Apr 5, 2024

Protecting Her Family - Carmen

Protecting Her Family - Carmen

Carmen and her former partner were driving in Kissimmee on their way to pick up a friend’s child from daycare. Unfortunately for them, a young driver entered the roadway and did not see them. She t-boned their Chevrolet S10 on the passenger side. 

Carmen recalls that she was shocked, because the driver came out of nowhere: “She just, like, rammed into us and then looked at us like we were crazy.” Although Carmen was relieved she didn’t have her own kids with her, she was concerned when she realized how shaken up the young driver was, while the driver’s parents seemed more concerned about damage to the vehicle. So Carmen and her former partner rushed to make sure everyone was okay and phoned the police.

After the accident, Carmen and her former partner suffered from neck and back pain caused by the collision: she says, “a couple days after I was sore, achy and stuff.” They went to see chiropractors for their pain. Carmen’s partner encouraged her to contact a law firm, because she had been the one driving. She wasn’t sure how to find a reputable law firm, so her partner made some calls for her and they settled on Morgan & Morgan. 

It took around a year and a half for the case to be settled. Carmen appreciated the fact that she didn’t have to make a lot of phone calls. She says, “I’m a girl that loves text messages.” And although some emails and phone calls were exchanged, she was able to handle much of her communication via text.

Like with many people, money was tight—Carmen and her partner were “basically living in our car” until they got into the accident. “I was really nervous about getting a lawyer ‘cause you automatically think of money when you think of a lawyer. So I was very skeptical of the situation,” she says. However, her case was settled and she found the settlement process simple. About picking up her settlement check, she says, “we didn’t even stay there for, like, more than a half an hour, I feel like, probably even less.”

So when Carmen’s parents were in a car accident, she recommended that they call Morgan & Morgan. And when she was involved in a hit-and-run accident with her children in the car, she knew who to call. “It wasn’t too severe, it was just basically a baby tap. But I ended up getting their license and I called Morgan & Morgan too for them.”

Carmen says, “I feel like [Morgan & Morgan] did push to get as much as they could, but any, even if it was the lowest amount that they could have got, I would’ve still been grateful for it. Anything would’ve helped me and my boys.” It’s that positive attitude that shows just how worthy Carmen is of support.