Mar 26, 2024

A Roadmap to a Multimillion Dollar Law Firm – John Morgan’s Must-Read Book, 'You Can't Teach Hungry'

A Roadmap to a Multimillion Dollar Law Firm – John Morgan’s Must-Read Book

Creating and growing a successful law firm amidst an ever-evolving landscape demands drive, innovation, and adaptability—a combination of values that not everyone has. In his new book "You Can't Teach Hungry," John Morgan, the founder of America’s largest personal injury law firm, Morgan & Morgan, shares priceless wisdom gleaned from his unique legacy and extraordinary journey to success.

Morgan's secrets and insights are not just for those in the legal field but for any ambitious entrepreneur looking to thrive in a competitive environment. His book serves as a guiding light, offering practical strategies and fundamental principles that are applicable across industries.

From proven tactics for marketing and client acquisition to cultivating a culture of excellence within your firm, "You Can't Teach Hungry" demonstrates the integrity—and the difficult decision-making—that it takes to accelerate your law practice.

A family tragedy motivated John Morgan to first become a plaintiff attorney. After his own brother was severely injured on the job, Morgan had to witness their lawyer’s follies and the other side’s unwillingness to make it right. From there, John Morgan dedicated his life to serve anyone in a similar situation—and to do his best to get it right.

In his new book, readers can learn how even the largest firm in the country with one of the biggest advertising budgets can still hold a gold standard to treat each client with personal, individualized care. Morgan also elaborates on the firm’s requirement for lawyer’s to at least try three cases a year to ensure lowball settlements aren’t routinely taken.

But one of the most valuable lessons in this book deals with the tough decisions any business has to make, and how those make-or-break moments can set you apart from the herd.

In a world where success is often equated with talent or luck, "You Can't Teach Hungry" reminds us that true success stems from an innate and insatiable hunger for greatness. Whether you're a seasoned attorney or a budding entrepreneur, this book will empower you to unleash your firm's full potential.

Purchase your copy of "You Can't Teach Hungry" today and embark on a journey towards unparalleled success.


Meet John Morgan

John Morgan is a prominent attorney and co-founder of Morgan & Morgan, which has recovered over $20 billion for clients nationwide. With a career spanning decades, John is renowned for his tenacity and commitment to clients and numerous landmark verdicts and settlements, earning widespread recognition as a leading figure in the legal field. Beyond his legal practice, John is known for his philanthropy and outspoken advocacy on various social and political issues. His dedication to fighting for the rights of everyday Americans has revolutionized the legal landscape and society as a whole.