Jun 6, 2024

Honoring Our Veterans' Valiance: Linda's Morgan & Morgan Story

Honoring Our Veterans' Valiance: Linda's Morgan & Morgan Story

Linda's transition from military service to civilian life was met with unexpected challenges, particularly when it came to navigating the complexities of her VA disability benefits. After encountering dismissive treatment from her VA representative, Linda knew she needed a new approach to securing the support she deserved.

"After I got out of the Air Force, I needed help with my VA disability raise," Linda recounts, reflecting on the frustration and disappointment of her initial interactions with the VA system. "I went in there one day to ask [my VA representative] some questions I was needing some help on. And she said, 'Oh, Linda, I don't feel like dealing with your problems today.'"

Determined to find a solution, Linda made the decision to seek assistance from Morgan & Morgan. With their reputation for success and dedication to veterans' rights, she knew she was in capable hands.

"Got in touch with an attorney and he worked on my case," Linda explains. "I got my 70% rating with seven years back pay."

Morgan & Morgan's specialized veterans' advocacy section proved instrumental in Linda's success. With a comprehensive understanding of VA disability law and an unwavering commitment to serving those who have served our country, Morgan & Morgan was able to secure a favorable outcome for Linda and countless other veterans like her.

"Morgan & Morgan was able to help because they have a whole section devoted to veterans." 

Empowered by her positive experience, Linda has become a passionate advocate for Morgan & Morgan's services among her fellow veterans. "I tell everybody that Morgan & Morgan has helped me as a veteran," Linda shares proudly. "And I've told many veterans to call Morgan & Morgan."