Hiring the Best Auto Accident Lawyers

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Hiring the Best Auto Accident Lawyers

After a car accident, many injury victims can quickly discover that their insurance company has little interest in their recovery and overall well-being. In that case, hiring the best auto accident lawyer in your area to represent your best interests and to fight for the compensation you deserve quickly becomes a top priority.
But, how do you choose the right car accident lawyer for your case? It would be best if you had the most talented and determined counsel available so that you could receive the maximum settlement possible. With the skilled personal injury attorneys of Morgan & Morgan, you don't have to face the complex process of seeking compensation for your damages alone.
We have been fighting for victims of car accidents since 1988. Our law firm is intimately familiar with the many ways that insurance companies try to minimize the compensation that you’re owed. Morgan & Morgan prides itself on our expertise at navigating confusing insurance claims so that our clients receive the money they deserve and can get back to moving forward with their lives.

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Get answers to commonly asked questions about our legal services and learn how we may assist you with your case.

  • How Do You Hire the Best Car Accident Attorney for Your Case?

    Car accident lawyers represent a broad range of issues, such as personal injury, property damage, wrongful death claims, and liability determinations. When you begin looking for an attorney to represent your injury case, be sure to concentrate on the following qualities:

    •       Experience
    •       Skill
    •       Commitment
    •       Fee structure

    To determine if a prospective car accident lawyer is right for you, you’ll likely ask plenty of questions. Many practices offer free initial consultations to discuss your case and provide you with advice on the next best steps. Consider asking some of the following questions to determine if they are a good fit for your injury claim:

    •       Do you have experience handling cases similar to mine?
    •       How large of a caseload does your firm have?
    •       Will you be personally handling my case or an assistant?
    •       What kind of strategy would be best for my case?
    •       Are you willing to go to trial or only work for a settlement?

    Another essential quality to look for when hiring the best auto accident lawyer near you is if they will accept your case on a contingency fee basis. This means you won't pay anything unless you win.

  • The Top Qualities of the Best Accident Lawyers

    When asking questions at your consultation, take note of some of the following qualities before signing an agreement for them to represent you:

    Case and Track Record Experience

    How much experience and successes has your lawyer had when representing auto accident cases? If they focus primarily on personal injury cases involving motor vehicle collisions, this is a definite plus because they have extensive knowledge of how insurers work against injury victims.

    In-depth Knowledge about Defense Strategy

    When discussing the circumstances of your case, listen to the attorney mentioning the potential negatives and challenges about your situation. If you only hear optimism about the positive aspects, they might be overlooking potential issues that the insurers will use to defend against your claim, or worse, they might just be saying anything to get your business. You need skilled representation that knows what weaknesses and vulnerabilities the insurance companies look for to hurt your case. This knowledge will help your attorney to minimize or avoid these issues from the start.

    Open and Honest Communication

    Another important attribute to look for in your car accident lawyer is open and honest communication. You should be able to ask a direct question and get a straightforward answer. While there are always unknowns during your initial consultation, you should leave this meeting with fewer questions, not more. Their answers should also be honest, realistic, and candid. If you ask your attorney to give you a cash value, you should be told that it depends on many factors impacting your case.

    Successful Track Record Resulting in Significant Settlements and Verdicts

    If you or a loved one suffered serious car accident injuries, you need an attorney that can deliver a large verdict or settlement compensation. At Morgan & Morgan, we have over 30 years of experience representing injured victims and won over $90 billion in compensation. While not every case will be worth millions, you need legal representation to make that happen if your damages are significant.

    Upfront Legal Costs

    It is not uncommon for law firms to have different policies when it comes to legal fees. Make sure you have a clear understanding of how much your attorney expects to receive from your compensation. You also need to know what their payment policies are before signing any agreement to retain them.
    Typically, car accident cases will work on a contingency fee basis, and once a verdict or settlement is received, they will receive a predetermined percentage of your compensation package. This is a strong motivator for attorneys to get the best awards possible. Lawyers that want money or payment upfront should be avoided.

    You and Your Attorney Hit It Off

    The legal process of pursuing personal injury compensation after suffering a car accident is not only emotionally draining but also takes time. You may want to speak with your lawyer frequently about the status of your case. This constant interaction means you need to work with a law firm that understands your concerns, cares about your situation, and can remain available to you.
    Hiring legal counsel is more than just having a knowledgeable advisor—they are your advocate and should have your best interests at heart in everything they do. If you feel rushed to settle or that your concerns are being brushed off when speaking to your prospective attorney, you might want to look elsewhere.

