Uber Eats Slip And Fall

Uber Eats Slip And Fall

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Uber Eats Slip And Fall

Did you know that slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere? If you're an Uber driver, you may not realize that you're entering many different people's properties and could be at risk of devastating injuries from a slip and fall. You may be trying to earn extra money as a side hustle or even an entire career, but slipping and falling could not only make it very painful for you to recover, but can also block you from your source of income during this period of time. Many Uber drivers want to know if damages can be covered in an Uber Eats slip and fall accident. You probably have other questions, such as whether or not the insurance policy for Uber Eats says anything about slip and fall accidents on private property, and whether or not you have any legal options for recourse if you're seriously injured on someone else's premises.

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  • What Are Kinds Of Slip And Fall Injuries?

    As you're researching Uber Eats slip and fall accident claims you need to understand there are many types of slip and fall or trip and fall injuries that can occur. Getting in and out of your vehicle on public or private roads, pulling into someone's driveway or even going up to their house could mean that you are at risk of a slip and fall accident. This is especially true during bad weather or the winter months when you may slip and fall on someone's property simply because you're trying to deliver them food. If you are injured in a slip and fall accident, it's a good idea to snap a picture of the property and to note down the property number and the location in which it happens.

    As an Uber Eats driver, you're probably visiting many different premises throughout the day and your shift, so it's easy to forget where the accident happened, but this can become extremely important if you need to pursue compensation for an Uber Eats slip and fall accident. After this you need to get medical attention for potential injuries. At the moment the only thing that may feel hurt is your pride, but you may be surprised that many kinds of injuries from a slip and fall accident can be severe and long lasting. They also may be hidden at the scene of the accident, so you need to be prepared to consult with your doctor to verify that you have the right for legal compensation and recovery of compensation.

    It is not easy to pursue claims for Uber Eats slip and fall accidents, but knowing that you've received medical attention and have a diagnosis for your injuries is a good first step. Slip and fall accidents are some of the most common types of personal injury accidents and many people underestimate how severe these injuries can be or how long they will continue to affect you. These accidents can cause serious injuries including things, such as;

    • Hip injuries
    • Fractures
    • Pelvic injuries
    • Spinal cord injuries
    • Head injuries
    • Scrapes and bruises
    • Nerve injuries
    • Back injuries
    • Neck injuries
    • Sprains and strains
    • Ligament injuries

    Some of these injuries may be moderate and may allow you to recover in a period of a couple of weeks. However, some can cause permanent harm and you may continue to experience dull and aching pain. It can also make it hard for you to go back to work whether that's with Uber Eats or your regular job.

  • Am I Eligible To Sue Uber Eats?

    If you've been hurt in an Uber Eats slip and fall accident, you want to know your legal rights, such as whether or not you have compensation eligibility. Uber Eats is usually not liable for your slip and fall accident. If an employer is not liable for an accident in most cases where you're an employee, an employee is able to open workers' compensation claim to recover some type of compensation. However, this does not apply in an Uber Eats slip and fall accident because the vast majority of delivery drivers working for Uber Eats are not employees and are instead classified as independent contractors. Independent contractors are not entitled to many labor protections, including but not limited to coverage under a workers' comp policy. This means that it is very rare that you would be able to pursue compensation against Uber Eats as a delivery driver, but you may still have eligibility to open other types of premises liability claims.

  • Who Can I Sue In An Uber Eats Slip And Fall Accident?

    There may be another party who is responsible in your Uber Eats slip and fall accident and this is the property owner. If you were injured while dropping off an order with a customer or picking up food from a restaurant, you could pursue a claim against these entities directly. A comprehensive investigation as well as evidence from the scenes is usually vital because your claim is based on a theory known as premises liability. This liability theory says that property owners have a legal responsibility to give their guests a duty of care. They must keep their entire premises safe for guests and it is a breach of the duty of care, failing to identify or address any hazards present in the premises. Property owners could be putting guests at risk of serious harm. This is true whether a slip and fall accident directly causes harm or in another way.

    A property owner could be liable for the harm suffered, especially if you can show that they knew or should have known about the hazard and failed to remove it. This means that if you were hurt in an Uber Eats slip and fall accident you likely cannot pursue a legal claim against Uber, but you may have won against the property owner.

  • How Do I Know if I Was Seriously Injured?

    Some people are lucky in a slip and fall accident in that they do not suffer severe injuries. You may only have bruises or a small laceration depending on where you fall, but you may also have more serious injuries that require Advanced Medical treatment. It can be shocking to realize that severe injuries can lead to substantial medical bills or even lost time at work. If you are critically hurt and rely on Uber Eats to make money, you may have to take time off of work in order to recover. This can impact not just you but your entire family, and may become the basis of your premises liability claim. 

    Property owners that you delivered to may not realize that they have a legal responsibility to maintain safe premises, and restaurants where you pick up food may not do everything possible to minimize your risk of a slip and fall. While it is unlikely that you will be on an indoor floor of the homes that you delivered to, you probably do walk in and out of restaurants on a regular basis. This puts you at serious risk of a wet floor slip and fall accident, and you may need to hire experienced and qualified premises liability lawyers to help you. 

    For minor claims, you may be covered under your personal health insurance, if you have it. But if you suffer severe injuries such as a brain injury or a broken leg, you need to instead talk with a premises liability lawyer in your area about your next steps and whether or not you can file an injury claim. 

  • What Kinds Of Compensation Can I Receive?

    One of the only ways to verify your legal rights to recover compensation in a slip and fall accident is to work with a qualified and knowledgeable personal injury lawyer. The attorneys working at Morgan & Morgan have extensive experience in investigating these situations and in helping you to move forward. Having legal counsel is a great way to guide yourself through the process much easier and to maintain confidence about your ability to receive damages. This may be the only way for you to receive the financial funds to pay for your injuries and allow you to get back on track to recovery. 

    You should not skip out on any medical appointments or other doctor recommended treatments during this time as you could harm your ability to heal. Although it can be stressful to receive medical bills, and learn more about the rising costs of these incidents, make sure that you work with a Morgan & Morgan premises liability lawyer in your Uber Eats slip and fall accident. There are many different kinds of compensation that you could be entitled to, especially if you have grounds for negligence claim against the property owner. 

    These include punitive damages, lost earnings, past and future medical expenses, loss of consortium, funeral and burial costs for someone killed in an accident, legal expenses and punitive damages. In order to learn more about your legal rights and the kinds of damage compensation available to you, you need to work with an attorney immediately. Failing to file a claim in a timely manner could block you from getting justice sooner, but it might also mean that your claim is blocked from the courts because you exceeded the statute of limitations. Instead, work with a knowledgeable and qualified premises liability attorney to assist you with preparation of your claim, including gathering of evidence and identification of liable parties. Knowing that you are not alone can have a significant impact on your chances to recover compensation and to heal. 

    Speak to Morgan and Morgan lawyers today to learn more. 

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