Is It Worth Getting a Lawyer for a Minor Car Accident?

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Is It Worth Getting a Lawyer for a Minor Car Accident?

Accidents can and do happen every day, on roads of all locations, and at any time of the day. Whether you're a pedestrian, bicyclist, motorcyclist, bus passenger, or driver, accidents can leave you with injuries, expenses, and more questions than answers.

Major accidents can involve trips to the hospital and even lawsuits, but what if you consider your accident to be relatively small? Is it worth getting a lawyer for a minor car accident? 

The attorneys at Morgan & Morgan have extensive experience in helping people who have been seriously injured in an accident that wasn’t their fault. Not every accident is the same, and some have far more serious consequences than others. However, even seemingly minor accidents can cause major problems, some of which may not even be noticeable at the time.

For many people who are injured in an accident or have vehicle damage, it may be necessary to retain a personal injury lawyer to make sure you get the maximum compensation you are owed. A lawyer can prove essential in helping you to navigate getting full and fair damages for your injuries and can also cut down on the stress and time you experience investigating these matters. 

To learn more about your specific case, you can contact Morgan & Morgan for a free, no-obligation case evaluation.

Getting Medical Attention After an Accident

You may assume at the scene of the crash that you're fine. You might not even have any symptoms immediately after the accident happens. Shock and adrenaline in your system can mask the true symptoms of serious injuries, however. You may tell the police officers and the EMTs at the scene that you don't need further medical attention, but later realize that you're actually suffering serious consequences and symptoms. Also, from a legal standpoint, because of all that's at stake in a personal injury claim, it is crucial that you'll be able to visit with a doctor immediately. 

Even if you don't need to go to the emergency room to get treated for your injuries, it is a good idea to go to urgent care or to set up an appointment with your regular doctor to discuss your next steps and options. Your doctor may be able to run diagnostic tests that determine whether or not you have suffered any severe injuries. You may be surprised to realize that your symptoms, which may be mild at first, could be indications of more serious conditions, like a concussion or internal bleeding. 

If you are diagnosed with any medical condition that makes it hard for you to get through your day without serious pain, or renders you unable to go to work for a period of time, you may have more than minor injuries. Continue to attend all of your medical appointments so that your doctor is well-informed to help you with the full scope of your rehabilitation, as well as your injury claim. If you experience any changes in your symptoms, your doctor needs to know about these. Some serious injuries don't present immediately on the day of or the day after the accident. For example, it is very common for victims with whiplash injuries not to experience symptoms until even a few days later. If you notice any changes in your underlying medical condition, your doctor needs to know about these so that it can be determined if these are associated with the accident. Always get medical attention to rule out any more serious problems.

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Get answers to commonly asked questions about our legal services and learn how we may assist you with your case.

  • What Is Considered Minor Injuries?

    In the scope of determining whether you need a lawyer for a minor car accident, you may evaluate the baseline of your injuries. If you have cuts and bruises, you may be correct in assuming that these are not severe enough to warrant hiring a personal injury lawyer. In many cases, you can document these injuries directly with your car insurance company and your doctor.

    If you are entitled to receive any compensation, it may be limited in nature if you did not miss time at work or undergo any other expenses. However, if you have multiple injuries, have severe injuries, or are unable to go back to work, you need to begin calculating the total of all of these damages. This information could become the basis of a personal injury claim. The lawyers at Morgan & Morgan have worked with plenty of people who have complex or multiple injuries from a serious car accident and are prepared to help.

  • How Does Lawyer Pay Factor Into My Decision?

    Personal injury lawyers are paid on a contingency fee basis, which means they do not collect a retainer or an hourly amount based on the work they put into the case. Instead, they may receive a percentage of your case outcome after the case is over and you have achieved success either in settlement conversations or in a trial. This incentivizes your lawyer to present a compelling case to put you in the best position to get a good result and to allow themselves to get paid for their work. As a result, most personal injury lawyers will look carefully at the facts of a case before deciding whether to take it because there is so much at stake for them, too. 

    If you only have very minor injuries, you are probably better off resolving your case directly with the insurance company. This is because your personal injury lawyer could take as much as 30% of your winnings otherwise and in a small case, this could really diminish your compensation. It's also very unlikely for a talented injury lawyer to take your case when the potential winnings are so small since most lawyers have to put in a great deal of work to present a case in court. 

    If, however, you have more serious injuries and want to give yourself the best chance for maximum recovery of compensation, it is strongly recommended that you hire a knowledgeable lawyer as soon as you can. However, be sure to have a medical professional confirm whether or not your injuries are significant. If any injuries so much as alter your day-to-day life, you may be entitled to compensation.

  • What Can a Lawyer Really Do?

    A lawyer plays a vital role in helping you to recover compensation for your injuries. At Morgan & Morgan, our attorneys know the common pitfalls and personal injury claims and can help you successfully navigate the legal system with ease. Our lawyers are very familiar with common challenges that emerge in relation to insurance companies, and we take over the filing of any paperwork and communication for you. 

    If you are seriously injured, you cannot afford to have the additional stress of trying to navigate your legal case. Instead, it is far better to consult with a knowledgeable and dedicated attorney to help you manage all of these aspects of your personal injury claim. Far too many people who are seriously hurt don't realize all that is at stake and are not fully prepared to discuss the next steps right away. However, with a statute of limitations in play, you need to file a lawsuit within a specific time period after your accident, or you could forego your legal right to receive compensation. 

    A lawyer looks at your case from a very broad level while also focusing on important details that tell the story of how the accident happened. Your lawyer looks at your personal injury claim as all of the components that you may be entitled to receive damages for, such as lost time at work, property damage, medical bills, and more. If your medical conditions are so severe that you will continue to need treatment for many years into the future, your lawyer uses this information to share it in settlement conversations or in court. 

    Your lawyer's ability to tell the story of how the accident happened and what is at stake for your care and your future could be instrumental in helping you to get full and fair compensation. Far too many victims in personal injury lawsuits don't realize all that is at stake. If you've already begun to receive medical bills indicating that you have more than minor injuries, tell the lawyers at Morgan & Morgan about your concerns and what you want to do next.

  • What if I've Already Tried to Resolve Things Directly and Have Been Unsuccessful?

    If you've worked directly with your insurance company or the other party involved in the accident, have tried to resolve things, and nonetheless have been unsuccessful in addressing the major issues, now is the perfect time to contact Morgan & Morgan for a free, no-obligation case evaluation. 

    We know what it takes to bring a strong case and can assist you with the questions you may have. At no cost to you, we can provide insight to help you determine if it is worth getting a lawyer for a minor car accident. Reach out today.

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