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Negligent Security Lawyer in Covington

Located at the merging of the Ohio and Licking rivers, Covington, Kentucky is known for its historically significant public and private properties. From small taverns to large waterfront hotels, Covington is the largest suburb of Cincinnati on the Kentucky side of the Ohio River. The city boasts a scenic view of the downtown Cincinnati skyline from popular destinations such as Devous Park. Charming MainStrasse Village attracts both locals and out-of-town tourists due to its classic pubs and upscale restaurants. Constructed in the 1800s, the iconic John A Roebling Suspension Bridge connects Covington and Cincinnati to make it easy for travelers to reach both cities without having to take too much time out of their busy days.

Covington acts as one of the prime heartbeats of a major American city that continues to reap the financial benefits of a growing population. With population growth comes an increase in the number of premises liability cases.

As one of the most common types of personal injury laws practices, premises liability requires the owner and/or operator of a property to assume a legal duty of care to protect visitors from falling victim to an incident that stems from either an accident or one or more acts of negligence. For example, the owner of a hotel owes every guest and visitor a duty of care to prevent slip and fall incidents. Another type of premises liability case that occurs frequently on both private and public properties concerns negligent security.

When you enter a business like a restaurant or a grocery store, you expect the owner of the property to provide enough security to prevent you from getting hurt while you are on the property. From catching a Cincinnati Bengals home game to shopping at a Convington home improvement store, you expect to leave the property in the same good health that you enjoyed when you first stepped foot on the property. If you sustained one or more injuries due to the negligence committed by a property owner that did not provide adequate security, you might be eligible to receive compensation to recover financial losses.

Receiving compensation involves contacting a negligent security lawyer in Covington from Morgan and Morgan. Since 1988, our team of personal injury attorneys has represented clients in a wide variety of personal injury cases that includes negligent security. The negligent security lawyer in Covington assigned to your case conducts an extensive investigation, as well as tries to negotiate a settlement with the legally liable property owner.

Schedule a free case evaluation with a negligent security lawyer in Covington, KY from Morgan and Morgan to determine whether the other party committed one or more acts of negligence that caused you harm.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • What Are the Most Common Causes of Negligent Security?

    During a free case evaluation with one of the personal injury attorneys at Morgan and Morgan, one of the most important reasons for the meeting is for your lawyer to decide whether the other party committed one or more acts of negligence that produced your injuries. Determining whether negligence played a role involves figuring out what caused one or more acts of negligence security.

    During our more than 30 years of experience, we have come across several common causes of negligent security.

    Lack of Security

    Since property owners owe visitors to their properties a duty of care to keep them safe, hiring enough security personnel represents an effective way to achieve security goals. Unfortunately, far too many businesses and government agencies cut financial corners when providing security for visitors. Large businesses such as grocery and home improvement stores are particularly vulnerable to security breaches because of a lack of personnel. A lack of security personnel makes it easier for criminals to breach holes in the security apparatus of a business or public property.

    Inadequate Training

    Just because a business owner or public property operator has employed enough security personnel does not mean the venue provides adequate security. Security personnel require thorough training to carry out their jobs effectively. Adequate training includes completing several types of role-playing exercises that simulate different incidents that potentially can harm visitors to a property. For example, security personnel must know how to react when an active shooter enters a building such as a shopping mall or one of the many sports venues located in the greater Cincinnati metro region.

    Poor Lighting

    Criminals depend on many factors to go in their favor when committing a crime that causes harm to a victim. One of the most common factors regards poor lighting. Whether it happens in a public parking lot or inside a large section of the Duke Energy Convention Center, poor lighting can create the ideal environment for a crime to take place that injures a victim. Property owners owe visitors a duty of care to provide sufficient lighting that deters criminal behavior such as assault and robbery. If you believe a property owner violated the duty of care doctrine by not providing adequate lighting, you should contact a negligent security lawyer in Covington from Morgan and Morgan

    Theft of Credit Card Data

    Advanced technology has made our lives much easier because of several reasons. However, advanced technology also has boosted the confidence of tech-savvy criminals to commit cybercrimes such as skimming the credit card information of unsuspecting victims. When you swipe a credit or debit card at a gas station or inside a convenience store, you expect your financial data to remain secure. Credit and debit card skimming remains a widespread problem that requires property owners to take steps to prevent the theft of customer financial data.

