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Car Collision Repair

When you're in a car accident, we understand that it's important to get your life back to normal and in order as soon as possible. That means getting your car repaired and properly treating your injuries. Every year, about 2.5 million people are hurt and even disabled in car accidents. While you might be in repair mode now, you may not have considered that seemingly minor physical injuries can have long-term effects.

The aftermath of a car accident can include physical, emotional, and financial challenges that you aren't prepared to deal with. Morgan and Morgan can help. Our car accident lawyers can review the issues you're facing to determine if a negligent driver was the cause of your accident and, thus, liable to pay for your expenses. Imagine what a difference it could make to recover a substantial settlement instead of struggling to pay for expenses that aren't your responsibility. We help people with these kinds of problems on a daily basis.

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Get answers to commonly asked questions about our legal services and learn how we may assist you with your case.

  • How Much Are Car Collision Repairs?

    If you haven't been in a car accident for some time, prepare to be shocked when seeing estimates for car collision repair. Even minor damage can come with a hefty price tag. You may have tried to avoid reporting the accident to your car insurance company because of concerns about increasing premiums. Still, if the accident weren't your fault, they would go after the other party anyway. It shouldn't have any effect on your standing with your insurer.

    Generally, car accidents result in paint, door, windshield, and front or rear bumper damage. The more serious the accident, the more expensive repairs will be. Here are some general estimates for car collision repair, but of course, it depends on the shop, the type of vehicle, where you're located, and what kind of damage occurred:

    Vehicle bumper repair or replacement costs can range from $300 to more than $1500. While modern cars are fantastic with many safety features like sensors and cameras, they can be expensive to repair when the bumper is damaged. Even if these features aren't destroyed, it will still require a mechanic to remove and replace these delicate instruments, which can be time-consuming. Anything time-consuming in a repair shop translates to big dollars. Additionally, whether repaired or replaced, the car collision repair shop must match the paint, which is more challenging than it sounds. We'll address this more later.

    Vehicle door repair or replacement costs can range from $50 to $1000 or more. Some dents can be pulled out, and scuff marks buffed out for relatively cheap. However, if there are scratches that gouge into the paint, you can expect to pay a lot more. Likewise, suppose the damage has affected the wiring for automatic locks and windows. In that case, the whole door may need to be replaced, which can start at around $800 for the part alone.

    Vehicle windshield replacement costs are typically between $250 and $1000, sometimes even more. If it's a minor crack, there are services that can make it look good as new for a lot less, but more serious damage will require replacement. While you can drive around with a damaged windshield, it's really unsafe because it impairs your vision, and you may receive a ticket for driving a dangerous vehicle. Here again, the costs depend on the technology and the kind of vehicle. Some vehicles use standardized windshields, while others may require a specialized fit. Likewise, technologically advanced cars that have collision and weather sensors will be substantially more expensive to repair or replace.  

    Vehicle paint damage repair costs frequently add significantly to the total repair bill. A cheap fix may be around $500. However, the issue is that even if they use the exact color provided by the manufacturer, it may not match the rest of the vehicle because of weathering. If you want high-quality repair with panels that match the rest of the vehicle, you can look upwards to $2500 or more. Nobody wants to see a difference in color every time they get into their vehicle. That's a constant reminder of a terrible day.

    Of course, with worldwide inflation and issues with access to parts, the costs for car collision repair are subject to fluctuation. However, that shouldn't make a difference to you when another person is responsible for your damage. We can help to make sure they pay for it, not you.

  • What Kind of Medical Expenses Can Be Compensated for in a Car Collision That Wasn't My Fault?

    So, now that we've looked at how much it might cost to repair your car, let's look at other expenses you might not have considered that arise from physical injuries. The financial burden car crash victims have to shoulder can be devastating, even if you have "good" health insurance. Let's face it. Hardly anybody can afford to pay premiums on health insurance that will allow almost no out-of-pocket costs these days. Instead, we hope nothing bad will happen. When a disaster occurs, we're rarely prepared to pay thousands for medical bills resulting from someone else's negligent driving.

    Again, these figures will depend on the severity of your injuries, the services, the location, and the medical facility.

    Ambulance and emergency services can range in price from $200 or more than $2000. It's a sad state of affairs when people who are injured at a crash site have to calculate whether they can afford essential care services. But that's where we are. The total will be determined by the services carried out, the distance traveled to the care facility, and your insurance coverage.

