Why Should I Get a Lawyer for a Workers’ Compensation Issue?

Why Should I Get a Lawyer for a Workers’ Compensation Issue?

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Why Should I Get a Lawyer for a Workers’ Compensation Issue?

Workers' compensation exists to provide injured victims at work the opportunity to recover compensation for their illnesses or injuries. Unfortunately, many people are exposed to accidents at work, and this can subject them to additional expenses, frustration, and pain. workers' compensation insurance is a form of insurance that certain companies must purchase in order to provide protection for their workers. 

When an accident happens, it is the employee's responsibility to report that accident as soon as possible to the employer. Failing to do so could block that employee from getting important workers' compensation and benefits. But even if you report an accident in a timely manner, the process of receiving workers’ compensation benefits can still be tricky. You may be asked to attend a doctor's appointment with a different physician than your primary care doctor, and there are many other different potential pitfalls that can apply in a workers' compensation case.

These are just a few of the reasons why it makes sense to consider hiring a lawyer. Most people wonder, “Why get a lawyer for workers' compensation if the process is there to evaluate my injuries and approve my claim?” Unfortunately, there are many different problems that could impact the outcome of your case, and you do not want to find out after the fact that there were things you could have done to make the situation better. 

workers' compensation can be an overwhelming, as well as confusing, process of steps to follow, especially for someone who is attempting to recover from a workplace accident or illness. Minor mistakes made early on in the process can have significant implications for the outcome of your case, so it is strongly recommended that you hire a lawyer for workers' compensation as soon as possible.

What Can a Lawyer Really Do? 

A lawyer can play many different important roles in the handling of your case, including evaluating the strength of your claim and gathering all of the evidence to file it. A lawyer can also be especially important in your workers’ compensation claim if you have already been denied workers' compensation coverage. 
It is possible to be denied the first or even the second time for workers' compensation benefits and still have a valid claim to pursue. Many people give up at this point in the process, however, assuming that they've done everything in their power to submit this evidence and only to later discover that they could have continued the process. Many are frustrated and simply want to move on with their lives. But a simple misunderstanding, missing the correct evidence, or not having additional medical evaluations can all have significant repercussions for your workers' compensation claim.

Unfortunately, there are some circumstances when workers' compensation insurance wrongfully denies or delays your claim. This is the last thing a person who is attempting to recover from an illness or injury needs to deal with and is yet another reason why you should get a workers' compensation lawyer. 

A workers' compensation lawyer can help you with each aspect of your case, handling the minor details and making sure that all materials are submitted properly to the courts. Furthermore, your lawyer also shows the strength of your claim, because attorneys will often do thorough research before accepting a workers' compensation claim. 

They will have a strong background in navigating this area of the law, which makes it much easier for them to move forward and make recommendations about your options within an individual case. There are so many different things to consider as you attempt to recover compensation for workplace injuries, and you need to have a legal guide by your side for the entirety of this process to give you the best possible chance of recovering compensation.

Getting Help for Your Workers’ Comp Claim 

While it can definitely be frustrating to realize that your employer is making things difficult for you to get your necessary workers' comp benefits or that the workers' comp board has unfairly or wrongfully denied your claim, it is your responsibility to pick up the pieces and move forward with your next steps. A lawyer is a powerful advocate for you, who will also help show you some of the important steps that you need to take to protect your interests. 

For example, you might start to feel better and assume that you don't need to attend your doctor's appointments anymore. Other parties involved in your workers' compensation case could argue that this is evidence that you are not seriously injured, and the opposing counsel can actually use this against you to deny your claim. This can be a very frustrating experience, but one that is easily avoidable when you hire a workers' compensation lawyer as soon as possible.

A workers' compensation lawyer is instrumental if your claim has already been denied, or if you have a condition that is not typically approved with workers' compensation. It can also be especially valuable to have a workers' comp lawyer in the event that your employer is taking illegal actions, such as discriminating against you, because you have chosen to file a workers' comp claim. As an injured worker, you have certain rights but may not be aware of all of these rights, and you need to be prepared for how to respond legally to your employer, including what to do and not do in the event that this influences your current employment. You may also need a lawyer's support to navigate that additional legal claim and to help you determine the long-term impacts of your workers' comp injury.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • When Should I File a Workers’ Comp Claim?

    Each stage of the process requires different things from filing a workers’ comp claim, but they all have deadlines. Filing in a timely manner is crucial to protecting your interests. To give you the best possible chance of meeting all deadlines, you want to hire a workers’ comp lawyer to help you with everything from your original application through to any denials or other issues that arise in your case. 

  • What if My Employer Retaliates Against Me?

    It is difficult enough to navigate trying to receive benefits through workers' compensation. It can be even more frustrating to realize that your employer is demoting you or putting you in some other negative situation at work. It is certainly the case that employees have rights, and employers should not retaliate against those employees who have been hurt on the job and have followed through on their legal responsibility to report that injury. Unfortunately, however, many employees do not realize the rights that they have and may find themselves targeted for termination or other negative actions. To understand when the line has been crossed, you want to consult with an experienced employee rights lawyer. 

  • What Questions Should I Ask During an Intake Session? 

    Before you decide to work with a workers' comp lawyer, you will want to schedule an initial consultation. The purpose of this is to make sure you are comfortable with the lawyer you have chosen and that both of you are on the same page about your case. This initial consultation is free and is used for you to ask some questions about the firm’s background and approach to your case. This is also your chance to get a general feel for your lawyer’s personality and to understand the different resources the firm might use to pursue justice for you. Consider asking the following: 

    • Have you had recent success with cases like mine?
    • Will we need to involve outside experts?
    • Do you see any potential pitfalls or obstacles with this case? 

    If you’re ready to schedule this free, initial consultation meeting to learn more about how our lawyers can help protect your workers’ comp rights, contact us today. 

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