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Morgan & Morgan Employees' Efforts Help Save Orphaned Dogs

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Every dog deserves a good home, and one Tampa woman is working paw-ticularly hard to make that happen. Jamie McKnight started Pawlicious Poochie Pet Rescue in 2013 to find new homes for orphaned dogs. Her hard work and dedication has caused others in the Tampa community to take notice, including two Morgan & Morgan employees, who held a fundraiser for PPPR this past Monday.

PPPR was started by Ms. McKnight after she came across an Italian Greyhound named Luna. Luna was about to be euthanized because her owner could not afford the cost of her medical care, but Ms. McKnight took her in and nursed her back to health. Shortly after PPPR was born, and it has gone on to save hundreds of dogs.

Morgan & Morgan employees Melinda Kenna and Colleen Ford met Ms. McKnight and were immediately struck by her enthusiasm for saving dogs others no longer wanted. Her enthusiasm was so infectious that Melinda and Colleen wanted to learn how they could contribute to her cause.

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An interview with Ms. McKnight revealed that she spent anywhere from $1,000 to $6,000 per dog when she first started PPPR, including the costs of medical care like x-rays and surgeries. Now, McKnight relies on fundraising to cover the cost of medical care for dogs in need. To help with the costs of running PPPR, Melinda and Colleen organized a fundraiser.

They decided they would have a bake sale and sell the baked goods during lunch at the Morgan & Morgan office in which they worked. They hoped this fundraiser would raise around $200, but in the end, the amount they collected far exceeded their expectations.

Melinda and Colleen — with the help of Beth Hawkins, Caron Cook, Connie Wills, Doreece Harp, and Tara Austin — baked cakes, cookies, and brownies, which were sold during lunch hour. When it was all said and done, Melinda and Colleen counted over $400, more than double what they initially set out to raise.

We are extremely proud of Melinda, Colleen, and all those who helped make the bake sale a success. At Morgan & Morgan, we want to be an active participant in the 33 cities that house our offices, and volunteer and charity work is a perfect example of that. Many of our managing partners hold leadership positions in charitable organizations, and we encourage all of our staff to practice compassion in their communities.