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Class Action Lawyer in Covington

If you’ve been injured or suffered a loss due to someone else's negligence, you may be eligible to file a class action lawsuit—a way to represent a group of people who have been harmed by the same actions or inactions of another party. These lawsuits are sparked by widespread instances of harm, including defective products, data breaches, and more, with the injured parties all seeking damages from the at-fault party for their collective harm. A successful verdict is often in the multi-million dollar range, and if you’re included in the lawsuit, you’re paid your fair share after the dust has settled.

There are many different reasons that a class action can start, but if you’re out of the loop, you might never know about the opportunity. Some people hear about lawsuits through social media, others through a friend of a friend, but the best way to see if you can qualify for a class action lawsuit is to speak with an experienced attorney. However, you should remember that not all law firms are the same, and some will offer more benefits than their counterparts. You’ll need to team up with a firm capable of handling a lawsuit of this size, one with a proven track record of reaching successful outcomes after an at-fault party negligently exposes a large group of people to an unnecessary risk of injury. There are many firms like this, but if you want to give yourself the best possible chance of success, there’s no better choice than America’s largest personal injury firm—Morgan and Morgan.

Anyone looking for a class action lawyer in Covington has a friend, ally, and trusted legal partner in Morgan and Morgan. Our team is committed to helping those wronged by an at-fault party seek justice and recover the compensation they’re entitled to. In other words, we fight For the People, Not the Powerful, and our dedication to never settling for less than you deserve puts us a cut above the rest. We work every case up the right way and prepare for trial starting on day one of your case, but that’s not all: You can afford our skilled representation for no out-of-pocket costs. We don’t want to burden you with more expenses after an already traumatic situation, and with our contingency, you can fight back against the at-fault party without having to worry about the cost.

With $20 billion+ recovered for our clients, decades of experience behind us, and the resources to never settle for a penny less than you deserve, our Covington office is ready to help you and the other victims of widespread harm advocate for fair value in a class action lawsuit. Complete our free, no-risk case evaluation to get started.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • What Is a Class Action Lawsuit, and How Does It Work?

    Class action lawsuits are civil suits where multiple plaintiffs file a lawsuit on behalf of a much larger group of individuals after they suffered some form of harm due to the at-fault party(s) negligence. The defendant in this type of suit can be anyone from a single individual to multiple large corporations, but the instance of harm must have affected around 40 people to warrant this kind of approach. Smaller situations will be handled through individual lawsuits or claims, with more severe situations almost always requiring a class-action lawsuit to compensate the victims.

    Stage One: Team Up With a Trusted Attorney

    If you discover you’re eligible for a class-action lawsuit, your first step will be speaking with an attorney. They’ll understand the legality of the situation, ensure your situation qualifies, and help you navigate the process of joining, but there are only a few firms that can handle a lawsuit of this caliber. In fact, many firms that say they can help the victims of class action lawsuits are referring those they speak with to another firm. This can be a confusing process, especially if the law firm you’re working with doesn’t act transparently, but you never have to worry about that with us. These firms often refer their clients to us, and when you’re under our wing, you’re treated with respect from start to finish.

    Stage Two: The Trial

    Your role in the class action lawsuit is relatively minor once you’ve retained an attorney. However, if you’re one of the more serious cases, your role is a bit expanded, as you might need to offer testimony or explain your situation in another way. Most attorneys will try to limit their client's exposure to the legal process if they’re uncomfortable with it, but there could be a need.

    Your representation will likely include a team of attorneys or firms that are advocating on behalf of the larger group of victims. They’ll speak with the jury, present their full case, and vouch for a dollar figure that serves as the total compensation.

    Stage Three: Receiving Compensation

    If the lawsuit is successful, the at-fault party is legally required to pay the agreed-upon compensation amount to the injured parties. The total amount is split between all the victims who joined the case, which is usually a sizable number of people. For example, Morgan and Morgan assisted 35,000+ victims in the ​​Porter Ranch Gas Leak, which reached a $1.8 billion settlement in 2022.

    Skip the middleman; team up with America’s largest injury firm and give yourself the best possible chance of reaching a favorable settlement or jury award in class-action lawsuits.

  • Who Can File a Class Action Lawsuit?

    If you were injured by the wrongful or negligent actions of a third-party organization or individual and believe that others were harmed in the same manner, you can file a lawsuit on behalf of the victims. However, you’ll need a trusted legal partner as you seek to advocate for your rights, and you should team up with an experienced law firm before starting the process. They can connect you with other victims, ensure proper legal proceedings are completed, and partner with other firms to create a unified front—a priceless benefit after an instance of widespread harm.

  • What Are the Benefits of Filing a Class Action Lawsuit?

    Class action lawsuits involve victims taking collective legal action against a negligent, careless, or otherwise wrongful party. They’re usually filed against large companies, but their main characteristic is multiple victims filing as a single plaintiff. There are many benefits to filing a class action lawsuit as a united front, including the ability to pool resources, sharing or risk, and increased publicity.

    Ability to Pool Resources

    One major benefit of a class action lawsuit is the ability to pool your resources with other plaintiffs, meaning that each individual only has to pay a small portion of the total costs associated with the lawsuit. If every person had to file an individual lawsuit, they might not be able to afford it. Additionally, class action lawsuits level the playing field and give regular people a chance to stand up to big companies.

    Shared Risk

    Another great benefit of class action lawsuits is that they allow plaintiffs to share the risk. Filing individually would mean that every plaintiff would take on all of the risk themselves, with an unsuccessful outcome causing you to lose out on recovering what you’re entitled to. It also means that you’d have to shoulder the full weight of the legal expenses on your own, which can ease the pressure on your already stressful situation. In a class action, the risk is spread out, and the situation is much less burdensome for the individual victim.

    Awareness & Publicity

    Finally, class action lawsuits receive a lot more publicity than individual lawsuits. This increased publicity can pressure companies into settling cases and changing their practices, but it also can unite more victims who wouldn’t have sought legal representation otherwise. They raise awareness about the situation and warn consumers not to trust large companies that claim to have their customer's best interests in mind.

  • How to Find a Good Class Action Lawyer in Covington?

    Searching “class action lawyer” will yield thousands of results from all over the country. You have small firms that offer a more attentive approach and larger firms with more resources to leverage for their clients. The decision between these options isn’t easy, and many victims unknowingly choose the wrong law firm for their situation. There’s a lot to consider, but as you go through your research, you’ll probably find that Morgan and Morgan is among the best law firms to represent you in a class action situation—if not the best.

    Our Covington team operates on a contingency, meaning that it costs you nothing upfront to hire us, and we’re only paid if we reach a favorable settlement or jury award at the end of your case. We don’t want to shackle you with hefty retainer fees after enduring something traumatic, so we chose to take an approach that allows all class action victims to afford comprehensive legal representation, regardless of their financial status.

  • Contact a Class Action Lawyer in Covington, Vermont

    In the most difficult moments of your life, Morgan and Morgan has your back. Class action cases are more common than you’d think. Unfortunately, many victims aren’t even aware that their situation qualifies for a lawsuit, which is why we have an online resource to increase awareness of these events and unite more victims. If you sift through this list and find that you qualify, you can reach our team through a free, no-obligation case evaluation. Our team is uniquely capable of advocating for your rights and holding the at-fault party accountable for their wrongful actions—we have a proven track record to prove it.

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