    A Good Legal Ethic

    Your injuries deserve compensation to help you recover financially, medically, and emotionally. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous car accident attorneys out there that simply want your case to make money fast for a compensation amount that doesn't begin to cover your losses. Attorneys with an excellent legal ethic will never call you out of the blue to determine if you need representation. This is not only unethical but illegal.
    Another sign your attorney is ethical would be their refusal to give a dollar value on your case. It is simply impossible to know how much your injuries and damages are going to be worth. There are countless factors involved, including the insurer they have to fight on your behalf. Law firms that promise a set amount of money you can expect to win should be avoided.

    Ample Resources

    When your attorney takes on your car accident claim, they agree to provide the necessary resources to help you win. Many expenses go into preparing a car accident lawsuit, including hiring professionals to build your case, including:

    •       Accident reconstructionists
    •       Long-term care planners
    •       Doctors
    •       Investigators
    •       Additional professionals needed for help and advice

    Before agreeing to allow a firm to represent you, make sure they have the financial resources available to pursue your personal injury compensation needs properly. You may not be able to determine this easily and should not only judge the level of professionalism and honesty you receive during the consultation but their public track record.

    Willing to Take Your Case to Trial

    Many car accident injury suits are indeed settled long before trial is even on the table. While settling with the insurer is convenient, sometimes it simply is not in your best interest. Taking your case to court is a big step, but if the insurance company does not agree to a fair compensation package, your personal injury attorney should be willing to go to trial.
    At Morgan & Morgan, our attorneys look forward to trial and consistently win significant verdicts for our clients. More importantly, we even manage to recover awards that are worth the pre-trial offers several times over. Our decades of experience have taught us that going to trial is sometimes the best way to make a difference. This is why we have one of the best successful track records nationwide when fighting against insurers that refuse to compensate our clients fairly. 

  • How is your personal injury firm different from other accident attorneys?

    Since 1988, Morgan & Morgan has fought for our clients injured in car accidents. We do not stop until we recover the compensation and justice owed for the losses our clients have suffered. Our law practice understands all too well that insurance companies are only out to minimize what is owed. They prey on the vulnerable state of accident victims by offering low-ball settlements that don’t even scratch the surface of the damages caused. We will ensure that the scope of your injuries and damages are accounted for in any offer made but will also go to trial if necessary.

  • Do I really need a lawyer?

    Car accidents are more than just traumatizing; they can devastate your finances for a lifetime because of the physical and emotional damages caused by them. Victims who try to navigate the insurance claim process on their own often find their requests denied or forced to settle for minimal compensation. Hiring a personal injury attorney from Morgan & Morgan after suffering a collision means you have someone in your corner familiar with your state's laws and the tactics used by unreliable insurance companies.

  • How much do your services cost?

    At Morgan & Morgan, we represent car accident cases on a contingency fee basis. Unless we win your case, you never have to worry about paying a dime. Any fees we charge are calculated as part of a percentage of the settlement or verdict amount we obtain.

  • Contact America's Largest Plaintiffs' Firm

    Having Morgan & Morgan on your side means having a tireless advocate to handle your car accident claim with uncooperative insurance companies. Our attorneys will help ensure that you are never taken advantage of by greedy corporations and can help successfully prove the negligent driver's liability. Trust us to gather the necessary evidence to build a strong claim and see that the true value of your injuries is compensated fairly.
    We want you to understand that if you or a loved one were hurt in a car accident, you do not have to live with the damages and injuries suffered. The struggles you are experiencing because of this tragic experience are not your burden to bear. At Morgan & Morgan, our skilled attorneys work diligently to recover physical, emotional, and property damages caused by the liable parties involved, including:

    •       Past and future medical expenses
    •       Property damage
    •       Pain and suffering
    •       Wrongful death
    •       Lost wages
    •       Loss of consortium
    •       Diminished work capacity
    •       Disfigurement and loss of limbs

    If you want to hire the best auto accident lawyers near you, Morgan & Morgan is just a phone call away. In your time of need, let us help you get your life back on track. Fill out our brief questionnaire to find out if you may have a compensation claim.

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