May 24, 2024

Putting Passion Into Practice – Attorney Ashley Winstead

Putting Passion Into Practice – Attorney Ashley Winstead

Attorney Ashley Winstead's father suffered a severe accident that changed the course of their lives.

The injury was so debilitating that he was never able to work again, creating significant hardships for their family. Witnessing the struggles her father endured and the effects on their family's well-being instilled in Ashley a resolute desire to assist others facing similar challenges.

"I definitely wouldn't be helping all these people that I help if it wasn't for my dad," Ashley reflects. 

The memory of her father's struggles fuels her dedication to her clients, many of whom face dire circumstances.

"If a person calls me and says, 'Hey, Ashley, I haven't worked in three months and I can't afford to have Thanksgiving dinner; I can't buy Christmas gifts for my kid,' it really makes me want to work harder for them," she explains.

For Ashley, the most rewarding part of her job is seeing the tangible impact her efforts have on her clients' lives. Securing a settlement or a favorable verdict not only provides financial relief but often transforms lives in meaningful ways. 

"When you get them a settlement or you get them a verdict, and you're seeing how you're actually changing their lives," she says, "that's the most gratifying part of what I do."

Her dedication extends beyond her professional achievements; it influences her personal life as well. Ashley's daughter, who often hears her mother speaking with clients, has begun to show interest in the work her mother does. 

"Mommy got called an angel today because I helped somebody get a house," Ashley shares. 

The older her daughter gets, the more she understands the significance of her mother's work, and Ashley would be thrilled to see her daughter follow in her footsteps, continuing a family legacy of helping others. And it’s family that’s at the heart of everything Ashley does.

"What drives me every day is my family," she says. 

As a proud member of Morgan & Morgan, the largest personal injury law firm in the country, Ashley embodies the firm's core mission: helping people. 

"Helping people, it's what we do, it's who we are.”