Attorney Car Accident Arm Injuries

Car Accident Arm Injuries

Although seatbelts and airbags offer protection for vehicle occupants, they don’t guarantee everyone will walk away from an auto accident unscathed. Arm injuries are one of the most common ailments drivers and passengers must cope with. No matter the cause and severity of these wounds, they can lead to immense pain and lasting disability. The longer the discomfort persists, the greater the cost — from a financial and emotional standpoint. What are some typical arm ailments, and how can a lawyer help you?


Fractures are one of the most severe arm injuries endured in car accidents. There are many types of broken bones, including:

  • Distal Humerus: A small break in the lower end of the upper arm bone, which can cause serious pain and reduced mobility.
  • Distal Radius: A distal radius fracture is a broken wrist. Treatment typically involves a cast and physical therapy. In more severe cases, surgery may be required.
  • Ulna: The ulna is a long bone in the forearm that stretches from the elbow to the smallest finger. Fractures vary in location and severity but most often require immobilization in a cast. In more serious cases, they may require surgical treatment.
  • Olecranon: The olecranon is the bony tip of the elbow. Because there’s very little protection in this area, fractures are quite common. Mild fractures generally require a splint. More serious breaks require surgery to restore the bone and motion in the joint.

Dislocated Elbow

The elbow is dislocated when the joint surfaces are separated. Dislocations can be partial or complete and typically occur after a trauma such as an auto accident. These injuries are generally accompanied by severe pain, swelling, and an inability to bend the arm.

Torn Ligament

When a joint is stretched beyond its normal range, a torn ligament can result. Ligament tears can be either partial or complete and often require extensive surgery to repair.

Dislocated Joint

A joint dislocation occurs when there’s an abnormal separation.

Damaged Tendon

Tendons are bandlike tissues that connect bones and muscles. As a result of trauma, tendons can snap or rupture, leading to excruciating pain and disability if left untreated.

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