    Emergency room costs average from $600 to over $3000. You can expect a separate bill from the treating physician as well.

    Testing can be extremely expensive but is often necessary after a car crash. Your doctor may want X-rays to check for broken bones and CT scans for tissue, organ, and blood vessel damage. While X-rays are more cost-effective, the only way for your doctor to be sure about some concerns is through an expensive CT scan which can be as much as $3000. Blood work and other standard tests can further add to costly but necessary methods of diagnosis.

    Surgery costs vary widely depending on what injuries were sustained, how long the surgery lasts, the type of surgeon, and whether you'll need to recover under hospital supervision. Some of the most expensive surgeries have six-figure price tags.

    Medication will most likely include pain pills and muscle relaxers to help you cope with the trauma. Likewise, if you suffer from issues like post-traumatic stress disorder or anxiety after the crash, you'll be prescribed antidepressants. The cost of medication can exceed $500 a month.

    Therapy and specialist care may be required to recover fully. Serious accidents can cause long-term issues with mobility that require intensive rehabilitation. The costs will depend on the length of the treatment and the type of therapy.

    Follow-up care is often recommended so your doctor can see how your recovery is progressing. These appointments may be around $100 or more, which can add up depending on the frequency.

    In addition to actual medical care, you might be stuck paying for transportation costs while your car is being repaired. You might also have to purchase over-the-counter medical supplies like bandages, ice packs, heating pads, braces, and more. Likewise, you may have to make alterations in your home to accommodate a disability, which can be quite costly.

  • How Can a Car Accident Lawyer Help?

    We understand how overwhelming a car accident can be as you're dealing with car repairs, painful injuries, medical bills, and high-stress levels. It's eye-opening just how much a car accident can impact your life. But since your first concern is researching care collision repair, you may not think hiring a car accident lawyer is worth the hassle. We're going to lay out the reasons why a Morgan and Morgan car accident lawyer can make a significant difference.

    Investigate the crash

    A crash investigation is crucial to hold another party liable for your damages. Sure, you might have a police report, but these documents may not even be allowed into evidence should your claim go to trial. That's why it's crucial to have an advocate on your side prepared to lay out the facts of the accident. A crash investigation might include the following:

    • Organization of medical records and expenses
    • Investigating the scene of the accident
    • Compiling all police and accident reports
    • Gathering witness statements
    • Obtaining dash cam, surveillance, and video footage

    Communicating with the other party's insurer

    You'd be surprised at the levels insurance companies go to minimize their liability or make a claim go away altogether. When it comes to communicating with the insurance companies, your Morgan and Morgan car accident lawyer is well-versed in their tactics and will be prepared to protect your interests.

    Calculate future medical costs and lost income

    When negotiating without a lawyer, many people fail to include the costs of future medical care. For example, suppose you suffered a significant bone break. In that case, you may have to go in for subsequent surgeries to repair the damage entirely. Once you settle with an insurance company, you waive your rights to seek further compensation, even if the medical treatment is necessary. You might get stuck paying tens of thousands of dollars, or worse yet, you may have to forgo treatment that would improve your quality of life. We make sure that doesn't happen.

    Likewise, you may not have calculated the difference in the income you will have in the future if you were disabled in the accident and have to take work at lower pay than what you are used to making. The totality of damages can be difficult to tally. Still, we have extensive experience and work to make sure our clients get every cent they are entitled to recover.

    Negotiate a fair settlement

    Insurance companies are businesses that endeavor to make a profit. That goal can't be reached if they pay fairly and squarely for every claim. That's why it's so important to have an experienced car lawyer on your side. We know through familiarity what claims are really worth because we've settled thousands upon thousands of them. We don't leave any money on the table. You should be entitled to compensation that will cover your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and any other losses you've endured from someone else's negligent driving.

  • Working With Morgan and Morgan

    We understand how important it is for you to get your life back on track, and we're prepared to help no matter where you live in the United States. Our law firm has offices with highly competent car accident lawyers nationwide who are uniquely capable of winning on your behalf. There is no upfront fee for our services. Instead, we take a percentage of your settlement or winning verdict. If there is no recovery, there is no fee, making it less risky for our clients.

    You don't have to settle for subpar car collision repair or suffer from injuries without compensation. We have the legal professionals, resources, and determination you need to get a favorable settlement. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

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