Apr 17, 2024

Finding Relief and Success – Joanne

Joanne, Morgan and Morgan client, Smiling with her partner sitting closely on a navy blue sofa in a home setting

Few legal battles are as emotionally and physically taxing as disability benefits. For Joanne, the journey towards getting the support she needed was riddled with frustration and disbelief—until she found an ally in Morgan & Morgan.

Joanne recalls the harrowing two-year ordeal of trying to navigate the complexities of disability claims alone. Enduring excruciating pain that made conventional work impossible, she found herself hitting walls at every turn. "I couldn't work, actually working a job anymore, because I was in so much pain," Joanne shares.

However, she discovered a beacon of hope in her darkest hour when she contacted Morgan & Morgan. 

"My attorney at Morgan & Morgan was a really nice man. Finally, somebody believed me. Somebody listened and they realized that, yes, I was telling the truth, and yes, I did need this," she explains.

Navigating the disability claims process can feel like moving through a labyrinth, but Joanne's attorney served as her steadfast guide, leading her through every twist and turn with expertise and compassion. "He walked me through everything," Joanne affirms.

With the dedication of Morgan & Morgan by her side, Joanne's perseverance paid off. "I finally got my settlement," she tells.

For those embarking on their own journey towards disability benefits, Joanne offers a heartfelt piece of advice: "If you're fighting for disability, go ahead and see Morgan & Morgan and let them help you."