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Where Can I Get a Car Accident Lawyer's Assistance?

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Where Can I Get a Car Accident Lawyer's Assistance?

No one expects to be in a major car accident, but those few seconds of impact can change your life forever in major ways. You should be prepared to fight for yourself and your rights if you end up seriously hurt from a wreck. 

After you have been hurt in an accident, your mind is probably swirling with questions, and you may be curious about how best to protect your interests. This can be further amplified by trying to handle this entire situation on your own. The good news is that you don't need to handle life after your car accident on your own, and by choosing to hire an experienced car accident lawyer, you can greatly increase your chances of full and fair recovery of accident compensation. 

Knowing where to get car accident lawyer assistance can make a big difference early on in your case, as you may be able to share concerns or questions with the car accident lawyer that can be answered promptly. One common example of this is when you come across issues related to problems with the insurance company. You might have provided them with copies of your medical records multiple times or have communicated fairly with them even though they do not return your phone calls when you have questions about the status of your claim. All of these are unfortunately too common scenarios that happen when trying to navigate the process of accident recovery. This is when it's helpful to know where to get car accident lawyer assistance so that you can be sure you have an advocate in your corner who is familiar with these common issues and one who can answer questions as they come up in your case. 

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Morgan & Morgan - Car Accident Lawyers

  • What Can a Car Accident Lawyer Really Do?

    From communicating with the insurance company on your behalf, to scheduling accident reconstruction or evaluations of your case from medical and other experts, a car accident lawyer plays several different important roles in the management of your legal case. Although it might be difficult for you to see the many ways that these situations can be connected, a car accident lawyer sees the big picture. Your car accident lawyer can take over communication with the insurance company for you so that you can stay focused on attending all of your medical appointments to increase your chances of making a maximum recovery. 

    Your lawyer can also put together your case in a compelling manner such that you do end up in settlement conversations with other parties involved and that you're in a good position to make a case clearly and strongly. This can make a world of difference when you can't afford to get involved in the legal aspects of your claim but want to know that you have someone fighting hard on your behalf to increase your chances of maximum recovery. With so many aspects of your legal claim likely going on at once, it is in your best interests to know where to get car accident lawyer help as soon as possible. 

    Seeking Referrals

    One of the best ways to figure out where to get help after a car accident with a lawyer is by seeking referrals. Unfortunately, many people do not know someone who has gone through the process of a vehicle accident in their local area and therefore it becomes difficult to get a proper referral from someone who has worked with another dedicated lawyer. However, if you do know people who have been through an accident situation with a nationwide personal injury firm who has lawyers in multiple states, this can be a good sign that they have an extensive network with plenty of resources to help you when you are looking for where to get help after a car accident. 

    Online Directories

    Another place where you are likely to find helpful information about car accident lawyers is through online directories. These help showcase all of the lawyers in your state who practice within the field of personal injury law. 

    That being said, while directories are helpful for showing you just how many lawyers there are in the field of personal injury, this doesn't always make the process of shortening your list any easier. You won't know much about the lawyers other than what they have chosen to list on their profiles, and that information may or may not be helpful to you in making your final decision. As such, use this to confirm that the law firm you are thinking about working with is indeed listed before deciding to move forward. When you are looking for where to get car accident lawyer assistance, these sites can serve as a valuable starting point for creating a short list of personal injury law firms in your specific geographic area. 


    Many law firms who have a serious dedication to serving the needs of car accident victims maintain comprehensive websites with plenty of information about their past case successes, their approach to handling lawsuits like this and content marketing materials around some of the most common questions you might have. This shows that they take the cases of their victims seriously and have likely been involved in the field of personal injury for some time. You might have even googled where to get car accident lawyer assistance to land on this page, prompting you to contact a personal injury lawyer to schedule an initial consultation. 

    Most people who have gone through a vehicle accident have no shortage of questions about their care and what they can do to best protect themselves. This leads them to an internet search that lands them on the website of knowledgeable personal injury firms. From here you can schedule an initial consultation to discuss the specifics of your car accident case directly with a lawyer who has ample experience in personal injury. You may not yet be ready to file a legal claim, or you might want to meet with several different law offices to make sure you have made the right decision in selecting who will represent you. This person will be very involved in your life and your case and could have a big impact on your ability to recover compensation. So, it is in your best interests to do plenty of research in advance and to feel extremely confident about the selection you have made. 

    You can start by doing research on directories and websites and then confirming the information you have found by looking at online reviews and feedback left on social media profiles. If there are specific aspects of your case that concern you when it comes to where to get lawyer assistance after a car accident, make sure that you look for these buzzwords in reviews. For example, maybe there are multiple parties responsible in your accident, or you are filing a legal claim against a drunk driver. It can give you a great deal of peace of mind knowing that your lawyer has handled cases like this before. 

  • Does Experience Matter With a Lawyer?

    When you choose a lawyer to represent you after a car accident, you’ll want to meet with them to discuss their background and experience. There’s a lot on the line for a victim when it comes to an accident, so it helps to know you’ve got a car accident attorney who has been down this road before. When you’re looking for where to get car accident lawyer assistance, take notes in any meetings or phone calls you have with the lawyers you find. This will help you narrow down your list and find the right firm. 

  • When Should I File a Case?

    Once you know you need to find where to get car accident lawyer assistance, you need to move quickly with this information. Every state only allows victims to file legal cases for a certain period of time after the accident happens, which usually range from two to four years. In some cases, that can be extended, but it’s rare. Meeting with a lawyer does not mandate you to file a legal claim, so it’s good to meet with your lawyer just to see if this option of filing a legal case is in your best interests. Your lawyer can tell you more about how that process works and what you might expect. 

  • What if the Insurance Company Won’t Return My Calls? 

    One of the most important signs that you need to find where to get  car accident lawyer assistance is if the insurance company won’t answer you or won't keep you up to date with what’s happening on your claim. That’s a very frustrating situation to go through. Having a lawyer can speed up that timeline.

    If you know you need help with your legal case and don’t know how to get started, contact our car accident law experts at Morgan & Morgan today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation to get more information about your next best steps. 

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