Georgia Car Crash Possibly Caused by Texting

According to WBSTV Atlanta, texting may have been the cause of a deadly car crash in Cowetta County, Georgia on Friday night. The crash occurred when 16-year-old Taylor McKee ran a red light and crashed her car with two other teens into the driver’s side door of a car driven by 29-year-old Linda Leflore. Both McKee and Leflore died in the crash, and the two other teens in McKee’s car were injured.

Taylor McKee’s sister Hannah, who was in the car at the time, said that she believes her sister may have been texting at the time of the accident and said: “You make bad decisions. This was one. Just want to tell everybody not to be texting and driving. Wear your seat belts.” She also stated that “It’s not worth sending a measly old text message for me not to ever be able to see my sister again.” No passengers involved in the accident were wearing seatbelts. 

In Georgia, all passengers under eighteen must wear seatbelts. In addition, all drivers under eighteen years old are not permitted to use their cell phones behind the wheel of a car, and no drivers are allowed to text message while driving. These laws were passed as part of a nationwide push for legislation to improve automobile safety. In 2009, 867 fatal crashes were reported to have involved cell phones as a means for driver distraction.

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