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Morgan and Morgan Supports Florida Kids at Children’s Gasparilla 2023

Morgan and Morgan Supports Florida Kids at Children’s Gasparilla 2023

Morgan and Morgan is the largest personal injury law firm in the country. We have over 1,000 attorneys working at offices throughout the United States. Despite our growth and success over the past 35 years, we have never forgotten that we started as a single law office in Florida.

Despite our size, we still care about the communities where we live and work. Florida always has a special place in our hearts, because here is where it all started. This is why we consistently support and participate in local events. One of those recent events was Children’s Gasparilla 2023.

A Premier Tampa, FL, Event for Children

Any fan of football knows that the NFL team that plays in Tampa Bay is the Buccaneers. Residents of this city have a long tradition of enjoying pirate-themed events, like Children’s Gasparilla 2023, where people dress up and speak like pirates all day long.

The Children’s Gasparilla 2023, which took place on January 21st, celebrated the defeat of Jose Gaspar, a pirate who terrorized Florida over 200 years ago. Tampa Bay celebrates this victory in several unique ways, including by staging mock pirate attacks against the city.

Celebrating this history has gone from a single event to an entire season of fun and games. And the Children’s Gasparilla is the way that Tampa, FL, kick-starts that excitement.

In addition to dressing up as pirates, residents enjoy:

  • A children’s parade
  • Fireworks
  • A pirate ship
  • An air show
  • Food and games

It is a full day of events that goes late into the evening and leaves everyone happily tired.

Morgan and Morgan’s Participation

At Morgan and Morgan, we encouraged everyone at our Tampa Bay office to enjoy the Children’s Gasparilla and the interactions we had with the amazing community members who attended the parade.

Our team wanted to help people embrace the pirate theme of the event. To make that happen, we handed out hundreds of pirate hats and parrots to enthusiastic children left and right.

This was challenging because the parade stretched out for almost a mile. To accommodate this many people, we set up a large booth within the parade route. Spreading out allowed us to share these goodies with as many families as possible.

And it was all worth it because the kids loved the freebies. Our team members were handing out goodies almost as quickly as they could pull them out of the boxes. Tons of people told us that we were handing out the best swag at the event.

And we weren’t done giving away free stuff. We also had a handful of coolers that we gave away as part of a raffle. Hundreds of people signed up, and near the end of the day, we chose six lucky winners. Three of them were around for the announcement and walked away with their prize that day, while the rest received them in the mail.

Finally, we had one more giveaway. Throughout the day, we encouraged people to take pictures of the event and tag us on social media. Everyone who did that was entered into a contest to win $100.

Still Recovering From the Fun

Employees from Morgan and Morgan arrived at the Children’s Gasparilla 2023 early in the morning and didn’t leave until the event was over. It was a long day but worth it.

Everyone who participated had dozens of stories to tell about the people they met and the fun they had at the Gasparilla. We gave away hundreds of hats, shirts, and parrots, and we held two raffles. It was only a small part of a much bigger event, but it was our chance to give back to the community that is so important to our law firm.

In discussions around the water cooler, everyone who was involved this year is excited to return to the event next year, and we can’t blame them. Tampa, FL, has one of the most unusual and enjoyable ways of celebrating its history. And best of all, the event is designed with children in mind.

While we haven’t determined yet what we will do for next year’s event, we expect to have at least as strong a presence as we did at this past event. And there is plenty of enthusiasm in the office to make the event even bigger and better.

Where else other than Tampa Bay can you enjoy a pirate invasion that has been happening every year for over 100 years?