  • How Should I React After Falling Victim to an Act of Negligent Security?

    You might not realize that you are a victim of negligent security right away, such as often the case with credit card skimming cases. Nonetheless, you should act with a sense of urgency by following a few steps after falling victim to one or more acts of negligent security.

    Contact Law Enforcement

    A vast majority of negligent security cases involve one or more criminal acts. For example, you return to your vehicle after a day of shopping to find your car broken into and a few possessions missing. Contacting law enforcement initiates an investigation that might uncover one or more acts of negligent security. The responding law enforcement personnel conduct a comprehensive investigation that leads to the filing of a formal incident report that your attorney refers to while conducting a separate investigation.

    Receive Medical Attention

    If one or more acts of negligent security caused you to sustain injuries, you should seek immediate medical care to treat the injuries. Getting medical attention ensures you receive compensation if you file a successful civil lawsuit. One of the most persuasive forms of evidence for a personal injury lawsuit is submitting copies of medical records that demonstrate that you suffered financial losses. If you wait a few days to receive medical care after a personal injury incident, the attorneys representing the other party might claim you did not sustain serious enough injuries to warrant treatment.

    Report Financial Losses

    If you lost money because of one or more acts of negligent security, you should report the financial losses as quickly as possible after suffering the financial losses. For example, you must contact your bank and credit card companies after an act of theft caused you to lose your wallet. If you start to see unwarranted transactions on a bank and/or credit card account, you must take immediate action by reporting the theft to the proper financial institutions. The sooner you report financial losses, the more likely you minimize the damage done by a criminal.

    Contact a Negligent Security Lawyer in Covington, Kentucky

    Falling victim to one or more acts of negligent security should be enough for you to contact one of the experienced personal injury attorneys at Morgan and Morgan. A Kentucky and Ohio-licensed personal injury lawyer conducts an exhaustive investigation that includes gathering physical evidence, as well as interviewing witnesses that provide legal support for your case. The property owner that committed one or more acts of negligent security should have access to some of the best attorneys located in the bi-state area.

    Make sure you level the legal playing field by getting legal representation from one of the best negligence security lawyers in Covington. A personal injury attorney crafts a compelling demand letter, as well as tries to negotiate a favorable settlement that helps you avoid a costly and time-consuming trial.

  • How Much Time Do I Have to File a Negligent Security Lawsuit in Kentucky?

    Another important legal responsibility assumed by a negligent security lawyer in Covington is to file a civil lawsuit that seeks monetary damages by the expiration of the statute of limitations. Each state has established a deadline for filing a personal injury lawsuit, with most states setting a statute of limitations between two and four years. However, a few states allow as long as six years or as short as one year to take legal action for a personal injury case. Kentucky gives plaintiffs just one year to file a personal injury lawsuit, while Ohio grants plaintiffs two years to file a civil lawsuit that seeks monetary damages. The clock typically starts ticking on a personal injury lawsuit on the day when a negligent security incident took place. However, your attorney might be able to file an extension if you sustained one or more injuries that produced delayed symptoms.

    You should take legal action for a negligent security lawsuit as quickly as possible after the incident for two important reasons. First, you are responsible for paying off all debts that are associated with the incident. The sooner you file a civil lawsuit that seeks monetary damages, the sooner you can recover financial losses. Second, your negligent security lawyer in Covington wants to interview witnesses as close to the date of the incident as possible. Witness accounts tend to be much more accurate the closer they are given to the date of a negligent security incident.

    If you fail to file a civil lawsuit that seeks monetary damages before the expiration of the statute of limitations, the court clerk processing your case has the legal power to remove it from the judicial docket.

    Take action today by scheduling a free case evaluation today with an experienced negligent security lawyer in Covington from Morgan and Morgan.

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