Attorney Car Accident Neck Settlements

Car Accident Neck Settlements

Time and again, auto accident injury victims ask one question in particular: How much is my case worth? There’s no simple formula or easy answer. Rather, many unique factors affect the value of a claim. Here’s a brief rundown of how settlements work:

Valuing a Claim

Neck injury claims are designed to compensate injury victims following a car accident. Valuing a claim means estimating what a jury might award the plaintiff and what that person might be willing to accept in a settlement (rather than go to trial). A handful of factors affect the value of a settlement:

  • Liability of the other driver: In a trial, will the defendant be found at fault? If the plaintiff lacks evidence that the defendant was responsible for the accident, the value of the claim decreases.
  • Severity of the injury: Neck injuries range from strains and sprains to whiplash, slipped discs, and fractures. The more severe and long-lasting the injury, the more compensation the victim will likely receive in a settlement.
  • Type of medical treatment: A neck injury that requires surgery will lead to a larger settlement than a sprain where a temporary brace is prescribed. In addition, injuries requiring clinical treatment as opposed to physical therapy will generally be considered more serious and valued higher.

Types of Damages

Broadly speaking, there are two types of damages in neck injury claims:

  • Economic damages: Financial losses directly caused by the injury, including medical bills, lost wages from time away from work, and reduced earning capacity.
  • Noneconomic damages: Nonmonetary losses attributed to the injury, including pain and suffering, and emotional distress.

Economic damages are easier to quantity and accurately predict, as noneconomic damages are more subjective.

Contact a Neck Injury Lawyer

Insurance companies do all they can to pay as little as possible to plaintiffs in personal injury claims. It’s important to speak to a personal injury attorney who understands how to value cases and negotiate the best settlement possible. If you suffered a neck injury in an auto accident, contact Morgan & Morgan. Find out how much your case could be worth by filling out a free case evaluation today.

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