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Best Motorcycle Injury Lawyer in Las Vegas

When people think of Las Vegas, they think of spectacular sights, world-class entertainment, celebrity chef restaurants, and iconic casinos. After all, Las Vegas is one of the larger major cities in the United States.
The city offers many scenic routes for motorcyclists. Motorcycles offer riders a sense of freedom and fun that other passenger vehicles do not provide.
However, motorcycles also lack some of the safety features found in cars and trucks. Because of this, motorcycle accidents can result in severe injuries. If you have been hurt in a motorcycle accident because of another person’s negligence, you have the right to seek financial compensation.
There are many injury attorneys in the local area. That is why finding the best Las Vegas motorcycle injury lawyer can be challenging.
Most people have no experience searching for a legal representative. When you need to know how to find the best Las Vegas motorcycle injury lawyer, contact Morgan & Morgan.
Our compassionate attorneys work tirelessly to secure financial recovery for our clients. Fill out our simple contact form online to schedule your free initial case evaluation today.

How to Find the Best Las Vegas Motorcycle Injury Lawyer:  Tips and Tricks

Finding the right attorney or firm for your needs can feel overwhelming. After an injury, you have plenty of physical, financial, and emotional challenges to manage. Pursuing compensation through a personal injury claim should not add to your frustrations.
Consider the following tips when you’re on the hunt for a lawyer to represent you.

Find an Injury Specialist

It is crucial to hire an injury lawyer that has plenty of relevant experience. When you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, search for a personal injury law specialist.
While any licensed attorney is permitted to take your case, hiring an experienced injury lawyer will give you the highest chance of success in your case.
Hiring a legal specialist is especially important in motorcycle accident cases. Motorcycle statutes and regulations may differ from other local vehicle laws.
When you hire an experienced personal injury lawyer, they will handle the following elements of your case:

  •       Drafting and filing necessary paperwork
  •       Ensuring that all legal deadlines are met
  •       Collecting evidence, including police reports and medical documents
  •       Consulting with specialists and experts, if appropriate
  •       Gathering witness testimony, if available
  •       Crafting powerful legal arguments
  •       Effectively negotiating with insurance providers
  •       Taking your claim to the litigation phase, if necessary

Personal injury victims should not bear the burden of handling all of these complex legal processes on their own. When you have sustained an injury, contact a skilled accident attorney to fight for your best interests.

Find a Law Firm with Extensive Resources

Some claimants prefer to hire a small firm or independent lawyer. But in many cases, this can be detrimental to a personal injury case.
Motorcycle accident claims often require a plaintiff to sue powerful organizations. These may include commercial trucking companies, insurance providers, or government agencies.
Sometimes, large organizations with access to massive resources will drag out the claims process. This is a strategy that some defendants use to pressure claimants to give up.
For instance, insurance companies know that injured people usually face skyrocketing medical costs and other financial difficulties. They sometimes leverage these challenges to their advantage.
Do not let this happen to you. Finding the best Las Vegas motorcycle injury lawyer means finding an attorney that has the resources to effectively fight for you.

Find an Attorney Who Is Paid Through Contingency Fees

Most reputable injury attorneys are paid through a contingency payment structure.
Rather than having the client paying upfront for legal services, the attorney and claimant agree to a certain percentage of the winnings from the claim that will be used to pay for legal services.
The lawyer receives the agreed-upon percentage if they successfully settle or win the personal injury case. This helps to ensure that your legal representative is working as hard as possible in your best financial interest.
It is never advisable to hire an attorney or firm that requires payment before they agree to take your case.

Find a Firm with a Record of Success

It is important to find a personal injury lawyer with a high success rate. This provides evidence that your case will be in good hands.
You should not have to worry that your attorney or firm is inexperienced in personal injury claims. Hiring a specialist with a history of success allows you to focus on your own recovery and trust that your case is being handled properly.

Schedule a Free Consultation

Most law firms will offer new clients a free initial case evaluation. This first meeting is a chance for you to meet an attorney face-to-face and discuss the relevant elements of your motorcycle accident case.
This meeting is an excellent way to find the best Las Vegas motorcycle injury lawyer for your needs.
When you arrive at the consultation, make sure to bring any documents or information that are relevant to your case.
The attorney will likely ask you many different questions. This helps them to gain a full understanding of your situation and your best legal options. You should also plan to ask relevant questions about the attorney or firm. Common questions include:

  •       How many years have you practiced law?
  •       What is your area of specialty?
  •       Do you have experience with motorcycle injury cases?
  •       What is your success rate?
  •       How much trial experience do you have?
  •       Do you believe I can win my case?
  •       How long do you think this claim will take?
  •       How do you handle legal fee payments?

