According to one of Choose Tallahassee’s board members, Dave Bruns, baby boomers bring wealth and economic benefits to the city because they maintain an active income and don’t require an extravagant lifestyle. The board hopes the ban on snow will help seniors realize that they may avoid all the perils associated with snow – including slip-and-falls, shoveling, and winter illnesses and ailments – by simply moving to Tallahassee.

Choose Tallahassee is a community of local volunteers who are dedicated to publicizing and improving life in the city of Tallahassee. Apart from the snow ban, the community also plans to host a “Home Free” contest; a contest in which participants compete by talking about why they would want to retire in Tallahassee on video, with the main prize being a rent-free year of retirement in the city, worth over $41,000.

With the ban prohibiting even the slightest of flurries, Tallahassee may well become the next vacation hot spot for people all across the States looking to escape the cold and wet winters.