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Exposure to Chemicals Lawyer in NYC

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No one expects that they could develop medical conditions because of their home or the place they work. But exposure to toxic chemicals can cause a range of life-changing medical issues.

If you have been unfairly or unnecessarily exposed to chemicals and have suffered illnesses or injuries as a result, you may be able to pursue compensation with the help of the right attorney. A dedicated lawyer like those at Morgan & Morgan can help you to understand which deadly chemicals you may have been exposed to and which important steps you may need to take to fight for the compensation you deserve.

No person should have to live with serious consequences by no fault of their own, but if you find yourself in this situation, contacting an exposure to chemicals lawyer in NYC may be the only way for you to successfully recover compensation. You need someone who can spring into action, evaluate your case, and conduct a thorough investigation. This may also involve connecting you with specialists and other medical treatment providers who can confirm which chemicals you have been exposed to. 

In many instances of chemical exposure, a victim begins to experience unexpected symptoms and health problems. Some physicians may not immediately connect a victim’s symptoms to the true underlying cause. This is because it is relatively rare for humans to be exposed to hazardous chemicals unknowingly, but when it does happen, toxic exposure can have far-reaching consequences. 

A dedicated New York chemical exposure lawyer will sit down with you to explain your legal rights to you and help you understand your ability to recover compensation. Employers, manufacturers, property owners, and other organizations could be held responsible for adverse health impacts of exposure to toxic substances. As someone living or working in a facility, you never expect that you may be exposed to deadly substances, and it can be the case that one exposure to a serious chemical changes your life or that long-term persistent exposure causes severe problems. 

If you or a loved one were unknowingly exposed to dangerous chemicals, contact Morgan & Morgan for a free, no-obligation case evaluation to learn more about your options.

Deadly Chemicals and Substances That Can Cause Exposure Illnesses

Working with the legal team at Morgan & Morgan means you get the benefit of support from attorneys who have a diverse experience in recovering compensation in many different toxic exposure cases. The right lawyers can pursue legal remedies for permanent damage or serious illness from many toxic exposures, including chemical spills, lead poisoning, workplace toxins, household products, toxic drugs, and toxic mold. 
Ingesting or breathing toxins can cause many different health issues, including:

  • Nerve damage
  • Cancer
  • Infertility
  • Organ damage
  • Skin problems
  • Chemical burns
  • Pneumonia
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Morgan & Morgan

  • What Are Typical Symptoms That Might Be Tied to Toxic Chemical Exposure?

    Some of the most common symptoms of toxic chemical exposure can also easily be related to other medical conditions. These include headaches, blurred vision, nausea, and diarrhea. If you have attempted to treat these with over the counter methods, however, be an advocate for yourself if you believe that toxic exposure could be at the heart of the issue. 

    The problem with many different types of chemical exposure is that your doctor may not immediately assume that is the cause of your underlying conditions. While many doctors, particularly those in preventive medicine or Occupational Medicine, have received specific training on toxicology, this does not always mean that your physician is prepared to diagnose you as a result of toxic chemical exposure. Your physician may suspect that you could have been exposed to some chemicals and run additional tests to verify this, but it is often the case that a different diagnosis will be assigned first. This is because it is quite rare to be exposed to toxic chemicals, but your doctor should also be aware if you were working or living in a dangerous environment. A person working in manufacturing has a higher chance of being tested for toxic chemical exposure, for instance. 

    When you work in industries that have a higher than normal likelihood of exposure to fumes, chemicals, and toxins, you could be exposed to life-threatening illnesses and injuries. Far too many people are exposed to these illnesses and injuries unnecessarily. Meeting with an experienced legal team like the attorneys working at Morgan & Morgan will help you find the right exposure to chemicals lawyer in NYC for you.

  • What Are My Legal Options?

    In many cases, the person who sustains a toxic exposure injury is no longer able to work. This makes it important to identify the right legal team to handle these legal aspects of the case. An exposure to chemicals lawyer in NYC will understand the many ways that your life has been changed and will help to understand the best ways to fight for compensation to recover what you need. It can be very alarming to realize that your conditions and symptoms are directly related to toxic exposure. Whether it's because of a landlord who failed to remediate for mold or remove other toxic chemicals from the home or a workplace site in which you have been regularly exposed to toxic chemicals, you have rights and need to right these wrongs with a dedicated lawyer. 

    While there is no way to turn back the clock and undo the damage that has already been done, consulting with an exposure to chemicals lawyer in NYC can help you figure out the best way to pursue compensation for your injuries. You may be eligible to recover the compensation you need to get appropriate medical treatment, but you need a lawyer who is highly experienced in this area for a better chance of full compensation. 

    Litigation involving toxic materials requires an experienced team and a big investment in resources and knowledge. The attorneys at Morgan & Morgan know what it takes to pull together these pieces of evidence to pursue compensation on your behalf. 

    Your law firm should be prepared to commit the resources necessary to hire appropriate experts in workplace safety, product safety, engineering, manufacturing, and any other fields to show how your company or the other entities involved failed to protect workers or the public. Likewise, there is a high chance that if you are already working with an exposure to chemicals lawyer in NYC that you are also visiting with medical specialists who can help you with your injuries and illnesses. Your legal team should be prepared to work with these medical professionals, such as neurologists and oncologists, to illustrate how there is a clear connection between your exposure to toxic chemicals and the resulting health effects. 

    There are many different elements that go into successful recovery of compensation, but it is vital to look for a legal team that has handled cases like this before. Exposure to toxic substances is a serious issue, and it is one that you may only uncover as the legal basis for your case after weeks or even months of dealing with these symptoms. It is very important that your law firm is dedicated to pursuing compensation on your behalf and takes your case just as seriously. You deserve to have lawyers who are concerned and committed to doing everything possible to recovering maximum compensation. 

    As an exposure to chemicals lawyer in NYC can tell you, how you prepare this case is extremely important. Toxic exposure cases are very complicated and may involve multiple different types of personal injury law. You need a lawyer who has familiarity and a level of success with these complicated cases. 

    You may not know what your case is worth when you first go out to hire an exposure to chemicals lawyer in NYC, but you should never let an insurance company tell you what this number is. Instead, you should be prepared to let your lawyer do everything possible to advocate on your behalf. There are many different things that will be happening at the same time when you file an exposure to toxic chemicals lawsuit, but the support of a lawyer will help you with handling any legal aspect of your claim so that you can recover full and fair compensation.

    Our dedicated team at Morgan & Morgan is here to help and guide you during this difficult time, answering your questions about legal rights for toxic chemical exposure along the way. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation to get started. 

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