These are only a few examples of the types of questions that clients ask at consultation meetings. You should take some time to plan any questions that will help you to know whether the attorney is right for you.

Common Types of Damages in Motorcycle Accident Cases

Payments made by liable parties to injury victims are known as “damages.” It is crucial to find a motorcycle accident attorney who will accurately determine the value of your claim.
Personal injury victims should not have to bear the financial problems from accidents that they did not cause. Finding an experienced injury attorney will ensure that you pursue all of the money that is rightfully yours.
Motorcycle accidents often involve the same types of damages as other personal injury cases. The most common categories of damages are “economic” and “non-economic.”

Economic Damages

This type of compensation is intended to restore the victim to the financial status that they enjoyed before their injuries. In other words, economic damages are not meant to give injured people extra money or make them wealthy.
It is crucial to find an experienced attorney who can accurately calculate the economic damages in your motorcycle injury case. Common examples of economic damages include:

  •       Current medical care and treatments
  •       Anticipated future medical needs
  •       Loss of wages from missed work while recovering
  •       Property damage
  •       And more

Economic damages only make up for direct monetary losses from an injury.

Non-Economic Damages

Every loss from an accident or injury doesn’t come with a price tag. Many of the harms that injury victims suffer are physical, emotional, and psychological.
Payments for these losses are known as “non-economic” damages. Typical examples of this category of damages include:

  •       Pain and suffering
  •       Mental trauma
  •       Distress, including stress, anxiety, and depression
  •       Disfigurement
  •       Embarrassment
  •       Loss of enjoyment of life
  •       Loss of consortium or relationship (usually in wrongful death cases)

This type of damage can be very difficult to calculate. How much is a victim owed if they are unable to sit comfortably for long periods of time? What is the value of not being able to take walks with your spouse?
There is no single or objective method for calculating this type of damage. That is why you should search for the best Las Vegas motorcycle injury lawyer available.
Insurance companies and other uncooperative parties will fight to minimize and undermine your claim. Providers attempt to pay as little as possible on every accident claim that is filed.
An accomplished attorney will fight to secure maximum compensation in your motorcycle accident case. 

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Morgan & Morgan FAQs

  • Is It True That I Pay No Legal Fees Unless I Receive Financial Compensation from My Case?

    Yes! When you hire a firm that operates on a contingency fee payment structure, they do not get paid unless you do. You should never pay legal fees before you have secured monetary recovery.
    The accomplished lawyers at Morgan & Morgan understand the financial pressure that motorcycle accident victims face.
    For that reason, we will not charge you a dime unless we successfully settle your case or secure a positive verdict. When you hire us, you will know that we are working as hard as possible to win the money you deserve.
    If you do not get paid, neither do we.

  • Can You Guarantee That I Will Win My Injury Case?

    As with everything in life, there are no guarantees in personal injury law. But hiring the most accomplished and effective attorneys will give you the best chance of securing the money that you deserve.
    At Morgan & Morgan, we have the skills and experience to fight for the rights of injury victims.
    We understand the tactics that uncooperative insurance providers use to undermine injury claims and we know how to effectively counter them.

  • How Will I Know if a Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer Is Right for Me?

    Consider all of the tips and strategies discussed above. And, above all, trust your instincts. During the course of your injury case, you will communicate with your attorney on a regular basis.
    Because of this, you should only hire a legal professional with whom you feel comfortable. Skills and experience are not the only important factors.
    If you feel uncomfortable or unsure during your consultation for any reason, keep looking.

  • The Attorneys at Morgan & Morgan Are on Your Side

    Morgan & Morgan is America’s largest personal injury law firm. We boast more than a million successful settlements and verdicts. Our team has recovered over $20 billion dollars in compensation for our clients.
    When you need to hire the best Las Vegas motorcycle injury lawyer, look no further. Our clients love us because we fight hard for them.
    Let us secure the financial compensation that is rightfully yours. Reach out to Morgan & Morgan for premier legal representation. Complete our online contact form to schedule your free case evaluation today!

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