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Injured While Traveling on Business

Do you travel frequently for work? If so, your chances of sustaining an injury during your travel are much higher than the injury risks for the average employee who isn’t required to travel. Since there are nuances about benefits to which you might be entitled as an injured employee, it can help to work with a qualified and experienced personal injury or premises liability lawyer if you believe you have grounds for a lawsuit.

Were you recently injured while traveling on business and are curious about your legal rights? You may be eligible to pursue compensation depending on the specifics of your personal case, but you should always speak with qualified lawyers, either personal injury or premises liability lawyers, like those at Morgan & Morgan. 

Our legal team has the necessary experience and knowledge to guide you through this process. If you are not sure about your legal rights and need support, talking to an attorney can be very helpful. 

For instance, if you're sustaining an injury while traveling on business, you may be able to collect a workers' compensation claim, but many people are surprised by the added level of complexity of an injury abroad compared to an injury that occurred in the workplace.

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Get answers to commonly asked questions about our legal services and learn how we may assist you with your case.

  • How Does Work Travel Relate to Injuries During Business Events?

    Some employees travel more frequently than others who may work for the same company or in the same field. Whether you travel just once a year to attend a work-related event or whether you travel for work every single week, if you are injured while on a business trip, you are usually able to file a claim for workers' compensation and loss of income related to the injury. 

    To do this, you will need to know what is required of you while traveling, the factors of your case that may make you eligible to pursue a worker's comp claim, whether or not you may be eligible to pursue a claim against any other liable third parties, and the necessary steps to take if you're injured while traveling for business. 

    Most people don't realize that claims related to injuries while working receive a higher level of scrutiny than those that occur in the office or another company-owned site. You need to thoroughly review your company's travel policies and see how they determine what qualifies as a work-related activity. As it relates to company-provided transportation, you need to be clear about your company's policies and what counts as a work-related injury. Certain injuries may not be incorporated into the travel policy depending on their specifics, such as if you were traveling in an Uber for work. You may instead have to pursue compensation against Uber's insurance company rather than a workers' comp claim. All of this depends on the specific facets of your claim and how the accident happened. 

    Just as you keep track of all of the details of your travel for reimbursement purposes, make sure to keep copies of any paperwork associated with your injury. This will become instrumental in helping you get the compensation that you need if you need to open a workers' compensation claim or file for personal injury. In the vast majority of situations with a work injury, you may not be able to carry out your normal job duties and this may hinder your ability to earn money. This is why workers' compensation is there to help aid injured employees. If you take a detour on your work travel, however, to pursue a side hobby, another event, or a personal errand, this may not be covered under workers' compensation, which is why the specifics of your injury case are so important.

  • What Kinds of Accidents Frequently Impact People While Traveling?

    As you travel, you may go into and out of many different establishments. This may mean that you run into a variety of problems during the process. Some of the most common types of injuries include slip and fall accidents, car accidents, pedestrian accidents, and more. The vast majority of these should be covered while you're on a business trip so long as you are traveling for work. 

    To identify whether or not your case may be eligible for workers' comp, the most common theory used is to identify whether the employee is engaged in predictable activities associated with general business travel. Even downtime and layovers can still be incorporated into the definition of business travel, but the primary question is whether or not the employee and the employer can reasonably expect this activity to be a part of the business trip. However, some deviations for personal reasons may fall outside of workers' comp. If you were running a personal errand that caused you to leave the location of the work event or to travel outside of your typical expected areas during your travel, you may not be eligible to get compensation.

  • What if I Was Assaulted on a Property?

    There is not only the possibility of a serious injury from a slip and fall or personal injury accident, but there is also the risk that you could wind up critically hurt in an assault. Property owners have a legal responsibility to take reasonable steps to reduce the chances of their patrons being seriously hurt on the premises. 

    These other types of cases are known as negligent security claims. If a business owner had reason to believe that someone could be injured on their property in an assault or other violent attack, that property owner has a legal responsibility to take necessary precautions to prevent it. What is considered necessary precautions will depend from one location to another, but the experienced negligent security lawyers that Morgan & Morgan will help you to review the specifics of your case and tell you more about what may have been applicable. 

    For example, if crime was increasing in the area surrounding the business where you were injured for weeks or months beforehand but that property owner failed to take necessary steps like putting in security cameras or hiring security staff, the property owner could be held liable for the injuries he sustained.

  • What About Third-Party Negligence Claims and Business Trips?

    There may be some circumstances when your injuries and associated damages are not covered by workers' comp. This, however, does not close the door in full to workers' compensation. You may still have options to recover damages. All traditional negligence rules will apply if you're traveling for work. If you were hurt because of another party's negligence, you may pursue financial compensation against them directly. 

    For example, if you fell at a restaurant while traveling for business because there was a hazard or obstacle on the restaurant premises that the owner or property manager could have reasonably expected, you may be able to open a slip and fall injury claim. If you are unsure who may be responsible for the injuries you have sustained, it is best to engage a personal injury or premises liability lawyer like those working at Morgan & Morgan. A dedicated attorney can review all of your information and tell you more about the basics of pursuing further claims. It is also possible that more than one entity could be held responsible for your injuries.

  • What to Do if You Can't Figure Out Your Legal Rights?

    After a business trip, it can be enough to deal with all of the repercussions of getting seriously hurt while traveling. Your future travel plans may have been impacted because of an injury that you sustained. Furthermore, you may have many questions about your legal rights and whether or not you can recover compensation. If you find yourself dealing with these complicated questions and need help from qualified legal representatives, our knowledgeable attorneys are here to help you with an initial consultation. We'll walk you through the possible liable parties and help you understand the kinds of evidence and even potential challenges that you're facing in your case and may continue to experience as you go forward. Bear in mind that you are not alone during this difficult scenario. 

    Our knowledgeable lawyers have been down this path before with many people who have been seriously hurt in an accident and we take time to advise you about all of your legal rights. If you're unsure about what it looks like to get legal help for your claim, what may be involved in recovering compensation, and some of the things you need to know about your future, talk to a qualified and knowledgeable lawyer today.

    Our attorneys know how hard it can be to evaluate whether or not you are entitled to workers' compensation and to evaluate all of their possible Avenues of damage payments if you have been hurt while traveling for business. It is crucial to know that hiring the right attorney can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case as well as your overall stress level as you navigate the legal system. If you believe you've been hurt and are entitled to compensation, you need to take action sooner rather than later so that you do not exceed the statute of limitations. 

    If you know that you need to file a workers’ comp claim or a third-party claim, reach out to Morgan and Morgan today for help and get a free, no-obligation case evaluation.

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