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When you refer a qui tam case to Morgan & Morgan, you’ll communicate directly with our attorneys to discuss the case, confirm there is no conflict, and review all pertinent information. We accept cases at any stage of litigation, even if we have to come in right before trial. We also respect your relationship with your clients; you will be given regular status reports, and our involvement ends when the case does. The referral fee comes as a percentage of the attorney’s portion of the recovery.

Along with our experienced attorneys and legal staff, our firm is tirelessly dedicated to getting only the best for our clients and can provide a serious advantage to your whistleblower case. For instance, Clark Bolton, a leading Qui Tam attorney here at Morgan & Morgan, even served as a former whistleblower himself. He now expertly equips his experience and skills on both ends as an experienced fraud examiner, investigator, and attorney.

Qui tam cases are some of the most sensitive, and not just any firm has the resources and capabilities to take on a case of this caliber. This has caused many firms to have to pass on whistleblower cases, but through our referral system, the client can get the help they need and your organization can profit from the settlement. Our attorneys work closely with FBI investigators, and one of them, Clark Bolton, was even a whistleblower himself before he joined our team. If your firm is faced with a qui tam case that’s outside your capabilities, think of America’s largest personal injury firm for your referrals. 

The Qui Tam Case Types We Handle

We have a team of 700 lawyers, over 3,000 supporting employees, and several former FBI agents who ensure that Morgan & Morgan is equipped to handle even the most complex whistleblower lawsuits. We deal with all cases involving:  

  • Healthcare Fraud
  • Pharmaceutical & FDA Fraud
  • Securities & Investments Fraud
  • Defense Contractor Fraud
  • Small Business Association Fraud
  • Tariff/Duty
  • Government Fraud
  • Medicare Fraud at Hospitals
  • IRS Tax Fraud
  • Nursing Home & Hospice Fraud

Why Refer to Our Firm

When working with us, you'll be able to refer cases anywhere throughout the country, as we accept attorney referrals in almost every jurisdiction. If you come to us with a referral, our firm understands and respects the relationship between you and your client. In order to better understand your case, a whistleblower attorney will discuss your client's case with you and confirm that there is no conflict. 

Once confirmed, we will gather as much pertinent information as possible about the case by reviewing records and meeting with you and your client to thoroughly analyze the case's merits. If our firm accepts your client's case, you will be kept fully informed and will receive status reports on the case’s progression once litigation begins. If your client decides to further engage with Morgan & Morgan for other litigations, we'll ensure you receive referral fees for those future cases. 

When working with us, you'll be able to refer cases from anywhere in the country. If you come to us with a referral, our firm understands and respects the relationship between you and your client, and we can guarantee the utmost confidentiality. Once we confirm there is no legal conflict, we’ll gather as much pertinent information as possible by reviewing records, meeting with you and your client to discuss the situation, and thoroughly analyzing the case’s merits.

If our firm accepts your client’s case, you’ll be fully involved in the legal process and receive status updates throughout the litigation, as well as referral fees if your client engages with us in the future. 

At Morgan & Morgan, we take pride in our work on maximizing both our client's recoveries and partner’s referral fees. To learn more, contact us today to discuss your client's case.


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