Feb 21, 2024

Morgan & Morgan Scores Three Personal Injury Verdicts, in Three Cities, in a Single Day

personal injury verdict

Morgan & Morgan is proud to announce that our firm has achieved three significant verdicts, in different three cities, in a single day on Wednesday.

In true “for the people” fashion, our talented attorneys scored verdicts against big insurance companies found to be lowballing our clients.

With all three of these cases, our lawyers obtained justice by doubling — or almost even quadrupling — inadequate pre-trial offers into fair verdicts that truly compensate our clients for their injuries and medical bills.

Attorneys Turn $20K Pre-Trial Offer into $75K Verdict Against State Farm in Ocala

Attorneys Michael J. Smith and Brian McClain represented an Ocala woman who sustained back, neck, and left shoulder injuries after a car crash. The injuries eventually necessitated arthroscopic shoulder surgery and lumbar bone fusion. Despite the cost of her surgeries, State Farm only offered her $20,000.

Fortunately, Smith and McClain’s winning argument persuaded the jury to deliver a verdict nearly quadruple State Farm’s initial pre-trial offer, an amount that goes much further towards justly compensating the client for her medical bills.

“I’m very proud that a Marion County jury saw justice much differently than State Farm,” said Smith.

Allstate Hit with Over $60.5K Verdict in Tampa, Nearly 2X the Pre-Trial Offer

In this case filed in Tampa, attorneys Darrell W. Kropog and Steven A. Capriati represented a woman involved in a head-on collision where both vehicles were totaled.

In true “for the people” fashion, our talented attorneys scored verdicts against big insurance companies found to be lowballing our clients.

The client was rushed to the hospital after the car crash, where she went underwent an assortment of medical tests. Between these tests and the subsequent months of treatment required for her low back and knee injuries, the client racked up over $60,000 in medical bills.

However, Allstate refused to pay out on its policy limit of $50,000. In fact, Allstate’s highest pre-trial offer was $35,000, not even close to the amount the client needed to pay her extensive medical bills.

In light of this lowball offer, Kropog and Capriati went to trial to fight to get what their client rightfully deserved. In the end, the two attorneys were able to score an excess verdict of over $60,500 on a $50,000 policy — nearly double the insurance company’s original offer.

Memphis Attorneys Score Nearly Double Pre-Trial Offer with $21.2K Verdict Against Liberty Mutual

Attorneys Jennifer L. Mille and Russell B. Jordan also scored a winning verdict in their case against Liberty Mutual in Memphis. As a result of Miller and Jordan’s excellent work in the courtroom, the jury awarded the client $21,217.55, nearly double the initial pre-trial offer by Liberty Mutual.

Morgan & Morgan Also Files FIU Bridge Collapse Lawsuits and Facebook/Cambridge Analytica Class Action This Week

Beyond these three victories, attorney Matt Morgan filed the first two Florida International University pedestrian bridge collapse negligence lawsuits against the companies involved in the construction of the pedestrian bridge earlier this week. Morgan is representing two survivors of the FIU bridge collapse who were seriously injured when the 950-ton concrete bridge fell.

Additionally, Morgan & Morgan Complex Litigation Group attorney John Yanchunis filed the first consumer class action lawsuit against Facebook and Cambridge Analytica in light of the recent data scandal, in which 50 million Facebook users’ data was illegally mined.

It’s been a nonstop week for our law firm, but justice never sleeps.